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British Columbian coastal wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis)
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8th October 2019
Luperci Ortus
The first noticeable feature of Fera is her lanky frame; long, thin limbs propping up her dark, arrowed body. She is small --not necessarily short-- but rather, gauntly; lean. Fera's angular build may remind someone else, at a fleeting glance, of a black fox. However, if that momentary glance could pay regard to the face, it'd be drawn into the eyes: deep amber-orange framed intensely by a forever-wild gaze -- then captured by the fullness of Fera's cheeks and the starkness of her mask. The face, in contrast to the rest of the young wolf's body, is rounded; almost pup-like. It's captivatingly youthful, like that of cherub, and remains with the viewer distinctly; not as a handsome face but as something odd (in comparison to rest of her framework), and unconventionally beautiful.

Fera carries herself with the semblance of a relaxed body, moving swiftly and smoothing. However, any notion of unfamiliarity or danger --even if it be a bird rustling over head-- Fera's body snaps into alertness. She will often freeze, like a startled deer; head pulled back, ears pushed forward and swiveling, and eyes wide and detecting. She becomes a loaded spring, coiled tensely and swelling with energy. Then she takes off a mere moment later, usually without warning, in the opposite direction.

Fera's fur, in congruity with her sinewy physique, clings to her body in a short and dense manner. It is fairly dark, spread in a black seal pattern, with the legs, underside, and face tinted a visibly near-black brown, while the rest of her form is hued a deep, earthy tone. Flecks of pale, terracotta highlight the mid-section of her back and speckle her outer thighs. True to her oceanic genes, Fera's pelt seems wiry, perhaps oily --like that of a bear, perfect for the cold waters of the sea. Even in the winter months, it never thickens beyond the bare minimum to repel the cold. The nape of her neck and the underside of her tail are the only places that sport longer fur. They appear feathered and unkept --and even in Fera's optime form, she never bothers to keep it kept. In her eyes, maintaining appearance is an odd thing for a wolf to do and she has never attempted to do so; her mane has never been shorn and she refuses the notion of clothes..."too odd", she would say. Her voice light, and lilted; accented by her native language and slurred by confusion of new English words. But her face says more than her voice, her expressions persistently feral-like and reflecting every inner emotion: a face that cannot lie.
Though young as she is, Fera became an adept fisher at even earlier age. Time spent on the coast enhanced her knowledge of the seas; time spent hunting salmon in the river and seals on the shore made her a master of the art. She can swim for miles, like many coastal wolves, but over the months of traveling from one small island to the next, Fera uniquely gained the ability to navigate. She developed a strong sense of direction based on the surrounding environment. The rivers and creeks always pooling from somewhere, the trees that always seem to face the South a little more than the North...and where to find marine life in the cold, seemingly lifeless ocean. She understands the waters more so than the land. To her, the terrain is limiting. Unlike the water, she is trapped at one depth. For this reason, Fera lacks the ability to hunt well on land, she is agile and quick, but has never before hunted such game as elk and large deer. Instead, Fera feeds opportunistically on anything she can catch, tending to prefer easier targets: rodents, birds, and --of course-- fish.

Despite her ability to shift, Fera often refuses to do so, even in times where it would be beneficial. Her family had viewed it, unknowingly, as a curse, and therefore, by tradition, she believes it to be so. The same goes for any aspect of being Luperci, or even somewhat human-like. Anything from clothes, to structures, to maintaining appearance is not well understood by Fera.

This is because Fera was born into world near-untouched by the mainland; she was raised by old traditions that existed for decades amongst her pack and relatives --and never once sought anything she didn't already know. Her caution of the unknown was not hers alone: Fera's entire family attributed their survival to the maintenance of sameness. This caution guided their decisions, and continues to guide Fera. Fera is outwardly wary of everything new and expresses her distrust more than anything else. She often acts on instinct alone and rarely attempts to learn new things that appear uncomfortable --and anything uncomfortable is never trusted again.

Her qualms about the unknown may be mistaken for anxiety, but in actuality, she fears no more than the average canine. It is her expressiveness that confuses others into believing that Fera possesses some lesser emotional understanding. Many have called her "savage"; many more have called her "feral". Her openness appears childish, and occasionally blunt. As well, it is her remote upbringing and foreign attitudes that lead many to believe her "dumb" --and the language barrier can't convince them otherwise.

Yet despite setbacks in terms of perception and prudence, Fera is an extremely driven individual. At times, anchored to any set task or idea. Never once wavering, unless of course, she changes her mind.

Fera has a self-sustaining attitude where her and her loved ones' survival is always first priority. Now out and alone on the mainland, this loyalty appears self-centered but the root of this motivation is far from it.
MOTHER: Satu' (living)
FATHER: De'kalsa (living)
SIBLINGS: the "red one" (brother; living), the "tall dark boy" (brother; living)
GRANDPARENTS: Gahsa (paternal grandmother; living).
OTHER: Det'ełuwe (maternal great aunt; living)
FRIENDS: none outside of birth pack/family
Fera was born without a name (as per tradition) along with two brothers. Instead of names the pups were called as they looked; Fera noted as the "small, dark girl".

Outside of the various, fanciful stories Fera was told growing up, life was practical. Survival of the pack was the most important thing, second only to the spirits that ruled supreme, and followed by familial bonds.

It wasn't until Fera was around 6 months old that she first discovered she could shift. This ability terrified her and her pack as no one in her family had ever before heard of or seen such a thing. It was decided to be a curse placed upon Fera by a wrathful spirit, and she was sentenced on a journey to find a "cure".

But upon leaving her familiar world, Fera became overwhelmed by newness --of the vast, terrestrial environments, foreign fauna, the entire existence of mankind...and of course, the Luperci.

Fera traveled for nearly 2 months until she learned that the ability to shift was a state of being rather than a curse. She knew her pack would never let her return. So Fera decided to find a new ocean, a new coast to live out her days --and she began her journey to the Eastern shore.

Soon enough, the small, dark girl came upon a group of three wolves. But to her biggest surprise, they walked on their hindlegs, like the girl had when she changed. Immediately she approached them, excited to have found a clue. But before she could speak, the shorter grey female looked down and said something she couldn't understand. The girl sat and cocked her head. The grey wolf repeated herself. But the girl still didn't understand. The larger male next to her laughed and repeated the same thing (was is it "el" or "lo"?). The other wolf, a black male, chortled, turning to his friend and said something. To the girl it sounded like "u ferasom". Which didn't make any sense. She repeated after him in a questioned tone, "U ferasom?" The three laughed amongst themselves as the girl sat dumfounded. They gestured to themselves with chuckles, each of them saying "fera!" as if it were a grand joke (not understanding that the girl did not speak English and the words "You feral, or something?" held no meaning to her). The female then motioned to the girl, snickering as she spoke "fera!" The girl looked at her again, perplexed, and repeated after her "Fera?" The group nodded in unamious amusement "Fera!" they said. The girl decided to leave; she thought she may never get an answer from these wolves. They were too busy laughing at soemthing she didn't understand...But despite it she learned something: That they call her Fera. She supposed, that in this new world, this is how wolves were named.
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