Eden de le Ulrich

The Cleric

The Cleric
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Coyote-Dominant Hybrid
Date of Birth:
31st October 2018
Luperci Ortus
Being a coyote-dominant hybrid, Eden holds many physical features to this part of her heritage. Her snout is a lot longer and thinner in terms of height. Her body is slimmer thanks to its more coyote like build. Despite this, her ears are a little shorter, more rounded around the top and has a slighter thicker tail in terms of fur length. She doesn't have much in terms of muscle, at least not when compared to other members. Her body is much more balanced in his weight. While closer to a larger size for one of her mix, she is a comfortable mix of her giant father and small mother. Eden's fur is shorter than most canines, another thing to come from her coyote features.

She is rarely seen outside of her Optime form, seeing as this form serves her the most purpose in her day to day life. When in optime form, Eden gets long locks of hair, contrary to her gender. She loves her long hair. Sometimes, especially when she is working, she will have it tied, but even then it is tied up loosely and towards the bottom strands of her hair. Her hair falls down to her shoulders at its shortest points and part down her back at its longest.

Eden's pelt pattern is a mix of her families and heritage. Her primary pelt colors, being shades of brown (especially darker browns) and white come from the combined mix of her families. She shares her mother's pelt pattern of having many places that are speckled with lighter browns, grays, and white. Her pattern does not change much when in her winter coat. An oddity among those in her family are her pink eyes. There is always an air of gentleness to them, and are good at conveying whatever emotion she is feeling.

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Eden lives in a highly humanized pack, and dresses to impress. There are very rare times when she isn't wearing anything, and even then she is always wearing her accessories. Since growing more comfortable in them, as well as getting new ones to wear, she is usually wearing dresses, long and short ones. She saves any fancier ones for special occasions, seeing to simple dresses for wearing everyday. She will still wear other outfits, usually ones with tank tops more than anything else. These tank tops are more on the feminine side in terms of design and style. Her usual outfit in this regard is a light olive tank top with tan straps and tan pants. She usually wears non-dress outfits when she has to do dirtier work or is taking care of herbs/plants. Eden has two main accessories that she always wears: a necklace with two brightly colored stones and a vine around her arm. The vine is decorated with bright fake flowers and fake buds. She wears this as a representation of real thorns from the Strafethorn punishment to forever wear the burden of her Inferni mother. In the spring and summer, Eden will often be wearing flowers, whether they be tied to her fur or as a crown.
In her youth, Eden was a curious and overly emotional child. She was constantly seeking to learn more about her family, especially her mother, and would get very upset when she would not get any answers. She was a friendly face among those in Salsola, getting along with just about everyone she seemed to come across. She was a bit wary of people touching her when she was younger, but has since broken out of that habit. She grew excited over small things, and loved spending time with her family.

Many of these traits carried over from her childhood into her adulthood. Eden is a person who wears her heart on her sleeve, finding it hard to hide many of her emotions. In high stress situations, or when around things she dislikes, she can still get overly emotional, though she does her best to dial them back once they have broken over the surface, apologizing for her behavior. A friendly face to anyone she comes across, be it in Salsola or an Outsider, though she is slightly wary of the latter due to Salsola's biases. She has a strong desire to help anyone that she comes across, especially if they are injured or hurt in some way. Unable to turn a blind eye, she will offer her best help to anyone while asking for nothing in return. She is still very curious about many things, and is always open to learning.

That's not to say that there are not moments when Eden can raise her voice, or be stern with someone. This is a trait much more prominent when dealing with patients. If any of them start to get resistant or moody, she can grow a bit stern in order to help keep them in line, or make someone very aware of the situation they are in. It happens rarely, as many seem more than willing to work with her when being treated.

Because of the nature of her skills, Eden can often go through stretches of time plagued by nightmares. When this happens, she tends to force herself to stay awake rather than sleep to sink back into them. When she runs on her lack of sleep, she can grow sluggish, levels of which vary on how much time has gone without sleep. There are slight changes to her personality when like this, one being that she can get a little irritable in day to day life, though she does her best not to. She will always have a look of tiredness, but she will sometimes deny things are wrong. If she has gotten to a particularly low point, she can break down completely, and seek to let out her plagues on those who will listen to her.

