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50% Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf, 25% Great Plains Wolf, 12.5% Northeastern Coyote, 6.25% Dog, 6.25
Date of Birth:
24th July 2011
Primarily armadillo brown (#423F34).
Her coat fades to hemlock (#5F583A) along her underside.
Her belly fades to finch brown (#5E5B47).
She has a oil brown (#222011) dorsal stripe, ears, and muzzle stripe, along with foreleg markings.
She has bright, hot cinnamon (#C97318) eyes -- they are Larkspur's eyes, perhaps just slightly tainted with Lykoi gold.

Prefers Optime form.

Artemisia is the largest of her sisters, taking after her father in size and bulk. Her entirely wolfish figure and brown timberwolf's coloration is similar to that of her elder sister Salvia, albeit a much darker version. There is virtually no evidence of hybridization within Artemisia; she is unmistakable for anything but a pure-blooded wolf.

Arte appears masculine -- her hips lack curving, and her legs are hard muscle rather than softness. The only clear sign of her womanhood is her breasts. They are pendulous and seem almost comically overlarge on her otherwise masculine figure. They are a constant source of agony for Artemisia, both physically with back pains and mentally, as she considers them awkward, out of place, and near useless. Her hair is cropped short, with only a few haphazard bangs over her face.
Exceptionally withdrawn and stoic compared to her sister, Ataxia. She often comes across as callous or standoffish due to her habit of staring, when in fact she's simply more focused on paying attention than partaking in idle chit-chat. For one so young, she takes a lot upon her shoulders. Art is constantly comparing herself to others, especially when it comes to accomplishments, and tends to feel a daunting feeling despite having many years to do what she feels is necessary to be remembered.

Fears: Failure, losing
Motivations: Competition, comparison
Traits: Withdrawn, stoic, focused, paranoid, suspicious, ambitious
Alignment: Unknown
Artemisia was born 24 July 2011 to Eris Eternity and Larkspur D'Angelo alongside four siblings in Salsola.
Her sister Shibboleth was born sickly; thus, Eris kept her young children well-hidden for the early weeks of their life. The healthy sisters were allowed out to play as they grew old enough, but Shibboleth remained inside the den, until one day Eris took Shibboleth away and did not return with her.
Shortly thereafter, Solanaceae was killed by what appears to be a feline attack on the edge of Salsola territory. Artemisia is aware of the truth behind Shibboleth's death -- her sickly sister was burned on a pyre to strengthen Artemisia and her living sisters, as Eris has said.
In an effort to honor the memory of her diseased siblings who died to help her, Artemisia has fallen in line with everything that is expected of her, to the point where it could be assumed she'd gladly jump off a cliff if her parents asked. As a general rule of thumb she skirted away from girls her age and instead played and wrestled around with other boys, often returning home with bruises and cuts.
As of March of 2012 she spends a couple hours once a week with her King, learning to read, write, and speak in Italian as well as some rudimentary and necessary geography plus whatever else he feels like sharing with her. Since becoming his student she has immersed herself in the world of knowledge, going so far as occasionally forgetting (as opposed to intentionally) to eat.
During late April she abandoned all other interests partly out of grief over the death of her father, but also in hopes of becoming the secretive pack's first real scholar.
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