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Coyote-wolf hybrid
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18th October 2018
Horus is composted of earthy tones much like his father. His base coat is a dark espresso brown. He has highlights of cream under his neck, chest, elbows, and buttocks and highlights of redwood on his shoulders, in the shape of a v on his upper back, nose (in the traditional Lykoi fashion), and his back legs. His eyes are a brilliant gold with amber in the inner ring by his pupils.

Horus stands at a hearty 6'8". He has an average build, being only slightly on the slender side. His semi-curly hair falls just past where his neck begins and is generally unruly in appearance. Horus nearly always has his father's trademark smirk on his lips, though most often his expression is deceptive. Horus most definitely does not show his emotion with his expressions. His posture is almost always relaxed and non-threatening, but there is usually a complexity burning behind his sunny hues.

For clothes, Horus is often "underdressed". He wears a pair of maroon drop crotch joggers that tie at the waist and a cream colored linen button shirt with the sleeves rolled past his elbows. His wardrobe doesn't vary too much from that, although he's always lived honestly and has never tasted luxury. Around his neck he wears an amber pendant hanging on a thin leather string. He is never seen without it and is overly protective of it.

In Secui form, Horus resembles something out of a horror novel. His limbs are elongated, awkward extensions of himself and his bones are visible from beneath his coat. This form is definitively his halfling form as his hands and feet are stretched and almost ape like, although lacking an opposable thumb. His hair falls in his eyes and follows the length of his neck like a mane. Horus is almost never found in this form and tends to shy away from using it which is why it is such an unsightly mess of a halfling form.

In Lupus form, Horus is a little larger than an average wolf. He is tall and somewhat slender thanks to his coyote blood, though clearly is not deprived of food. Healthy, would be an accurate word.

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Horus is incredibly lax, taking life as it comes. His past has taught him that not everything can be controlled and he's learned to let go. However, once he has formed a close bond with someone he will do whatever is in his power to protect that person. Horus has little sympathy for those who lack basic morals and finds pleasure in offering punishment where it is due. He's never struggled with the concept of life and death, knowing that it is a delicate balance that he has the power to shift.

Horus has seen some dark times and has a side to him that he doesn't often speak of or show. Beneath his lax exterior are some sharp edges that have not dulled with time. Even to him, there is some mystery to who he is as a result of always being so focused on his mother growing up. His childhood left little room for personal growth and even though he is two, he has a lot of developing left to do.

Horus takes pleasure in the simple things like the feel of the sun on his cheeks or the sweet summer breeze. He likes to enjoy life whenever possible, most definitely as a distraction from his past. He has a way of veering away from serious conversation although he is capable of it. In essence, Horus seems to find ways to avoid having to show negative emotion or deal with complex ideas, not for fear of lacking the intellect but for fear of tapping into the deeper parts of himself. To him, simple is best.

As he's matured, Horus is discovering a complexity about himself. He's begun caring about things he wouldn't have prior to the year he spent indulging in self destructive behaviors. Joining the Cavaliers again has put a magnifying glass on his persona. He is being forced to learn who he really is and deal with his traumas.
Greed Lykoi - Father
Nora Meadows - Mother
Born to Nora Meadows, a whimsical woman with a free spirit, and Greed Lykoi, who didn't know of Horus's existence until after Horus turned one. He was raised by his mother with the fleeting guidance of the males that entered and left her life. There was never a dependable role model to show him the ropes of adulthood. Having always been tied in up Nora's ordeals, Horus hasn't experienced life for himself until recently. He grew up fast and learned hard life lessons at a young age. Horus was fiercely protective of his mother and before her untimely death, was hardly tame. He had a bad temper and fowl mouth that even Nora had a hard time handling and he often would be the reason her love affairs opted to call it quits. After Nora became a casualty of a disagreement between her current lover and an ex, Horus' flame was extinguished. With nothing holding him to his home, he left in search of his father and the spark to his dying flame
.He spent some time traveling and experiencing life in a way he had never been able to before, just before landing right where he needed to be.

After finding Greed and spending a short time with The Order before it dispersed, Horus found a living as a traveling merchant. He became well versed in trade and picked up some other useful skills along the way. He found some of his own interests, some of which include females, alcohol, and the party scene which he has come to rely on as away to escape the burdens of life. All in all, Horus is still a mess of a Luperci looking for proper guidance in a very complicated world.

Horus joins Casa di Cavalieri in an attempt at pack life, but end up returning to life as a loner soon after. He spends a year destroying his body and mind through partying, drugs, and alcohol until once again he winds up at the Cavaliers' doorstep.
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