Orion Knight

First Cadet

Casa di Cavalieri
First Cadet
90.625% Wolf, 9.375% Dog [26.25%Mackenzie Valley Wolf 21.25% Alaskan Tundra Wolf 13.125% Eastern Timber Wolf 12.5% Russian Wolf 11.25% Arctic Wolf 6.25% Italian Wolf 6.25% Rough Collie 3.125% Irish Setter]
Date of Birth:
18th November 2018
Lupus: 42 in 165 lbs
Secui: 48 in 210 lbs
Optime: 7ft 4in 295 lbs

Orion is a tall and stoic male, coming from two lines of giant wolves, the male is no exception to the rule. Standing at a towering height, the wolf is in possession of a long and well built frame, large paws and hands adorn the ends of long and straight limbs. His hands are sturdy from use, but his fingers are long and elegant, although they're riddled with small scars that speak of use and practice, it's apparent that Orion wasn't blessed with talent, but honed his interests through hard work, trial, and error. When in Optime form, a long tumble of dust grey locks hang from the wolf's head and down his back, and a scruff of fur of the same color shows on the tip of his dark chin. The fur of the wolf is primarily a dark brown, nearly black color, though parts of him are dull gold or dust in color. The wolf's right ear is torn almost half way through on it's outer edge mid way up due to a puphood accident. Orion spends much of his time in Lupus form, finding the fast four legged form to be the most convenient for him and what he enjoys doing, and when he is on two legs, the wolf is seldom clothed and can't be bothered to fix his hair most of the time. His eyes are a vivid green standing out in contrast to the male's dark face, and with his heterochromia, both eyes possess flecks of golden yellow.
When one thinks of the strong silent type, Orion at first glance would seem to fit the description perfectly. He stands tall and meets people's gaze, not in a manner of issuing challenges of authority, but in a way that shows confidence and that he is devoid of fear or shame most of the time. The male seems stoic in nature, and he doesn't talk much, especially around people he doesn't know very well, nor does he smile or express much in the way of emotions. This, however, doesn't mean that Orion doesn't feel emotions; he has them just as strongly as any other Luperci, but the wolf isn't good at emoting or showing vulnerability. Typically calm and level headed in most scenarios, even to the point of appearing aloof to others, a surefire way to get Orion to act out would be to threaten someone he cares about, as the male is fiercely protective by nature. He is loyal to a fault, and one might be able to say that Orion is simple minded, however, this doesn't imply that he is unintelligent. Instead, it could be said that things like deceit and pretense hold no value to the wolf, and when he speaks, he's honest and forthcoming, however little he might actually do so. Orion prefers natural things, running on all fours, being in the woods, hunting, and he avoids clothing and grooming for the sake of appearances for the most part unless someone in his family insists that he do so on special occasions. When it comes to things like rivalries, the only people who are able to get under Orion's skin at this point in his life are his oldest sister and his father. Orion is something of a pacifist, choosing to wield only a staff as his weapon of choice when weapons training was forced upon him, not preferring the idea of using a blade on a fellow canine, however, if someone hurts one of Orion's loved ones, he has no qualms with getting back at them.

Grandparents: Luca Knight, Lyris Stryder, Darkness Hushhowl, Hartt Attaya

Parents: Remus Knight, Night Hushhowl

Siblings: Starlight Hushhowl, Nova Hushhowl, Celeste Knight, Aster Knight
Orion was born in November of 2018 in Casa di Cavalieri, when he had his mentorship ceremony, having his grandfather, Darkness Hushhowl, was chosen as the boy's mentor. The man taught Orion many things, some of which include tying a net, fishing, fighting, and the Russian language. In his learnings, Orion ripped his ear, obtaining his first scar, and whenever he was asked how it happened he would tell a different story, but never the truth in that one regard. The male lost both of his grandfathers early on in his life, which hit him hard, causing the male to go from a more curious and outgoing child to an adult who preferred to seek solitude at times and found it hard to open up to others. Life with family was peaceful for Orion for the most part, however, his relationship between his siblings and himself became even more estranged after the Casa Olympics of 2021 due to his oldest sister's pregnancy and his younger sister moving out. His relationship with his father had always been estranged due to his father disapproving of Darkness' influence on the boy as well as disapproving of his choices and who he was growing into. At this point in his adult life, Orion has become somewhat estranged from his family and is expanding his horizons with more frequent and longer trips outside, however, he still cares deeply for and will never lose his appreciation for where he came from.
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