Morgana Revlis

Sanctus Apprentice

Sanctus Apprentice
Luperci Witch Mate to Brocade Silver Scales & Silver Blood
light as a feather
stiff as a board
Date of Birth:
26th January 2014
Luperci Ortus
A cinnamon-furred hybrid, Morgana is compact and strong-legged in build. Her true adaptability is in the chameleon-like blending of her bloodlines. Even to an experienced eye, Morgana is without a doubt some sort of hybrid -- though exactly how much of any one thing is debatable. She is on the smaller size of a true wolf, and far more vibrantly colored. She has very powerful legs; this is evident in all forms. Her fur is plush and feathered more like a long-haired dog. She has dark markings around her face, ears, chest, and tail. The majority of her pelt is red, while she has a lighter underbelly. Morgana considers herself the most beautiful of her siblings, and takes pride her in appearance.

In her Optime form, which she favors, Morgana wears clothes for practical and ascetic purposes and favors "flare" in her accessories. She almost always wears a skirt and some form of separate top. Her hair is very long and multi-colored. It is large and is often decorated with braids and beads, and she regularly uses bandannas and other hair accessories to keep her long hair out of her face. Morgana is a member of a powerful, “wealthy” family, and has plenty of jewelry and other items to express as much.

Charismatic and outgoing, Morgana is by all accounts a friendly person – or at least, she makes use of her outgoing nature to present herself as such. She is an opportunist and one that has a hard time hearing the word “no”.

Her Southern charm is countered only by her capacity for hysterics. Morgana has thrown temper tantrums and become horribly destructive in the past. She abandons (or at least, appears to abandon) all sense of reason.

Morgana has a deep sense of loyalty, and expects others to honor this. She has no room in her heart for anyone whom she thinks has wronged her or her family, and is likely to hold a grudge.

Spiritually is one of the pillars of Morgana's personality. A mixture of polytheistic beliefs have fed into her practice. Her mother was trained by a practitioner of voodoo, and though she did not formally train her children, they were exposed to this. Morgana experimented with witchcraft in her adolescence, blending play-pretend with ritual. When she grew older, Morgana began to take her work more seriously – this would eventually lead her to seek her “grandmother” in Portland, where she acted as a working apprentice for a time.

After joining Salsola, Morgana was exposed to the lore and practice of the Helsi family, which dominated the pack's faith at the time. She has incorporated several of these Norse ceremonies and spirits into her collective.

Overall, Morgana does not have any single god or spirit which she holds in higher position than another. She considers all beliefs (provided they are polytheistic) good, and assumes whatever powers that be will sort it out among themselves.
Morgana is a member of the Revlis and D'Angelo families.
Morgana Revlis is a member of Salsola. A member of the Sanctus faction, she is a practicing witch who specializes in producing hallucenogenic potions and enchanted amulets.

She was born to Hawthorn and Larkkin Star Revlis in the early winter of 2014, along with her siblings Jezebel, Bacchus and Laufey. The last of her litter to leave the Chesapeake Bay, Morgana traveled steadily northward and into Freetown, where she remained for several months. Eventually, after discovering more about her heritage from a would-be grandmother, Morgana went looking for her siblings. Unfortunately, inexperience and bad luck brought her to Nova Scotia as the land flooded. Due to her proximity to Salsola, she was rescued by a member and soon reunited with her kin.

She previously lived in Fort Preble, and was close friends with its leader.

Morgana was betrothed to Brocade Valentine in 2019, and the pair were married the following year. Shortly after their wedding, Morgana gave birth to her first children: Velour, Taffetta, Tattersall, and Intarsia. Disaster struck while her children were very young – while under the care and supervision of a relative, Symre Rask, an accident led to Intarsia's death. Distraught and infuriated, Morgana attacked the younger woman, who fled and was later exiled from the pack.

The impact of this event caused Morgana unbelievable grief. She stepped down from her position as Apprentice and went into a period of mourning. Her focus turned to her remaining children. They became her solo focus for several months.

With her children now grown, and the immense pain of her loss subdued, Morgana has once again turned her focus towards her crafts, both magical and practical.
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