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Ausky (Australian Cattle dog and Husky mix)
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5th January 2016
Luperci Ortus
Shazeel is of normal strength, nothing really that spectacular. He is smaller than most, yet not enough to be too noticeable. He is mostly a dark grey with a tinge of blue on most features, coming from his cattle dog blood. His snout is boxy and short, with a large nose. His eyes are a yellow-blue that pop against his dark grey brows. His ears are a bit too large for his head and very fluffy, something he tends to pride himself on. A tuft of white fur rests on his forehead, contradicting the darkness of his fur. He wears a green cape laced with patterns of leaves and nature, a reminder of the importance of roots. A belt of bags that cross his chest contain herbs, bones, knives, and other things Shazeel deems important. His neck is very furry and he tends to arch it like a cat when threatened.

In his normal dog form, Shazeel is very beautiful. The tips of many pieces of fur are white, though it has nothing to do with age. His eyes are piercing and resilient. A black stripe crosses down his back to the tip of his tail and all fur within those areas are soft like a chinchilla.
Shazeel is a survivalist, although not in the way many would think. He is far from harsh and for the most part, enjoys the company of others. His survival more relies on what the soul can accomplish, and he believes anything can be done with enough self-pride. He respects peers and other wolfen and canid blood, his main mindset focused on roots. “We are predators, for goodness sake!” Is a very normal line you may hear him say. He lives off the land, and knows the importance every being has in the system of life.

Because of this deep desire to serve and protect, killing and any sort of violence is unappealing. While he can fight, he hates doing it and is not very good. He more prefers joining with someone, and if he can’t, peaceful conversation way outweighs the blood of warfare. His ultimate goal is to find a mate and have a family, one day bringing all of the dogs, wolves, and coyotes together under one banner as the most powerful alliance of all time. For now though, cleaning off a skull is fulfilling enough.

Shazeel is Pansexual, though he prefers males and non-binary characters to females. He is not very sexual, and is more fulfilled with the cuddling and comfortable aspects of being with someone. Long term for him is much better than a short term relationship.
Mother- Probably dead
Father- not a major part of life
Friends- n/a
Shazeel’s backstory is not nearly as harsh as many he may meet. He was (and continues to be) decently happy and healthy.

Due to a deficiency of signals in his brain, Shazeel has a chronic stutter. He used to be afraid of other beings hearing him speak, as the weak were ruled out in his family, but soon became comforted by knowing he was different. This stutter has made it hard for him to find a mate, and he fears never finding someone to love.

Once he was too old, his mother kicked him from the pack as he was a challenge to his father. At the time, she did not know he had almost no interest in females. As a rogue he befriended other beings of the world, rodents and badgers, soon making a name as the druid of some territories.A cabin in the woods now serves as a home, one he built by himself from wood. It is one of his only safe- havens, and very rarely will he have visitors. While he has had a few one-night-stands, he wishes only for friends and a partner, to love and be loved by someone he can truly trust.
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