Lyra Salcedo

The Arbiter (NPC)
Luperci Conserje & Sarta
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It was ME! I did it, and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for—
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4th August 2018
Tall, neat, and well-groomed, there is nothing desultory about Lyra. Everything has its purpose and place, and Lyra carries herself with the confidence of a person who knows both.

She possesses a thin fur coat owing greatly to her mother's side of the family, though her facial structure bears a narrow, coyote-like width with large expressive eyes, typically expressing disapproval. Tall and lithe, she is not physically imposing but can have a domineering presence due to her general mien. Her hair is platinum in hue and typically kept in a severe bob hairstyle, however she will sometimes wear it back with pins, barrettes, and tiny braids for practical purposes.

Lording over others wherever she can, Lyra sticks to her upright form and has not returned to her feral forms since she first shifted. Frequently cold due to her short coat, her outfits tend to incorporate plush furs and leather. Much of the embroidery, stitching, and other elements have been done by her own hands.

Lyra has been collecting her goods for a while now, starting when she first shifted. Additionally, her mother's connection to a rich trading port has given her access to a few finer things. Wealth begets wealth, or something like that.
Aloof • Curt • Disinterested in your baggage
Speech: A little on the higher range, though spoken at an even and vaguely menacing cadence. She is fluent in Common (English) and Spanish.

Not one to mince words, Lyra clearly and concisely expresses what she thinks. Valuing competence and forthrightness over people-pleasing and smoothing tensions, she is both a reliable servant to her Kingdom and a pain in the (royal) ass. It's clear right away that she does not seek approval from others and finds validation only in tangible results, which she often delivers. In this way, she makes herself indispensable to those in power.

Lyra operates on the idea that you don't have to like someone to work with them. For most, there is no question about whether or not she likes you. Her sharp and accurate honesty is a marker of her perceptiveness as much as it is a clever defense mechanism; her integrity is less likely to be called into question this way. Like her sister, who is adept at balancing and shifting others to the right position, Lyra has a knack for manipulation and a love of detail that would land her a job in any law office, if that were a thing.

At her worst, Lyra can be abrasive and intolerant of anything that falls outside of her very high standards, especially when it comes to getting a job done. At her best, she is decisive, tenacious, and efficient. She makes it very clear that you would rather have her as an ally than enemy.

Kept hidden from others is the perhaps her most redemptive quality, which is that Lyra loves her immediate family above all else. She will stretch to her very limits and beyond to ensure their happiness. This is the linchpin of her person, and as such, is carefully guarded.
Immediate Family
Mother: Lilia Salcedo
Mother: Indra Winters
Biological Father: Bacchus Revlis
Siblings: Clementine Salcedo, Baltasar Salcedo, Magnus Salcedo

via Bacchus: Odalis Amaranthe, Solomon Amaranthe, Lucian Amaranthe

cNPC: Elizar Moreno
Lyra Salcedo is a true-blooded Salsolan, born to shield-maidens Lilia Salcedo, who pledged her sword to the Queendom, and Indra Winters, the sister to the Witch Queen. She was raised alongside her siblings, the accomplished Clementine, the brave Magnus, and their well-liked brother Baltasar at Salsola's Portland Outpost.

Following the loss of Magnus in an accident that nearly took Clementine's life too, her sister was sent away to Salsola proper, leaving Lyra to develop interests outside of those of her ringleader sibling. Her taste for acquisition grew, and she delved into all things aesthetic and utilitarian, and crafts which could satisfy both.

Lyra's hunger for information, access, and power eventually led her to Salsola proper. She has become a fearsome presence, and a good rule of thumb with Lyra is to never speak to her, because she will use anything and everything you say against you, if not right away, then eventually. By her own admission, she has no friends and no intentions of making any.

She is currently ranked an Arbiter and holds the job of Conserje, keeping tight (if not draconian) order of the Storage Room. Once shadowed by her bumbling and soft-spoken cousin, Casimir Soul, their paths diverged after a fateful attack in the mountains of their home by a hooded stranger. Since then, she has kept her cousin at arm's length, although she did entrust him to look after her home in the Ruins while she returned to Portland to tend to her ailing mother in the late fall of 2021. A simple house-sitting request proved to be too difficult a task for him - upon her return in the spring of 2022 (after the death of her mother), Casimir had moved in his new bride Azalea Eternity and their brood of children.

Lyra Salcedo has since poured her reserves into her new workshop and other yet unseen ambitions.

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