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Casa di Cavalieri
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Luperci Stable Master Tier II, Blacksmith Tier I The Brotherhood: Master Equestrian
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18th September 2018
Luperci Ortus
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35 in - 100lbs ~ 48 in - 160lbs ~6'8" - 265lbs
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The Knight-Hushhowl child takes after her wolfish bloodlines whole-heartedly. There are minimal traces of any dog blood remaining aside from the flecks of green in her otherwise golden eyes. As an homage to her ancestry, she paints yellow marks around her eyes in a similar design to her grandmother, Hartt Ataya as well as the Fenris sun tattoo on her right shoulder. Aside from these, she doesn't adorn her body in anything else and prefers to traverse the world in her fur alone.

She stands tall and broad, her body filled out with muscle thanks to her disciplined training and blacksmithing. Her hands are constantly dotted with small cuts and burns but she bears no scars from this that are visible through her dark fur. She does have a series of slashes scored into her forehead and a gash on her left forearm.

Star's fur is monochrome like most Hushhowls. She is on the darker side like her mother and her uncle Temnota, but she has striking silver markings that differentiate her from them. In her optime form, her straight hair is this same silver and she alternates between wearing it cropped and letting it grow to chin length. When it grows this long, she makes tight braids on the side to keep the majority of it out of her face while she works.
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Starlight Hushhowl takes it upon herself to embody the spirit of her birthpack. She is loyal, honest, and brave to a fault. The protection of her people and her homeland take top priority - including over her own happiness. While she's mellowed out into adulthood, Starlight still carries anxieties of being betrayed by those she trusts as she was as a young woman. She trusts very few of her comrades with the wellness of Casa di Cavalieri and even fewer with the matters of her own heart.

Starlight chooses to believe that all matters of emotion can be bested if you ignore it hard enough and she doesn't understand why others have such little control over their own. She has little patience for emotional drama or careless mistakes. If you just work hard enough, life will fall into place.

True to her Hushhowl roots, Starlight leans more towards feral than many of her Cavalieri kin. She chooses not to adorn herself in clothing or partake in many of the frivolities of life such as art and dance. She stoically believes in "traditional" lifestyle choices, going so far as to practice abstinence until choosing a life-mate and denying herself the idea of mateship within the same sex though she respects many who have same sex partnerships.

The Hushhowl woman is abrasive and tense at all times, certainly not one to take well to a joke. The only time she seems to relax is when she's atop a horse or beating metal over an anvil and woe to the person who interrupts her during these pastimes.

~ Maternal Side
  • Mother: Night Hushhowl
    • Siblings: Orion Knight, Nova Hushhowl
  • Grandparents: Hartt Ataya,
    Darkness Hushhowl
    • Aunts/Uncles: Dusk Hushhowl,
      Dawn Hushhowl, Temnota Hushhowl,
      Pushok Hushhowl, Day Hushhowl
      • Cousins: Borya Hushhowl,
        Zasha & Lyubov Hushhowl,
        Nilda Catori, Lyall Hushhowl

~ Paternal Side:
  • Father: Remus Knight
  • Grandparents: Lyris Stryder, Luca Knight
    • Aunts/Uncles: Arlen Stryder, Myra Garcia, Teagan Stryder,
      Indi Knight, Nora Knight, Cedric Stryder, Caspian Knight,
      Lucian Marino
      • Cousins: Genkei Stryder, Naomi Stryder, Soledad Stryder,
        Celia Knight, Bastian Nightshade

cNPC: Alaric Ivanov
  • Early Life
    • In September, Starlight Hushhowl was
      born to young parents, Remus Knight and
      Night Hushhowl, alongside her brother,
      Orion Knight. Temnota and Pushok Hushhowl,
      while technically her uncles, were raised
      alongside her as milk siblings after the birth of
      Hushhowl Matriarch, Hartt Ataya. Darkness,
      father of the boys and grandfather to Star and
      Orion, played an integral role in guiding the
      youngest Hushhowls until his death in
      November of 2019.

    • Around the time of her shifting, Starlight
      was assigned to be mentored by Aldora Knight.
      The archer outsourced Star's education so that
      she would be a well-rounded individual and a
      worthwhile addition to the pack. During this
      time, Starlight grew more comfortable with
      combat and became interested in animal
      husbandry after helping birth twin lambs.

    • Starlight's role model, Teagan Stryder, leaves
      the pack without warning with her family. This
      occurs shortly after the death of Darkness
      Hushhowl and further cements Star's emotional
      detachment from people.

    • In the late summer, Starlight takes her First
      Blood Ceremony and is quickly promoted to
      the Cadet ranks where she earns the coranks of
      Stable Master and Blacksmith.

  • The Mad King
    • Overlapping with the end of Star's
      apprenticeship, there is unease in the pack.
      There are a series of attacks that lead up to
      the ultimate demise of Luca Knight, Star's
      grandfather and Lune. His descent to into
      madness drove the pack into a frenzy of pointing
      fingers. Ultimately, a relative newcomer steps into
      leadership and Aldora abdicates the throne.

    • Raghnall Thorburn steps forward and organizes
      Casa in the wake of its crumbling leadership. Starlight
      thrives under his tutelage as he takes a special interest
      in the ambitious Hushhowl. Their values and goals are
      in alignment. She is quickly promoted through the ranks
      into the Brotherhood as a Master Equestrian to help
      Raghnall guide the future of Casa di Cavalieri.

    • Shortly after her promotion, Aldora reveals that
      Raghnall and his kin were the traitors all along. She
      kills Raghnall in combat and reclaims her throne with
      Cedric Stryder (a beloved uncle of Star's) as her Lune.
      Starlight is overwhelmed by this shocking turn of
      events. She takes claim of Raghnall's horse and devotes
      herself to the betterment of the pack to make up for her

  • The Brotherhood
    • Star spends the next several months trying to
      'prove' herself in her rank. She takes an active role
      in supporting the pack from afar while avoiding people.
      She is suspicious of newcomers, and watches them
      carefully under the guise of a helpful hand.

    • Remus Knight and Night Hushhowl give birth to
      Star's new sister, Nova Hushhowl. Shortly after her
      first shift, Nova is given to Starlight as an apprentice.
      Nova is a headstrong young girl, but her sister may
      just make a Cavalier out of her yet.
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