Morgana Revlis

The Arbiter (NPC)

The Arbiter (NPC)
Luperci Witch Mate to Brocade Silver Scales & Silver Blood
light as a feather
stiff as a board
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26th January 2014
Luperci Ortus
A cinnamon-furred hybrid, Morgana is compact and strong-legged in build. She has dark markings around her face, ears, chest, and tail. The majority of her pelt is red, while she has a lighter underbelly. Morgana considers herself the most beautiful of her siblings, and takes pride her in appearance.

In her Optime form, which she favors, Morgana wears clothes for practical and ascetic purposes and favors "flare" in her accessories.
Morgana is a member of the Revlis and D'Angelo families.
Born to Hawthorn and Larkkin Star Revlis in the early winter of 2014, along with her siblings Jezebel, Bacchus and Laufey. The last of her litter to leave the Chesapeake Bay, Morgana traveled steadily northward and into Freetown, where she remained for several months. Eventually, after discovering more about her heritage from a would-be grandmother, Morgana went looking for her siblings. Unfortunately, inexperience and bad luck brought her to Nova Scotia as the land flooded. Due to her proximity to Salsola, she was rescued by a member and soon reunited with her kin. She previously lived in Fort Preble, and was close friends with its leader.
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