Mors Einar-Nocturne

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50% Jackal (25% Cape, 25% Golden) 37.5% Wolf (Timber) 12.5% Dog (Caucasian Shepherd)
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25th September 2018
Luperci Ortus
He has the lithe body of an ice skater or marathon runner. Obtaining a graceful and powerful combination. Inheriting the slender frame of his mother in tandem with the bulk of his father, forming an athletically lean body.

His coat flaunting a beautiful combination of colors. A dusky hue from the black and copper colors with stripes of white smoke fur. Bright aureolin yellow eyes contrast his coat, almost tricking one into believing his eyes are radiant. His top eyelid was heavy, giving his eyes the appearance of apathy and indifference but there was a sly and impish side to them, too.

In his luperci form he has a mane of long drab dark brown hair, usually tied back into a ponytail, the ends curl slightly, dancing and teasing around his shoulders when not pulled back.

You can typically find him wearing a type of Frock coat of a gunmetal gray color with gainsboro colored trim and accents. The coat is tailored to hug and accent his frame in a flattering manner. Underneath a charcoal colored shirt and pants, sporting no extra significance. It was obvious he favored and loved the coat, while the rest was a necessary match to fulfil the outfit.

Around his neck is a braided leather loop and a small charm fashioned to it. The charm encased and housed a small gemstone, uncut and dark red, looking much like a red garnet. There were no visible markers, carving or engravings, it was just a simple gemstone.
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Lux Einar (Father-Deceased)
Maelyx Nocturne (Mother)
Jaketta Einar-Nocturne (Sister)
Elias Einar-Nocturne (Brother)
Zea Einar-Nocturne (Brother-Deceased)
Pandora Einar-Nocturne (Sister)
Somnus Einar-Norturne(Brother)
Born into a family that practised magic and was heavily involved in the coven amongst the pack. Mors learned what he had to appease his leaders, peers and Mother. He was not a true believer, in the way the rest of the coven believed, anyhow. He had no desire to pursue the practice any more than he had to. Mors never really spoke against this or told anyone, though. He tagged along with them and felt it kept a good peace between everyone. Avoiding the confrontation, or more importantly, disappointment, that his lack of devotion to magic may have caused.
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