Phoenix Whitesage

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Coyote-Dominant Hybrid
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10th June 2014
Though he's a pretty even split of wolf, dog, and coyote, his coyote genes shine through the most: he's got big ears, lanky limbs, and the signature bottleneck tail that all point towards being a dirty 'yote. His fur is thick and coarse and an array of browns, ranging from dark cocoa, to coffee, to cream. His eyes are a vivid apple green, and only when one is close can they see that there appears to be a lighter ring of green around his pupil.

Almost always found in his optime form, Nick likes to wear an old pair of 'blue jeans' that he dug up somewhere, and they are absolutely riddled with holes and caked in dirt. Tall, lean, and handsome, Phoenix definitely isn't lacking in the looks department — if hot cowboy is your thing, anyway.
Confident, suave, smooth — Phoenix is the full package. Half gentleman, half adventurer, all cowboy.

A slick talker, Nick has learned how to maneuver himself in most social situations to get what he wants; though that isn't to say he is especially manipulative or conniving. At his core, he's a rather simple fellow and doesn't get caught up in the rat race. In his younger days, he was much more carefree, a drifter that saw no quarrel with bedding women (and, occasionally, men) as he went about his travels, drinking his nights away without a care in the world — but after his stint in Mistfell Vale, the partying lifestyle no longer appealed to him.

Despite his flirtatious attitude, he is deathly afraid of commitment, if his relationship with the pretty Lyssa Fontaine of Del Cenere is any indication; better yet, his slew of bastards, including Wichita and Tallahassee, might be a more poignant example. Since then, however, Nick has settled down with a childhood friend, June, and started a family with her, figuring that, as he's getting older, he needs more stability in his life.

Regarding his first litter, Nick is simultaneously pining to have meaningful connections with them as he abandoned them in puphood — and deathly afraid of what they think of him because of this. He wants to make amends but doesn't know how. It's a bitch to navigate.
Mother: Kayenta
Father: Eloy
Sisters: Sedona Whitesage, Safford Whitesage
Brother: Tucson Whitesage

Mate: June
- First Litter (with Annabelle Long): Wichita, Tallahassee, Denver, Sioux, Reno, Cheyenne
- Second Litter (with June): Bisbee, Page, Winslow, Nogales
Phoenix Whitesage is a former member of Mistfell Vale and is currently off-board with his family.

He traveled from red-rock Arizona to find his sister, Sedona, and eventually came to settle in Mistfell Vale, working in the stables where he thrived for the better part of a year. However, the pack eventually came to disband in 2020, and paired with the fact that his sister never came home after scouting, Nick decided to walk away from 'Souls and return home to his family. Doubly crushed by the loss of his beloved sister and the fresh heartbreak (that he admittedly caused himself) with Lyssa Fontaine, it seemed like no better time to return to the frontier he knew best.

Soon after returning home, Nick hopped from bed to bed to keep himself company while transitioning back to his family's farm — this resulted in an accidental litter with an escort, Annabelle Long, resulting in six bastards, including Wichita Long. While he didn't completely abandon his first kids, Phoenix's visits to them became more and more infrequent, and many of his children grew bitter about his lack of involvement.

On the home front, things were tiding over a bit better: Phoenix settled down with long-time friend and eventual mate, June, and together, they started a family, one that Nick was more comfortable calling his own and giving his surname to. With June, he has three daughters (Bisbee Whitesage, Page Whitesage, Winslow Whitesage) and a son (Nogales Whitesage) that he can start fresh with. Carrying on the Whitesage tradition, he teaches them animal husbandry and how to care for horses, and eventually, they get the familiar itch to travel east into Nova Scotia.
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