Zsorthia Mercedes

Del Cenere Gang
El Probado (NPC)
Luperci Venerate savagery, Die savagely Tanner, Falconer Settler's Spirit
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Discord Handle: LRaeWesty92#6066
Coydog {25% Northeastern Coyote, 25% Plains Coyote, 50% German Shepherd}
Date of Birth:
16th June 2016
Luperci Ortus
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A hybrid between coyote and german shepherd her build is slender but with powerful, lean muscle. She is belssed with a large bosom and curvaceous hips however. She has a strong centered core and swift paws like a coyote, lacking an obvious the low crouch in the hind limbs from her shepherd heritage. In Optime form she stands 5' 11". Her fur is sleek and thick, layered with long guard hairs like a long haired G-shep. Her coloration is mostly a deep rusty chocolate brown (nearly a blood red) with accents in black upon her limbs, tail tip, ear tips, and encircling her neck. The most noticeable features on her are the black stripe up the top of her muzzle that comes about her eyes like a triangular bandit's mask and her fiery golden eyes. Both ears are pierced with two bone spikes. Her hair is messy, medium length and falls about her shoulders, black with rusty red highlights. Her bangs tends to fall into her face a lot.

Upon her forearms and upper thighs are scars from self harm injuries. Some are fresher than others.

As of May 2019 she has four gashes upon her right upper arm from an encounter with a cougar.

She wears a mid-length black leather and bear fur vest with tassels and the bear's claws adorning the shoulders of the garment, black leather pants and a black cowboy hat with hawk feathers stuck in the band.
As of August 2019, this outfit has since been ruined. Only her hat remains.

She now wears an outfit of a light brown, mid length, tatter-edged fabric and leather reinforced skirt that hugs her curves and a dark brown leather corset top with laces in the front. Beneath the corset is a low neck-lined white mid-length sleeve fabric tunic.

She is armed with a bone long knife at all times and often has a flask of booze somewhere on her person.

Adaptable, fiery, distrusting, solitary, witty, temperamental, passionate, naive, alert, adventurous, dutiful, thrill-seeking, innovative, aloof, persuasive, flirtatious, sarcastic, reliable, playful, casual, moody, self-doubting, secretive, stubborn, rough-edged, hedonistic, impulsive, insecure, misguided, outgoing, competitive, self-sufficient, loud, curious, dedicated.

Very dutiful, loves to throw herself into her work. Can't help but come to the aid of a friend, but it can be hard to make such close connections. Will participate in flings of casual nature to try to forget the pain in her heart. Has tendencies to do dangerous things for the adrenaline rush. Is a little "off" in the head. Not particularly religious, but mildly spiritual. Has a fascination with fire and knives. Will never say no to a drink or a drug, especially Whiskey/Marijuana/Tobacco. Absolutely adores horses. Knows quite a bit of low speech, fluent particularly in horse, practiced in bird and cat. Is practicing the art of belly dancing (think moves like Shakira), self taught.

by Nat
Mother: Raksha Mercedes
Father: Nas'Agave Mercedes
Sister: Kajia Mercedes
Ex-Lover: Azar
NPC Companion: Cinder (Mare)
Born in a pack in mid-Nevada. Grew up around horses, hunters, traders, and artisans. Found love with a childhood friend at a year and a half of age, but after months of courting, Zsorthia's heart was betrayed. She caught her lover with another woman. Heartbroken she went on a rampage, stole his horse, set fire to her now ex-lovers home, and tried to kill his mistress before fleeing into the night to set off on her own in search of somewhere to soothe her broken heart. She travelled alone across the lands. Now having made her way to 'Souls, she's doing her best to steel herself against the world but seeking a place to belong again.

by Miranda
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