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Great Dane Mix
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15th May 2017
Luperci Ortus
Nyx is a mix of many things, but what really shows is her great dane heritage. Thus, the female looks exactly like a great dane in appearance, despite her being more than just that.

In her lupus form she of course is quite large and tall, with a regal appearance that holds dignity and strength. Nyx possesses long and strong legs which move with power and smoothness in every movement she makes. Nyx also has a long and slim tail. Her ears naturally droop down on her head. Nyx's drooping muzzle hints her to be the breed she most resembles. She has a well formed smoothly muscled body.

In her Secui form she simply looks like a larger version of this, but with retractable claws.

The hues that Nyx sports perfectly compliment each other. Her body is the color of light brown, which is accented with a light white-ish cream color. Her muzzle and part of her face is covered in a simple black. The dog's nose is black too. Nyx's ears have hints of black as well. Her eyes are a just simple dark brown.

In her optime form, Nyx is one to catch a man's eye, like a siren. The dog woman is very attractive, and very beautiful. Her legs are long, strong, and they hold complete elegance, which suits her as the lady she is. Not only that, but Nyx possesses smooth curves as well. Her hair holds two different tones, light brown and black. Nyx's hair is very long and reaches almost past her back. The woman will style it in different ways as she pleases. Nyx also loves to wear clothes, and adorn herself in jewelry.
As a luperci ortus, she obviously has and prefers a humanized stance when in her optime form.

Nyx holds a proper British accent which is completely noticeable when she speaks.
Nyx carries herself with complete elegance and pride as a the woman she is. For her, appearance and one's imagery is important. So she keeps away from disgrace and embarrassment. Nyx will always keep well kept and flawless as possible. She loves clothes and jewelry, and will adorn herself with these things. She also loves to style her hair.
Public opinion is important, thus the need to perfect one's behavior in public is important. Again, imagery is important to Nyx, as is staying away from disgrace and embarrassment.
Nyx also holds class in her being as a female.

Nyx strives for rank, and to make a name for herself as a high ranking woman. This dog woman is a very dominant canine. She knows her place, but she isn't afraid to put other lower ranking canines in their place either. She is no stranger to dominance. She is dominant, but is no stranger to submission either.

Not only does Nyx value rank, she also values wealth. Wealth is a important part of one's life in her eyes.

The dog woman holds both great mental strength, and physical strength. This also makes her very resilient.

Nyx is a completely loyal canine, and to her loyalty actually means something. She will stand by those who she has pledged her loyalty to, till death, with her blood. Traitors deserve nothing but her scorn and contempt, and she will gladly give it.
Nyx will also give great dedication to those who she is loyal to.

Nyx also values hard work and despises laziness. For her, hard work will get you where you want to be, and distinguish you from the rest.

The dog woman has a great sense of honor, and will gladly display it. She will hold herself with high esteem, for she also has her dignity.

Nyx is highly intelligent, and she learns quickly. She will use this to her advantage.

She is a kindly approachable canine to meet, and she is very respectful. She is not welcome to those who wish to do wrong, especially to her pack.

Nyx loves to explore. She enjoys nature and its scenery.

Nyx is well known for masking her true emotions. It's a skill she thinks is useful.
Besides this, Nyx has many other talents. Firstly, the dog woman is a master at hunting. She loves to hunt and finds it to be one of her true passions. Another talent of hers is archery. Nyx is quite good at it, but still works to perfect it. She knows how to tailor clothes to make it suit her style, as well as make jewelry. Lastly, she has a beautiful singing voice.
She also learned how to read and write, and loves to write in her free time. She is also a novice at drawing.
Nyx was born into a pack in North America to two parents who were high ranking in the hierarchy. She was supposed to have two siblings alongside her. Unfortunately, they were stillborn with Nyx being the only surviving pup. So it would be safe to say that Nyx was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, not having to compete with two other pups. As a young pup she has been showered with gifts and praise due to her parents' position in the pack. Or perhaps because she was the only surviving pup. Shortly after she turned six months of age, she shifted for the first time. That was when her training into becoming a true pack member and woman began.

Nyx's mother taught her how to read and write as well as training her in the basics of archery. Her father on the other hand, taught her how to hunt properly. She started to show great promise in these skills. As each day passed her promise grew stronger and stronger. As she got a bit older she was able to go on hunting trips on her own, and do more on her own.

Nyx started to get a personal lesson in politics due to a quarrel her pack had with another over border disputes. Often, she would spy on the meetings between her leader and the leader of the enemy pack. This was a lesson that would help shape Nyx into the adult she was supposed to be. Standings with other packs, was something that she needed to understand, and quick.

With lessons learned and her skills greatly improved, Nyx was now a young, almost grown adult. She had always wondered what was beyond her pack's borders. After her lesson in politics, her curiosity on new things greatly increased. She started to become more independent.

When Nyx became a grown adult, she was offered a place as a hunter within the pack. But Nyx politely refused. She wanted to become something more and build something for herself outside of her birth pack. Her parents and pack leader completely understood her decision. With that, Nyx left with some of her belongings to start a life of her own.
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