German Shepherd x Collie x Eurasian Wolf
Date of Birth:
28th April 2014
[Image: zjnwXYZ.png]

Wears a leather mask to cover the scars on his face. Also wears a leather shirt and pants that don't restrict his movements. Has a knife that he mostly uses for carving tucked into a belt. His mane is usually pulled back in a ponytail

Lupus- 40 in (101.5 cm)
Secui- 50 in (127 cm)
Optime- 7 ft 2 in (218.5 cm)

Winter (npc companion)
Traveling with the twins is a fox that James rescued. She prefers James' company to Jesse, and since they found her in winter, that was the name she got stuck with. She is a young fox that can follow simple commands from James.
Cheerful and outgoing, not much gets him down. Slow to anger, he believes that you can resolve any issues without fighting. Kind and caring he is the type to give the starving his last piece of meat or the poor his last possession
Jesse Germershausen (Sister)
Belle Germershausen (Mother/dead)
Victor Rolef Germershausen II (Father/missing/lost)
Victor Von Germershausen I (Grandfather/dead)
Born Victor James Germershausen III, and Jesse Sara Germershausen, he and his twin sister were born to a wolf mother. They only saw their dog mix father a few times. Their mother was very abusive and would often take her anger out on them, resulting in both siblings sporting scars. One day Jesse finally defended them and killed their mother on accident, after that their grandfather found them and raised them. He taught them how to read and write and let them grow and explore on their own for the most part. When he passed they decided to find a new home for themselves and wound up in Souls territory.
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