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Discord Handle: wilco123nl#2479
75% Grey Wolf, 25% Husky
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2nd July 2018
Luperci Ortus
Alec is a medium-sized but very underweight grey wolf with some husky blood standing at 32 inches tall but weighing only 68 lbs in his lupus form. His coat is a very pale cream colour fading to grey and eventually a charcoal black line along his spine. His eyes are a piercing blue, seeming to stare directly into your soul.
He stands at 43 inches tall, but weighs only 132 lbs in his secui form, the longer fur making the black parts seem even darker, and making the cream come through more in the lighter parts. His larger stature makes him look more imposing, but it's still clear that he's underweight.
in his optime form, Alec is 77 inches tall and weighs an unhealthy 158 lbs. On his head stands a dishevelled mess of black hair. he often has to wipe these hairs out of his face, revealing his striking blue eyes
Alec is very timid, often deferring to others to make decisions even in small things. His trauma leaving him in a daze. When he first meets others, he'll only say the bare minimum but after getting more comfortable he has a tendency to overshare.
He likes to understand everything around him, asking questions and possibly even putting himself in danger to find out how things work.
Alec has a very strong phobia of water, a result of being swept up in the flash flood and seeing most of his friend and family dying as a result. As a pup he used to love water, swimming around and playing in it all the time but he now considers this foolish behaviour and playing with death. He refuses to go into water and looks visibly nervous when people he cares about are in water.
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