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Golden Jackal
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20th April 2017
Anton is a golden jackal of below average height. From the ground to the top of his shoulder, he is 17 inches tall. His body is notable for its smaller size, especially when compared to larger species. His muzzle narrow, legs spindly, and paws petite, give an almost pitiful look. This is only exacerbated by his crooked tail, permanently broken and mangled. Broken in two places, it quirks down and up again like a kinked up hose.

Overall, his pelt is a golden yellow. Underneath his somewhat darker markings, his hairs glow like golden thread in the light. He can be a bit painful to look at when exiting a dark den and the lighting is right. The fur appears to be better suited to reflect light than usual, and as such, has been likened to an annoyingly blinding mirror. His eyes contrast this by being a dark brown, as deep as the waters beneath.

It is more common for jackals to have wiry fur, but Anton's has an almost silky feel. In addition, while it is still short, it has a slight curl to it, which is carried over to his mane in his Optime form. His mane is blond, its texture between wavy and curly. It can be unruly and often falls into his face, so he gathers it into a ponytail with a golden bead. In the same shade is a sort of goatee or tuft on his chin. It is less soft than his mane, as it is shorter and more worn.
At first glance, Anton may come off as always being exhausted. He is sluggish, and his words delayed and slurred. This is not because he is always tired, however. In fact, his stamina is higher than most. He is just languid in movement due to how cautious and patient he is. He takes his time with everything, often to an annoying extent, just to think through his actions. He’s careful about the way he interacts with people, since he rarely had the chance at proper social interaction in the past.

This has lead to him having very little energy for social interaction, meaning he requires plenty of recharge time after most encounters. He has ended up with only a few friends, each of which he values dearly. He tends to be possessive of them, and may grow jealous if he perceives others getting in the way of quality time. For the most part, he is affectionate. Not by touch, but by word and action. He is very generous, and takes every chance he can to give material gifts.
This can be taken advantage of, as Anton’s past experiences has made him submissive where he once would have stood his ground.
Silent Dragon - Mentor
Gunner Wilds - Friend
Syncit - Former Pack

Lev Prizmov - Ex boyfriend
On April 20th, 2017, Anton was born as an only pup to his single mother. This was no issue, as his mother was quite capable and skilled, known for her status as a master alchemist. She had high expectations for him, and so trained him in the ways of alchemy, turning him into a diligent student and worker.
This did not last long. Soon enough, his mother was killed by a group of mercenaries. He narrowly managed to escape with his life, but not undetected. He was what they were truly sent to look for.

Anton ran as far as his small paws could take him, with no time to process his grief. He came far, but everyone has their limits, so he ended up collapsed at the edge of a bustling town. As he curled in on himself protectively, he was found and given shelter by an individual named the Silent Dragon. So when he came to, he was greeted by the one of few words, and another individual of many explicit words. He learned that this one's name was Gunner Wilds, and that they were to work together to earn their keep. It was confusing at first, but as things settled, they became accustomed to each other's presences. You could even argue that they were close, but Gunner was not one to admit it. Instead, he only said "Keep fucking fighting".

Once again, though, they caught up with Anton. The capture was a blur... In fact, he couldn't remember anything before it. All he knew now was Syncit, the pack he had been indoctrinated into. His role was easy... As the sole alchemist, he was to create the expensive substance that they exported for massive product. He was always a diligent and hard worker, especially when motivate by this frequently handed out punishment.
Eventually, he began to regain threads of memories. He remembered what it was like to be free, to be his own individual... And he remembered what someone had always said to him. "Keep fucking fighting."
Freedom at last.
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