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21st January 2016
Luperci Verto
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(Appearance irregularities) June 5, 2020: While a hard life has kept him fit Atlas is a little lanky at the moment as he is on the tail end of recovering from malnourishment.

In his most natural form Atlas stands at thirty-six inches tall and weighs one hundred and one pounds. The fur covering his medium build, athletic body is an uneven mixture of cream and black that sort of swirls and molts about his coat but it ends up being a majority black. His eyes are blue like a morning sky and often offer a calm, attentive gaze leading many to believe he is a good listener. Only three of his four pronounced scars are visible in this form. From close range you can make out a vertical slice that runs from just behind and below his left eye to the bottom of his jaw. From nearly any range a sort of lopsided star shaped splatter scar is visible on his left front leg. This one sits a little off center and to the right between his paw and knee.And finally, his left ear is missing its rounded end and was cut at a sharp angle leaving an off-center, pointed tip to it.

In his secui form Atlas takes on the usual bulk. Not much else changes from his lupus form aside from a slightly thicker coat. This does, however, cause his scars to become nearly unnoticeable. Only the slash on his jaw stands out as a faint line in thick fur. His stature increases to forty-six inches and one hundred and fifty-six pounds.

Optime is the form most preferred by Atlas and the one strangers are most likely to see. His hair is usually cut as short as the rest of his fur though between cuttings he does let it grow unmanaged to as much as an inch. On two legs he is most often clothed as he finds it a bit inappropriate to walk about naked and optime. His outfit consists of a caped traveler’s cloak made of dyed black hide, a simple brown leather vest laced with hide strings, and a black pair of thick fabric shorts with a leather belt. They are black and hang a bit lower than his knee. (Optime hight: 82 in)

Usually on his person Atlas carries a variety of weaponry. First and foremost is a longsword kept on his hip in a position to be drawn with his right hand. The scabbard is black and made of darkened wood and leather. Its sword has a forty-two-inch broad fuller style blade and black hilt. The hilt is set in the form of a dragon with its wings serving as the guard, its neck the grip, and its head the pommel. All in all, the sword is a fine piece of work and offers a fair amount of detail. The dragon’s wings are arched up and thick near the top to offer functionality to the guard while the pommel includes a dull, downward pointed spike coming off the creature’s outward-facing maw. Much of the decorative and painstakingly chiseled scales have been worn off from handling and despite the dark coloring of the grip and metal a fine inspection would reveal small nicks, scratches, and chips on the guard from actual combat use. The blade has a lacy signature etched into it along the center near the handle reading “Mire”.

Second, the male will often carry a set of throwing knives arranged in a pair of sheaths on either side of his ribcage. Each sheath has room for three separate knives, for a total of six, though at present Atlas only has four to stow and keeps them in pairs. The dark brown leather holds these knives with their handles at an obtuse upward pointing angle from his torso. The straps are of the same leather as the holsters and secured with simple dull grey buckles. The holsters are a pair and do not tightly secure to his body if not used in tandem. These are often warn over his vest

Finally and most rarely used, Atlas owns one piece of armor. A studded leather manica will be dawned upon his right arm when he knows there will be trouble. This piece is quite simple with no real decoration, dull brown leather with worn grey studs, and more dark leather for the straps. It offers protection to the top of his forearm, bicep, and shoulder but does little to protect the bottom of his arm.

If caught without his various armaments or clothing items Atlas’ scars are most visible in his optime form. The slice mentioned above, splatter scar on his arm, and chopped ear are quite hard to miss but there is also a long cut that goes down his chest across his left pectoral and down to his last rib. This is a continuation of the same strike that marred his jaw and can be easily identified as a healed blade cut. The splatter scar appears on the inside of his forearm.

Scars earned since his appearance in the Souls area:
1 diamond shaped 1.5 inch long by 1/2 inch wide stab scar just to the right of his left shoulderblade. Will still be fresh and pink until Aug. 1st, 2020.

Atlas also carries a large but simple pack when traveling or without a set home space. This contains his armor and clothing when not in use as well as a few items for maintaining his weapons and armor. Below are listed consumables that will be added to or removed as necessary:

One sadly empty bottle of whiskey

Weapon maintenance tools (whet stone, polishing leathers, etc.)

Any Weapon, piece of armor, or clothing item described previously and not currently warn
Pessimism has always been valuable to Atlas and is often his go to for dealing with most situations. On occasion when a beautiful day or set of wonderful circumstances leave him feeling warm and fuzzy a bit of hopefulness can poke through, but he finds this a little dangerous. In his mind it is better to expect little to avoid disappointment. Not every interaction leaves a fellow feeling down for having talked to Atlas though. He can be quite kind and thoughtful at times. He loves broad, sweeping gestures when dealing with friends or loved ones and enjoys having these reciprocated. Atlas is the sort of man who wouldn’t mind being given proverbial flowers occasionally or writing a terrible poem for someone.

Anger is something Atlas has learned from quite hard lessons to deal with calmly. It takes very specific jabs or extremely insistent pestering before his temper can be broken but once it is the result is often explosive. The man doesn’t like his rage or the violence that comes easy once he falls into it. It reminds him too much of his past, of his father. Other negative emotions that pester him currently are common for a lone wanderer: loneliness and stress. Having given up his previous life to come across the seas and into this new place has taken its toll on him and might cause the hybrid to get snappy.

Those tendencies listed above are not all Atlas is, of course. As we explore him and fish out his quarks it will be chronicled here. He is quite awesome so keep an eye out.
From the look of him it is easy to tell that Atlas has seen a lot. Perhaps it is his quiet demeanor or the way he seems to walk with intention. Maybe it’s the cold look in his eye. Whatever the reason this look tells a true story. The wolf-dog’s home was a broken one filled with more hostility than actual love most of the time though the extent of it he would likely tell few. This coupled with a handful of choices he made along the way lend the man a pessimistic outlook and a (sometimes) dark sense of humor. There are also some responsibilities lost somewhere in the past, some promises not kept. A heart broken, perhaps. But this world is a cruel one. Guilt is a painful waste of time and the man knows that dark, dark path all too well.

His past has left Atlas with a firm body that looks more than capable of dealing with the wilds. Despite his looks, the man grew up in what now seems like a different world. Being able to trade goods or services for what he needed was what the Wolf-dog learned early on and with nearly nothing left to him when he embarked onto a new world there were few chioces. Eventually he learned with painful lessons how to get along. These circumstances have still left him a disproportionate appreciation for his Optime form, however.

As Atlas reveals his past it will be chronicled here. His past is shadowed with the meeting of many a stranger too. Who were they? Who could really say… *cough*(We could! He is from western Europe!)*cough*
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