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23rd September 2015
Luperci Ortus
A common weed in a heirloom garden, Tarot is nothing out of the ordinary if one were to overlook his hybridized heritage. The quintessential coywolf—he embodies the best and worst of both worlds looking the part of a coyote at the stature of a small, scrawny wolf. Delicately cloaked in shades of mocha and nougat with splashes of cinnamon to his facial and dorsal features, he is not nearly as tasty he sounds and the permanent sharpness of an epidote green set of eyes punctuate a certain shrewdness to complete him.

In his Luperci form, he is particularly short-statured and his hybridized nature shines through. At present, he isn't particularly as adorned as others in the world around him, preferring to run about as natural as he can be. In spite of being a recluse bearing an apathetic demeanor, he does go to some lengths to maintain himself and generally does not appear unkempt or unwell otherwise.
The Hanged Man — he is the husk of a much kinder, freer soul who became a sacrificial lamb. Best described as a distrusting, depressive introvert leaning sharply into the territory of asocial; the notably expressionless, emotionless, and dry recluse. He is also prone to bouts of anxiety both generalized and social as a result of his own imposed reclusiveness, believing himself to be a harbinger of misfortune.

He is the beholder to the disconnection from social mores and cues, often coming across as uninterested and cold as a defense, only foregoing such things in the name of survival. Incredibly private in his affairs, he prefers to keep to the background and out of the public eye.

Once a reverent believer in the old gods but shunned away from them, he is a clairvoyant that rarely acknowledges or answers the spirits but hears them all the same. Though this has waned in years recent, he finds them a nuisance.
The son of Barachiel Sawbone and Tharja Mossmane.
Eldest brother to Jerna, Rhune, Locket, and Magnus.
Former mate of Hesperia Alpenbluff.
Father to Magan, Spira, and Tragul.
— Born Hiraeth Sawbone, raised in the tight knit group of Ravenspire in former British Columbia.
— Spent the first two and a half years of his life in relative ease, trained as a diviner and brought up as a practitioner in the belief of the old gods.
— Whether through waivering belief or a lapse in practice, his inability to guide Ravenspire through drought and famine through his practice led him to being outcast with the belief being his departure would return propserity to them.
— Stripped of his ties to his home, he dropped his namesake to call himself Tarot.
— Travelled a fair spell in the span of a few weeks before settling in a place known as Lost Creek Hollow, but his inability to recover from guilt and grief led him to become reclusive and eventually disappear.
— A few months later along the coast, he encountered a woman, Rhaella, who spearheaded a group on a small island under the name of Aristos. Being not unlike his own heritage, Tarot joined her with some reluctance but willing to aid her cause.
— Before Aristos could fully cement itself as a cohesive group, the isle was struck and caught in a series of earthquakes that led to a tsunami that swept him out to sea and carried him off. He managed to survive but questioned why—and continues to do so—and spent several very long weeks recovering before spending the last year making his way directionless and alone.
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