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5th January 2017
Luperci Ortus

Unmistakably landrace dog, comprised almost wholly of sighthound breeds, Salka is lanky, diminutive, and graceful with long limbs, a deep chest, narrow waist, and a long, arching neck. Her face is gaunt with deep-set eyes the color of sea glass and a mottled liver and pink nose. Her pierced ears are tall, and prone to blushing either from the cold, or embarrassment, which is distinctly visible through her thin, short fur. Her hair falls in long, loose, fiery waves past her shoulders and is partially restrained from her face by use of decorated braids. Her coat is a coppery red merle broken up by large, white piebald spots, and naturally thins, particularly in high range of motion areas, like her armpits or inner legs. As such, she tends to prefer wearing clothing to prevent chafing, and to keep adequately warm. Notably vain, Salka does not shy from shows of material wealth or accessories she feels compliment or accentuate her features, and regularly seeks approval on her outward appearance from others in subtle ways.

She has a spiderweb of scars wrapping one of her hands which she visibly favors while it’s in use and doesn’t have a full range of motion, lending to weak grip strength.

Salka seems to have trouble or experience discomfort whilst shifting forms, and as such, rarely strays from Optime.

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dogmatic • adaptable • articulate • assiduous

Aloof, winsome, and chameleon-like; Salka was forged by a crucible of blending amidst the crowd – she learned quick how to lower expectations of herself, and to cut ties quickly which has led to an adulthood of staunch independence and a bullheaded outlook regarding her opinionated takes. She hates to be wrong and will blindly disregard her own fallacies and shortcomings.

As such, she is unfortunately, quite shallow. Its difficult to get close to Salka, quick and dismissive and fickle as she is, and her habit of defaulting to wry, pointed “humor” to cover her wounded pride certainly does not help. Stand-offish as she may behave, she distantly attaches herself onto others and has a horrendously jealous streak. Bitter deflection is a defense mechanism that is a regular part of her repertoire. Spirited and willful, her conduct is nothing short of confident and established, often to a fault. Whilst not intentionally rude, she may come across as blunt.

Aside from this, however, Salka can be innately charming, and while not the most approachable individual, keeps her conversationalist habits light-hearted and personable as possible, and rarely takes situations seriously. She enjoys making others laugh, and being boisterously social on her own terms.

Try as she might to assimilate, Salka can never be rid of her Icelandic accent – and while she does speak English quite fluently, she may be prone to tripping up pronunciation or losing words if flustered.

Immediate Family
Family: Huxley
Mother: Friga Huxley
Father: Flóki
  • Sigríður Huxley

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Salka comes from humble beginnings - conceived to a grifter named Flóki and religious missionary Friga Huxley after a one-night stand turned deeply tangled sordid affair, Salka and her sister were technically born en route to Reykjavik as the couple fled to start a new life away from prying and disapproving eyes. Stability was not something well-known in the fledgling household as the family bounced around Iceland to scratch out their living, until, at five months old, the litter was pawned off in Reykjavik to a troupe of musicians and acrobats. While amicable enough, the group could not maintain the additional mouths - Salka was traded hands yet again to a separate band - more specifically, the Warren's "Marm", an aging eunuch, to join his flock of wayward children turned cut-purses. The rest of her adolescence had been spent learning at the hands of other young Warren members and training in the fine art of thievery and speech craft, and took to it much as a fish would take to water.

Salka developed a pride for her craft, and helped to engineer a secret language of thieves' cant symbols for the other Warren members to follow and pass on her knowledge to the newer generations brought in by The Marm.

Orchestrating a grand scheme against a merchant and his small band, Salka spearheaded an effort to gain the trust for a long-haul con against the interloping foreigners in the streets of Reykjavik. Befriending the merchant leader, she discovered his "noble" origins, and stayed with the group for a time whilst feeding information to the Warren - things went south when a duo of younger Warren members tagged along, uninvited, to the operation. Consequently, the noble merchant broke Salka's hand as recompense. Crippled for the time, the Warren only maintained the thief, now seen as a liability, until she could passably use her hand again and sent her on her way. Homeless once again, Salka set out for greener pastures and sailed to Portland, and drifted northward to join up with a band of refugees that later founded New Caledonia.
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