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11th April 2018
Fennore is a slender woman with sharp features. She is almost always found in her Optime form, in which she is blessed with feminine curves in all the right places and a full bosom. There is no mistaking her wolfish heritage, both in her build and her plush, dense fur. Her pelt gleams a brilliant white, though there are reddish accents under her eyes and inside of her ears, and her eyes shine a deep magenta. Her auburn hair (her pride and joy) is often weaved into intricate braids or stylish up-dos, as she values beauty over practicality.

Both of her ears are pierced twice with small golden hoops, and she frequently dons clothing, usually long gowns of varying colors or a cloak with an appropriate thickness for the season.

On her torso is an ugly brand, the skin scarred and tattooed with a thurisaz, supposedly a rune of protection. Fennore hates it and is subconscious of it, hiding it away from prying eyes; a quirk that is quite at odds with her otherwise confident and self-assured temperament.
A diva, through and through, Fennore is always giving a performance, very rarely letting her true emotions show through an impeccable poker face. She is eloquent and well-spoken, often teetering between the two extremes of antiquity and snootiness. To newcomers, she might appear imposing or frigid, but this isn't to say she is mean-spirited or rude; quite the contrary, as Fennore prides herself as a woman of class and manners.

While she is slow to anger, small things do tend to get under her skin, even if she is not privy to show it. She holds impossibly high standards for herself and her capabilities and becomes utterly distraught when goals are not met — especially when her peers bear witness to it. She would like for everyone to think that she has her life together and is unwavering in the face of trepidation, but even the High Lady has her weaknesses.
Mate: Bellad Songthorn
Children: Rohan Heartsong & Atica Songthorn
• cNPC — Gwenninûr Coara
• minor NPC — Macha, best kitty
• minor NPC — Thalion, draft horse
Fennore (née O'Hartigan) is a founding member of New Caledonia, currently serving as its subleader, the Isiltári.

Proclaimed by her parents and her clansmen as the physical manifestation of their highest goddess, Mórrígan, she believed she was anything but; the ritualistic grooming following her birth came to a head when she was branded against her will with a rune meant to protect her, but this was the final straw. The young wolfess stole away in the dead of night, leaving behind the only family she had ever known, and weeks of traveling led her to 'Souls.

A chance meeting with a Caledonian scout brought her into contact with the refugees of a fallen kingdom, and together, the rag-tag band of canines gathered together under the banner of New Caledonia. Her affinity for diplomacy and courtly airs aided her well, and she soon to scale the ranks within her newfound home.

When the Lord-Regent disappeared, Fennore worked closely with High King Iomair to pick up the pieces left behind. Together, they reorganized the Realm's hierarchy and cemented Fennore's place amongst the elite: after a brief period serving as Councilor of Lanya, she joined him at his right side as Isiltári, or "Queen of the Moon."

Later, in a secret ceremony, Fennore was wed to her long-time friend and lover, Bellad Songthorn. Shortly thereafter, they have two children, Rohan and Atica.
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