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25th June 2018
Luperci Ortus
Alena is 5ft 7in tall with a reasonably curvy frame. Though not as tall or muscled as most, her bright green eyes still shine with the fiery spirit she's always had. The majority of her luscious and silky fr is a beautiful tan color, giving way to a lovely cream underbelly. Her hands and feet are a dark charcoal color, contrasting beautifully against her light sandy fur. A patch of reddish-brown runs from the back of her head down to its end at the small of her back. Her most striking feature beyond the bright color of her eyes would be her extremely short tail. This little nub of a tail was created in her encounter with the brute Shaamah.

Though this wasn't the only thing, he had taken from the sandy woman. In addition to her missing tail, he had sliced off a large chunk of her left ear and had left a very noticeable bite mark on her left shoulder. Though Shaamah hadn't completely amputated her tail, Greed Lykoi and his friend Banshee had come upon the broken and bloody girl, deciding it was better to amputate the tail than to leave it how it was. Alena's wounds healed, but the internal damage the large man had made wouldn't be healed for a long time afterward. Alena's reddish-brown hair is another story. For a long time, she had never bothered to maintain herself beyond bathing. After meeting Aenan and his family back in Marquette, she had decided things needed to change. Not wanting to seem like a wildling, she began to maintain her hair, combing and washing it to make herself presentable at the very least. The once tangled mess of hair is now beautiful and silky, just like her fur.
Alena was raised to be a kind and gentle person, though much has changed in her few short years after her parent's tragic death. Her parent's sheltered her, hindering her from learning the life skills vital for her survival after their passing. For the first time in her life, she had the freedom she had always wanted but had lost so much to gain what meager things she had always wanted. Lost, alone, and afraid, she was found by Torabera and his kindness in taking her under his wing. She was thirsty for knowledge and adventure, to learn all the things she should have at a young age. The thirst for adventure and exploration is what changed her life forever. After an encounter with Shaamah, leaving her bloody and broken, she was no longer the naive, trusting, and openly kind girl she once was.

Alena had spent time with a group known as The Order, healing and recuperating from her wounds, and in this time, she had grown angry, not only with herself but with her attacker. The fear and anger that filled her ruled her day-to-day life until she met Aenan Pyr. Aenan would turn her world upside down, giving her a reason to put aside her anger, fear, and hunger for vengeance and make room for love, happiness, and a future. Alena learned to love not only herself but Aenan as well in the time they spent together.

The flames that once fed her anger only remained as hot coals waiting to be reignited. Aenan and her two children give her a reason to live, to fight, and above all, a reason to continue. She regards her family as the most precious treasure anyone could ever have. Though fears of being an unfit mother still plague her mind as she remembers how her parents left her without the knowledge she needed. Alena is determined to ensure her family's safety, but above all, she is happy to know she is preparing them for life and all the problems that may lay ahead.
Mate: Aenan Pyr
Mother: Sambira Alrik
Father: Carthel La'Rue
Daughter: Susan Pyr
Son: Jacques Pyr
Adoptive Son: Shiras Pyr
Adoptive Son: Marqus Pyr
Adoptive Daughter: Viviane Pyr
Adoptive Daughter: Rebecca Pyr
Jacques Pyr
After the loss of her family and (supposed loss of her best friend) Alec in a horrible flash flood, Alena was left on her own with the bare minimum knowledge to survive. She had spent days walking aimlessly until her feet were so sore they could no longer carry her. This is where she met Toraberā Tanaka who offered to take the poor orphan girl in and give her the life experiences her parents had denied her. On one of her walks away from her new home, she came across a brute named Shaamah which changed her life forever. Without any self-defense knowledge, she was left badly broken. In a daze after her encounter with the brute, she found Greed Lykoi and a place called The Order. They took her in, cut off the broken part of her tail, and gave her time to heal.

After some time, Alena left The Order and returned home to Toraberā Tanaka and The Petite Cour, but this was not to last. The painful memories wouldn't leave her, and on another of her explorations she came across an older man named Aenan Pyr and this is where her story and life truly begins. Alena moved in with Aenan, and they quickly fell in love. Together they built a home, but due to Aenan's advancing age, he convinced her to leave the home they built to join the nearby pack Mistfell Vale. Their stay was not long, however, as the two left for Aenan's birthpack with a promise to return. During the journey to Marquette, Alena ended up becoming pregnant. The pups were born and raised in Marquette with Aenan's parents assisting them.

In their stay in Marquette, Mistfell Vale disbanded. They had planned to return, but were informed by Falcon on their way back, that the pack was no longer a thing. A decision was made that they would return to the shelter the couple had built together and turn it into a family home.

Sadly on the journey home, Jacques Pyr, Alena's first son, received an injury of which hindered his mobility greatly. He needed to remain in place for it to heal properly. Alena stayed behind with her children as Aenan and his son from a previous coupling traveled onward towards home.
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