Spartacus Simone Ulrich

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Dog dominant Hybrid
Date of Birth:
1st September 2018

Spartacus's fur is thick and silky to the touch with feathering in places like his elbows, chest, his "pants"(the back of his legs) and his cheeks. The fur on the bottom side of his long tail is also feathered lightly because of his high content borzoi blood. His face is very distinctive with a small stop in his nose and a large doggish head. He looks astonishingly like a German Shepherd mix, despite being only a fraction of such. His left eye is a deep, unsettling red color while the other is a pale silver and clouded over. On top of his blind eye would be a single scar that runs through his eyelid and stops somewhere on his cheek.

His fur colors are a dark coal that runs along his back, the majority of his tail, his muzzle, and ears. He has silver fur on his shoulders/thighs, his cheeks, and his sides. His undercarriage his white, along with accents on his face around his eyes, his eyebrows, and a small nose stripe. He has a white tipped tail. He also has a break in his back markings that is behind his shoulders. Unique markings of his would be a white diamond on the crown of his head. He also has a black beauty mark on his right side somewhere on his cheek near his eye.

In his youth, he will have long, dark hair but in late 2020, his long hair was cut short, and it is still growing back from this incident, but only comes down to about his shoulder with slightly full bangs that frame his face. Once it becomes long enough, he will return to braiding intricate braids in his hair to keep it out of his way while fighting.

In his later years, he will eventually cut his hair and also prematurely grey/"white out" much like his father.

As a child, he was very leggy and sickly/malnourished because of his mother's advanced age when she gave birth to him. He had big paws, a thin head/face, and weird tall ears, like his father.

As he grew into an adult, he filled out his long legs and huge paws to become a rather handsome and well-built creature. He has a deep chest, and a long body, but his height and weight have given him a formidible advantage with both speed and strength. He is light enough to be thrown from his horse with relative ease, but sturdy enough to likely not break a bone from doing so.

Lupus & Secui: Whilst he is not too "leggy", he is barrel chested and can run for long distances in his four legged forms'.
Optime: Fit, toned, and built for running and endurance.
In general, Spartacus can be a rude boy, and often does not care when he is being rude if he is talking to someone who has some sort of authority over him. Spartacus is typically a serious sort of luperci in personality, though his actions at times might contradict this point. Additionally, he isn't typically friendly to most others that he meets, not because he was taught that way, but out of general rebellion from his father's wishes. He "knows" better and often will act out for attention, and because of his ego.

Otherwise, he is generally pretty quiet and stoic, and his speech can be rather eloquent and polite. If he is talking to someone he does not like, or has some sort of prejudiced towards, he can be outwardly rude and have a "holier than thou" attitude about him that he does not regret, at all. He can be outwardly speciest to other coyotes, smaller prey-like dogs, and jackals.

He also is a compulsive liar, to the point where he might lie about things that don't really need to be lied about, or just tell a story for the sake of telling an elaborate story, rather than just being honest, and he will struggle with being honest for most, if not all of his life. Sparta is manipulative, a skeptic, and rather defensive. Most promises were made to be broken, to him, and it's not a smart idea to have him as either a friend or an enemy, because he is out for himself, and his family. He can also be called presumptuous in many ego-driven interactions.

While he is loyal to his Family, and The Family, it's hard to tell if he actually loves them or if he just feels an obligation to his father for bringing him into existance.

Needless to say, he is completely supportive of his father and the way that the family exists beneath him. He takes a backseat to his father's orders, but will often take charge of his brothers if he is given the opportunity, especially his younger brother, Raito.

Spartacus is known to have a very large prey drive, in which he will chase a multitude of different creatures, for what seems like hours and hours until his body is to the point of exhaustion. He loves to chase things, including but not limited to prey animals, predators, and even inanimate objects like sticks, etc.

Sparta also is pretty morbid and very much into gore and taking things apart for fun. He is a cruel, and often will do degrading things to others just for his own sick pleasure.

He is trained in the way of the sword, and still pursues this skill even though his ego caused the accident that took his sight from his right eye.

Losing his the sight in his right eye made him even more violent than he once was.

Spartacus was a sickly child and often got colds and had seasonal allergies. Once he came into maturity, Sparta does not get colds nearly as often, but he does suffer from seasonal allergies when the seasons change. He displays symptoms such as sneezing, itching, and runny nose/sniffling at the first few weeks of Winter to Spring and Summer to Fall particularly.
Biological Parents: Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi & Nephele
Siblings: N/A
Half Siblings:
Coaxoch, Priya, Dirge, Chester,
Julius, Mekhl, Stelmaria, Kitsch, Freyja, Baie, Oiseau, Smokecloud

Life Partner: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Clove(domestic cat), Bayek (draft horse)

Spartacus Simone Ulrich is the is the bastard son of Nephele and Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi.

Spartacus was raised believing that he is the true son of his father and his wife, Helena Troy Lykoi and believing that Oiseau Troy Lykoi, Baie Troy Lykoi, & Freyja D'Lykoi are all his biological sisters. He was passed off as being their true sibling even though Till's then long time servant was his true mother. His father believes that Spartacus is the true son of Dullahan Eternity (because of his "unique" coloration) even though this is far from the truth.

As a small pup, "Simone" is often coddled because he was born very sickly, even though he was a large puppy. His immune system was compromised because of his mother's advanced age and this lead him to getting colds more often while he was young. He also formally displayed symptoms such as Lethargy, inappetence, and weakness.

Once he had grown into a young adult and didn't need to rely on his mother anymore, he moved into his father's house, where he was raised to be his father's son. Till and Spartacus were often together in his youth, Till having become somewhat of a helicopter parent because of his sickness.

Spartacus was taught many things by his father, like hunting, and archery, and the fundamentals of his swordplay, of which, Spartacus would become fond of and seek out other mentors sometime in his first year of living. He eventually found a friend and mentor within a New Caledonian named Toraberā Tanaka. Spartacus and Tora trained for some time until Spartacus had taken on a nearer mentor as well, for he felt as if he needed more lessons and to learn faster so that he could get stronger, and stronger.

He was trained partially by Indra Winters then, of Salsola, up until the day that he decided to challenge her to a fight with real blades. Needless to say, this event did not end with him being the swordsmaster, but instead he was given a forever reminder of what his ego had made him do. He lost not only the battle, but his right eye with it. His eye clouded up, and turned a bright silver after it had finally healed from the brutal punishment from his superior.

His ego would not be dampened by this though, for he had gone outside of Salsola and Nova Scotia as soon as he was healed enough to take a trip and he thought to fight a man with a scythe in the Canadian wilds. He lost this too, and was kidnapped by this man and taken to a Castle that smelt of blood and roses.

Spartacus was kept within the Keep for a total of a month and a half, of which he had finally mentioned that his father, that Salsola would come if he was not released, and he was finally released. Spartacus was not given much for his hardship, and he was covered in bites, cuts, and dirt after being left in the crypt. They cut his long dark hair, and left him somewhere outside of their Keep but still so far from home. He swore to himself that he would kill the man with golden tendril hair and eyes like the wings of a lunar moth.

Spartacus made the journey back home to Salsola, but once he had return, he stayed within the Old Wall for some time, for he had lost so many things that he did not know if he would ever be able to cope with the loss of his eye, his pride, and his hair.

For months Spartacus would keep to himself and only leave Salsola at night, often doing morbid and unthinkable things to small creatures, and slowly working his way back up to Luperci as he once had previously.

His father suspected nothing when Spartacus had gone to the Outpost in early Jan 2021, only to return within mid-June 2021 with packs of goods, a different horse, a bobcat, and a bad attitude.
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