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1st November 2017
Luperci Ortus
With a base coat of simple grey, it is no wonder Sidonie Huntington likes dyeing parts of her body. She boasts a very plain look otherwise; something the woman easily rejects. Wishing to both standout and fade away, her look is very basic compared to more colorful dye jobs. She can easily slip into the shadows if she so desires. With charcoals and ash, her face is a mixture of both. More prominent is the stark white ‘skull-face’ and dark chin. Her ears are black as well and longer than a wolf’s as per her species. Sidonie’s nose is a dull peach pink. Her goal is to shock others and she does it well, appearances aside. Her legs and arms are dipped in charcoal as well, with a streak of stripes across her flank. Though these are not natural at all; they are also dyed.

From her lofty expression to her monotone hues, she is a bit of an oddity. Almost foreign. Though she hails from New Orleans and has a slight Cajun accent, her voice is usually devoid of emotion. She is not tall nor is she short. She is a healthy medium of the two at 60 cm. Sidonie boasts a favorable figure that shows her womanly nature, weighing in around 20 kg. In her werewolf form, she has long black hair often put in dreadlocks. Perhaps the only thing she likes to do appearance wise is styling her hair in different looks. Not a very vain woman, Sidonie takes as little time with her features as possible without appearing too messy. To sum up her eyes, they are a dull yellow and often hooded with thought or... just boredom. She can be described as holding herself with self-respect; she is rarely outwardly submissive. Though this will get her in trouble from time to time.
Sidonie could call herself a woman of opportunity and that isn’t far from the truth. The reality of it though, is she is in it for her own gain as much as just to see what happens next. Displaying a natural curiosity of the world around her, she is eager to learn and expand her intelligence. She takes pride in her learned mind to the point of it bruising her ego if she doesn’t know certain things. Relentlessly pursuing knowledge, the woman doesn’t care what rules she must break to get what she wants. Though there is a certain degree of caution when dealing with new subjects as well as other beings. She displays a bored drawl, monotone voice quiet and in control, when addressing others. It is hard to know if she is interested in a subject aside from her yellow eyes bulging from time to time.

Being uninterested in the material value of things, she owns little possessions. A vagabond at heart, Sidonie will wander away from time to time only to surface when she wants to be seen. However, she displays a charismatic side when trading or interacting with others. She can almost easily charm another into doing things her way, though will never show how upset she is when things don’t. using her womanly charms is probably where she stops and draws a line; she has no interest in intimacy unless it is fought for by the other person involved. Most, she naturally assumes, do not bother with her much outside of casual interactions. And she is fine with this. She does not need another person or people to make her happy and content. She is independent and proud. Whether this’ll change or not is beyond even her.
Mother - Coyote, Alive
Father - Coyote, Unknown
Sidonie Huntington was born two years ago, and that’s basically what she wants you to know. Past is a pretty thing, looking at it from a glass mirror and never hands on. Or so she believes. She does not place much stock in her history, instead choosing to break free of its restraints to move on. Coming from humble beginnings, her mother raised her single-handed. She was an herbalist, teaching young Sidonie from an early age to brew medicines and make bandages. Though she heard stories of her father, he was mostly out of the picture by the time she was able to speak. Due to his absence, the girl had a negative view of men from the start. Her mother tried to remedy that – she never saw his absence as a negative – but young Sidonie did not care to forgive him. Naturally suspicious of any males in her life, she is critical and expects them to be a certain way before she can accept them into her life. That even lasted until she was the age she is now. Sidonie always felt her mother was strong, far stronger than the man who helped bring her into this world only to abandon them both.

Proud loners, they did not join a pack or even have a family to count on. Instead, the woman and her child profited from selling their wares to nearby communities for survival. They lived on the outskirts in what is New Orleans with the largest coyote packs getting smaller do to other species encroaching. Naturally wary around the wolves coming closer and closer to coyote territory, Sidonie’s mother taught her to be wary around them. Though technically, they were wary around anyone they didn’t know. Strangers would often come to their home, seeking medical supplies and even food for a long journey. Sidonie was exposed to many different people during her childhood and not all of it was bad. A few times they’d get rowdy or demanding, but her mother dealt with them.

From an early age, Sidonie was one to expand her knowledge. It helped that her mother taught her all she knew. She soaked in whatever she could from what others taught her. Reading was a hobby; one she took seriously. She became obsessed with learning all she could and her morals in how she learned became grayer. Experimenting on others, for instance, was not beneath her. She’d often find animals to feed medicine or even poisons to and marvel at the result it caused. She’d try to write down everything, documenting not her life but the reactions involved. The more she involved herself, the less interested she became with communicating herself to others. She felt it was a ‘waste’ of her brain. When the opportunity arose to fall in with a band of wanderers as their personal herbalist, Sidonie jumped at the chance to go beyond what she knew to be her life so far.

Parting wasn’t as sorrowful to her mother and her; they ended on decent terms with the older woman accepting that her child needed to go see the world.

Traveling north, the band was met with little hostility. She found it was quite dull and would spend some days attempting to stir up trouble. She was like a child that needed to be entertained. Subtly, for she would never get caught. Her ego demanded that. From bickering about who said what to gossip and even brawls, Sidonie was at the center of them all. Though she could always argue her innocence in some way, sometimes threatens went beyond simple words. Though if asked about it, Sidonie would claim it was all “very boring” to travel and that the members of her group were “even duller”. Eventually, they came to this land. The adjustment was swift and almost effortless. Departing from the band to start her life anew, the young coyote now resides here. Time will tell if she joins a pack but for now, she is quite content as a loner.
Toronto, Canada
18 June 1990 (30 years old)
an average Canadian going in for Administrative Assistance at college come September. 29 Years Old, Female and friendly enough!
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