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7th October 2017
Luperci Ortus
The first thing people notice when they meet Alma is her coloration; as a true albino her solid white coat, pink nose, and translucent reddish eyes are strikingly different than the average coyote.

Because of her colorless nature Alma always takes measures to protect herself from sunlight. She is often seen wearing a hooded cloak, even mid-summer. Because of the difficulty covering up in Lupus and Secui form she typically spends her time in Optime form, only shifting at night, or on stormy days.

Her thin, bristly coat is not designed for cold northern winters and her light summer outerwear is exchanged for heavy cloth and fur in the winter. She often wraps her paws for additional protection from the light and the weather.

Under the cloaks and capes is a small, ropy figure. As a southern-blooded coyote Alma is short and lean. She stands upright, attempting to make herself look taller and works hard to maintain what muscle she has.

Alma's coat is clean and well-maintained, if not particularly soft or shiny. Her mane in Optime form is the same, carefully brushed and styled but rough and bristly in nature. She typically pulls her hair up in the elaborate fashion of braids and knots traditional to her family.

Her long face and big ears are young-looking and more cute than pretty, as much as she wishes otherwise. The pink skin around her eyes and mouth can look off-putting to some, but it's subtle enough to fade in the background of her features. Alma's mouth naturally curves up into a smile. She often walks around with a stern, concentrated look; she's really trying to compensate for her poor eyesight by squinting.
Alma is dramatic, bombastic and fun. She is naturally at ease in groups and enjoys conversation. She tends to exaggerate her emotions for playful effect, and use loud, dramatic body language to add to the image.

Her sense of humor is well-developed and constant. She sometimes ignores the mood and continues to joke, sometimes frustrating people, which just makes her push more. Her jokes can become barbed or mean, even though she means everything in good fun. If she realizes she's gone too far and hurt someone the jokes will stop; she probably won't ever verbally apologize but the hurt party will find they suddenly have a lot of extra help and attention from Alma.

Growing up, Alma developed a knack for numbers and figures, to the benefit of her pack; she grew up being praised for her brains and cleverness. Because of this she has become both arrogant and insecure. Arrogant in thinking that she's always the smartest Luperci in the room and that her solutions are always the best ones. Insecure in that she feels she has no other value outside her wits. The combination can make her act self-important and smug when her abilities are needed as she tries to reinforce her own self-worth.
On the mainland, northeast of the great Lakes lived a pack of coyotes, removed from and different than most of the Luperci around them. Small and sparsely-furred they were clearly of the southern strain of coyote blood, non-native to the area. Exactly how and why their ancestors arrived in the north, whether they were running or chasing, had become unclear over the years. Nevertheless, the pack lived on.

Time, adaptation, and the occasional dalliance with the local population served to water down the culture the coyotes inherited from their southern ancestors. Still they did their best to pass down the history, traditions and language remaining. Living in a permanent compound carefully guarded from outsiders they live a quiet, steady life.

Into this community was born Alma. Alma Perdida de la Bosque caused a bit of a commotion when she was born, as the pack had never had a child with albinism before. But her fierce, outspoken mother would tolerate no harm coming to her daughter and Alma was hastily accepted into the community.

Alma grew up happy, only peripherally aware of the few glances and whispers, good and bad, that endured. Her family was large and her siblings protective of their sister.

But when brothers and sisters left to start their own families, and the day to day life in the pack never changing Alma began to feel restless. Her future in the quiet compound seemed static and unappealing. Upon reaching adulthood she decided to set off on her own in search of something new.

Her ever protective parents were unhappy with this decision but knew that short of locking her up there wasn't much they could do. So with a reluctant goodbye and a promise to leave a trail wherever she went Alma was ready. With a small party of merchants she set off towards the horizon.
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