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4th August 2018
Smaller than most wolves, but bulkier (around her shoulders, at least) than most dogs, Clementine's hybridization is very obvious. Sports what has become known as a ballerina build; a long neck, medium length torso, as well as long legs and arms. More suited to tasks of endurance or agility as opposed to brute strength.

Long-legged and lithe, Clementine effuses a certain fatalistic beauty not unlike the others of the Eternity family into which she has been adopted; reminiscent of her "grandmother" Osrath Eternity, but she resents the comparison. Highly humanized thanks to both her upbringing and the overall culture of her pack, her posture is that of an upright patrician. Her hair, which is voluminous in its abundance, is most often pulled up in hasty buns or stabbed through with pins, drawing attention to her otherwise long, pale neck.

Being from a highly humanized pack, Clementine does frequently wear clothing and jewelry (and is uncomfortable without it, though she can and will). Her face combines the Salcedo line's large but narrow, slender eyes with the angular facial features of the Revlis family, and lends Clementine a rather exotic look; chronic sufferer of 'resting bitch face' because of this.

She has a small Hand of Eris tattooed on the inside of her left wrist.
Clementine shifts easily — like smoke — from ambitious, to covetous, to delicate, often from one word to the next. A silver-tongued devil, she alternates between speaking concisely and practically with confidants or friends, and a richly detailed vocabulary that showcases not only her intelligence, but her status as someone of relatively 'high' birth. Often experiences shifting personal loyalties, but the bedrock of her personality and desires is rooted in the continuation and prosperity of herself and her family.

Beneath a rich and artfully crafted veneer mask of high spirits and a penchant for drama lies a surprisingly pragmatic, even blasé personal self that she keeps hidden for the sake of forging business and political relations. Outside of a few trusted family members or the occasional slip-up, it's unlikely that one would ever know that she possesses the ability to completely detach these two selves.

This does, however, make her a skilled trader who is uncompromised by a strangers' personal woes. Brutally efficient when on the hunt for a better deal, she frequently undercuts others to their detriment. In the past, however, she has been known to 'gift' items, especially with diplomats or traders from foreign packs, lulling them into the misbegotten belief that she is just as kind as she appears.
Mothers: Lilia Salcedo and Indra Winters
Biological Father: Bacchus Revlis
Lyra Salcedo and Baltasar Salcedo (same litter)
Fingal (andalusian horse)
Aberdeen (common raven)
A spirited youth raised in Salsola’s Portland outpost during her formative months, much of Clementine’s time — and, by extension, her siblings’ — was spent causing minor mischief along the seaside, with Clem often acting as the group’s defacto ringleader. It was during this time that she also began learning some small skills, either by watching her parents or bothering others.

It was during her first winter that tragedy struck the Salcedo-Winters family. During a routine adventure with her littermate, Magnus, Clem fell through the ice of a nearby pond, nearly drowning. The stress of the situation forced her brother to shift, enabling him to save her at the cost of his own life. This, along with the departure of childhood friends (most notably Aurelion and his sister Wisteria) led to grief and depression, ultimately resulting in her mothers agreeing it would be beneficial for her to leave the Outpost for Salsola.

After being formally accepted by her 'aunt', Elphaba, the redhead became something of a ward to the older Revlis woman, as well as apprenticing underneath her in areas such as scholarship, manipulation, and other subjects.

During the spring and summer months, Clementine spent much of her newfound freedom exploring not only Salsola, but the lands surrounding it, making only very infrequent trips back to Portland to see her family. During this time she rose fairly quickly through the ranks of her pack, swiftly entering the central ring and a place of relative trust. It was during mid-to-late summer that she discovered her uncle, Lilia’s brother, was a member of a local loner band, The Troupe, and began visiting them semi-frequently.

Due perhaps to the influence of her biological aunt, Morgana, it came as little surprise when she put her social skills to use and made it clear that her path forward would be as a merchant and ambassador, earning her the job of Mercante in early fall. It was around this time that Clem also made it known the lengths to which she was willing to go for status, for after a discussion with her friend — and the pack’s Director — Brocade that she usurped his niece, joining the elite upper class as an Arbiter and later The Partisan.
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