Eden can be a little self-conscious about herself, especially when it comes to her decisions on how she looks. There are a few voices that will pop in her head that make her nervous about what others might think of her choices. She grows much more comfortable with her own choices when she gets the support of those around her.
  • Father: Coaxoch, Sebastien Stone (Adopted)
  • Mother: Faith de le Poer
    • Siblings: Evelyn de le Ulrich
    • Children: Deirdra de le Ulrich, Catalina de le Ulrich, Arius de le Ulrich

Extended Family:
  • Grandparents: Crucifix de le Poer, Basilio Lykoi, Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi, Elody Lykoi
    • Aunts/Uncles: Hope Lykoi, Dahlia Winthrop, Krasivoya, Helena Troy Lykoi, Eire Lykoi, Damnation Lykoi, Valtin Ulrich, Priya Ulrich-Lykoi, Dirge Trombetta-Ulrich, Spartacus Simone Ulrich, Chester Valentine, Maephis Valekoi, Kalani Lykoi, Naum Valentine, Stelmaria Troy Valentine, Caesar Lykoi, Mekhl Valentine, Oiseau Troy Lykoi, Baie Troy Lykoi, Raito Ulrich-Lykoi, Kitsch, Smokecloud, Dandy Armistice, Ciri Armistice
    • Cousins: Rhodes Winthrop, Lyla Winthrop, Freyja D'Lykoi, Pontifex Troy Lykoi, Rufus Lykoi, Eusebia Troy Lykoi
Eden is the son daughter of Faith de le Poer and Coaxoch, along with her sister, Evelyn de le Ulrich. When she was born, her mother suffered complications due to high amounts of stress during her pregnancy. Due to this, she passed away shortly after being able to see her children. They were brought to their father by her aunt, Dahlia de le Poer, and told him of Faith's fate. Eden and Evelyn were nursed by Calla Valentine while being raised by their father with the assistance of his mate, Sebastien Stone, and Dahlia. Unknown to them, Faith's spirit refused to move on, wanting to stay to watch over her children.

Despite the weird circumstances to her family, Eden had a relatively normal childhood. She had a lot of arguments with her father over the subject of her mother, it still being a sore spot for him to talk about. This made her feel frustrated, and looked to get her information from whomever would be willing to share it with her. She got her first taste of her mother's past when she and her sister snuck out with their aunt without her knowing. They came to the grounds of The Cartel, and Dahlia spilled that she was not happy in Salsola. They spent a night with the coyotes before going back home to Salsola, where her aunt was chewed out for them sneaking out.

It all finally came to a head when Eden became old enough to partake in her Cueponi ritual. Prior to meeting with Elphaba, during her first shift, Faith finally made her presence known to her daughter, finally knowing the identity of the female that visited her in her dreams. When she got her riddle, she knew her mother had something to do with it, and finally got a long break down about Inferni from Andrew Winthrop. It was with this information that she was able to pass her Cueponi and begin her climb in the adult ranks.

Since becoming an adult, Eden had grown a fascination with plants, especially the flowers that come around Salsola every spring. When Grievous Eternity came across her, the two saw this as a good chance to get her into learning how to heal others. She was happy to finally find something she could use to help the other members of Salsola, taking Grievous as her mentor. She has also seen the experience she had with her mother as a chance to try and connect with other spirits. She often found herself at the Blackwoods a lot when she was younger, and will still visit there as an adult. She can feel strong presences there, but one seems to stand out, one that she doesn't know who or what is causing it. It makes her feel a bit on edge. Her mother had been the cause of a few bad experiences, and cause her emotions to go unchecked, but it is something she worked on.

Since taking up the mantle of healer, Eden had assisted her teacher with minor injuries, as well as getting help from those like Argive Hemlock. She helped Kaeli Blacksun when she was having her children with Shaamah. The event had caused Eden to become wary of assisting others with this since it traumatized her. During the Curse of the Sanctum conflict, she helped to take care of members that returned to Salsola with injuries when they had killed the Outsiders, as well as brought home the prisoners. She lent a hand to Aani Aston-D'Noires when she was in a high amount of distress. She was the first person she became a sponsor for to Salsola.

With enough time and diligence, Eden rose to the rank of Cleric, serving as Salsola's ranked healer. Much of her time was spent taking care of those in the kingdom, even providing assistance in healing during the Curse of the Sanctum. It wasn't until Saturnalia that her life began to take a new turn. Aani had been making advances on her, ones that were not reciprocated, and aided by a fuel of jealousy of Lyra Salcedo caused her to take action. Eden's drink was drugged and she was tricked to sleeping with Aani, which resulted in her pregnancy. Although she had taken to avoiding the other woman, Elphaba eventually betrothed the two together at Aani's request. Duty filled, she agreed and was soon married to Aani sometime after their children, Deirdra de le Ulrich, Catalina de le Ulrich, Arius de le Ulrich, were born and grew up.

Eden continues to faithfully serve the members of Salsola, curing them of their injuries and illnesses. She works had to balance her duties and make enough time to spend with her family. She keeps most of the problems she has in her strained relationship with her wife behind closed doors, simply making every effort she can to make her happy. That's what she deserves right?
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