Spartacus Simone Ulrich

The Tradesman (NPC)
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Dog dominant Hybrid
Date of Birth:
1st September 2018
Luperci Ortus

Fur: His fur is thick and silky. It grows in longer on his elbows, chest, "pants", and cheeks.
Facial Features: His face is very distinctive with a small stop in his nose and a large doggish head. He looks astonishingly like a German Shepherd mix, despite being only a fraction of such. He has deep red eyes that are unsettling.
Optime Hair: Long dark hair as a youth and young adult. In his later years, he will eventually cut his hair and also prematurely grey/"white out" much like his father. Spartacus often pulls his hair up in a bun, or pulls some of it back into a high ponytail, he also can/will braid it in unique and fancy ways to keep it out of his way.
Build and Size:
As a child, he will be very leggy and sickly/malnourished. At about a year old he starts to fill out into his form, barrel chested and tall. As a child he is seemingly a runt, but as he gets older he will be formidable in size and build for long distance running over pure strength.
Lupus & Secui: Whilst he is not too "leggy", he is barrel chested and can run for long distances in his four legged forms'.
Optime: Fit, toned, and built for running and endurance.
Quick Notes: Serious, Compulsive-Liar, Manipulative, Defender, Reserved, Skeptical, Directed, Disciplined (in the sense where he obeys authority, but others are obviously under him), "Blue-Blooded", Eloquent, Familial, Cruel, Morbid, Presumptuous.

In general, Spartacus can be a rude boy, and often does not care when he is being rude if he is talking to someone who has some sort of authority over him. Otherwise, he is pretty quiet, and his speech is rather eloquent and polite. If he is talking to someone he does not like, or has some sort of prejudiced towards, he can be outwardly rude and have a "holier than thou" attitude about him that he does not regret, at all. He also is a compulsive liar, to the point where he might lie about things that don't really need to be lied about, or just tell a story for the sake of telling an elaborate story, rather than just being honest, and he will struggle with being honest for most, if not all of his life.

Spartacus is known to have a very large prey drive, in which he will chase a multitude of different creatures, for what seems like hours and hours until his body is to the point of exhaustion. He loves to chase things, including but not limited to prey animals, predators, and even inanimate objects like sticks, etc.
Biological Parents: Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi & Nephele
Siblings: N/A
Half Siblings:
Coaxoch, Priya, Dirge, Chester,
Julius, Mekhl, Stelmaria, Kitsch, Freyja, Baie, Oiseau, Smokecloud

Life Partner: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Clove(domestic cat), Jun(grade horse)
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