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27th February 2016
Luperci Ortus
Jayne is a varity of grays, silvers and white seeming to swirl about his coat. His muzzle dark gray with a deep rust red that runs up the bridge. the dark gray masks his face, broken up by light gray on his upper lids and then halts the dark gray at his forehead. The light gray then extends just a little ways down the side of his face. A red brown traces along the sides of his head. His ears are an off white on the inside and then the outside of his ears are black.

His body is very unique in coat pattern. The light gray extending down his neck to his shoulders where is broken up by the dark grays and red brown tones before giving in to them entirely on the rest of his body.

The dark gray runs down the front of his neck fighting to extend up to the top of his neck. The dark gray covers his entire front legs, his elbows touched with light gray, then medium gray extends up the shoulders halted by the light gray among his shoulders.

The dark gray seems to swirl up from beneath his front legs along his sides and around his hips to the base of his tail, halted by medium gray tones and red brown. his back legs toned with medium grays and red browns. His paws socked in light gray and the tip of his tail dipped int he same tone of gray.

Jayne has many scars. His upper lip torn off in a fight, the bridge of his nose has a scar from a canine tooth grazing it hard. A jagged knife scar over his right eye and then below his left cheek a claw mark that goes stops abruptly from his jaw. His right leg bears another scar in the shape of teeth marks. On his left chest a deep cut runs over his collar bone and a smaller cut on the right of of it.

Another bite mark on his spine, then a cut on above his right hip. Then finally his last mark on the left leg. Three deep claw marks.

Finally, his eyes are a blood red that stare dull and cold at others. Jayne never smiles. His brows seem to always be lowered in hate and anger. His thin body never clothed as he bears his scars proudly.
Jayne is a hateful creature. There isn't much he likes other than getting revenge on those that wrong him. He tends to justify stealing and cheating. To him life is just a game of power and he plans to be the most feared and powerful creature around.

He doesn't smile much, the only time one can see him smile is when he has ripped apart a pack or an individual who has wronged him in some shape or form.

He is viewed as heartless due to how he handles those around him. Jane doesn't care about anyone's plight. He only cares for himself and his sister. She is the only one that he has ever showed any kindness to.

Overall, he would be best described as a sociopath. He doesn't feel remorse for any of his actions but he has only ever shown remorse to his sister. She is the only one Jane shows any type of emotion for as well as the only one that he is honest with.
Bester Griffin - Biological father
Nandi Fulgens - Mother
Hoban Ailurus - Adopted father
Inara Ailurus - half sister
Nandi filled the boy with lies and whispers ever since he was able to hear. The only thing Nandi had told him that was truth is that Hoban is not his father. Nandi had cheated on Hoban within the first season of marriage. Hoban spend more time leading the clan than with Nandi, and because of that Nandi found the warmth of a coywolf named Bester. She didn't care much for Bester other than a good lay.

Hoban loved having a son that he kept himself blind to how unlike him Jayne was. He raised Jayne as his own. Tried to teach him responsibility, consideration, and care. At every turn Jayne retaliated and fought against it because Nandi feeding lies on how much his father hated him, and didn't want anything to do with him. So instead of seeing his father teaching him discipline he saw Hoban as being mean and picking on him.

When the clans fell Jayne was with his friends stealing things they wanted from merchants while smoking and drinking. It was at the sound of screams that him and his friends went running back to the festival leaving their loot behind. Jayne was in shock at the sight of the wolves taking down the old fortune tellers and helpless pups. Some wolves were throwing the pups in burning buildings. Jayne barked orders to his friends to his friends to save who they could.

Jayne ran to find his mother, Nandi. As he came around the corner he saw Hoban's body on the ground, a pool of red beneath him. Nandi's throat was being gripped by a wolf. She was struggling to breath as Jayne ran up, claws bared as he snarled. The wolf gripped Nandi harder crushing her wind pipe and then stabbed her stomach with his claws then raked them along her abdomen. Jayne got there just in time to see the end result and his mother dropped to the ground. The wolf's companions intercepted Jayne and a battle ensued as the wolf who killed his mother got away.

His buddies arrived as he was loosing energy and now. He had fought off two of the three, but had spent too much time and energy. With their aid he got the upper hand, and they finished the last one off.

Him and his gang went out to find his sister. He worried that all they'd find was a body. When he found the wolf who killed his mother in the distance he formed the plan. The wolf was standing over a fire, it appeared as though he was holding a pup by the tail. It would be the last pup he burned. On his instruction his pal shot an arrow but hit only the arm that was hanging loose. The wolf turned and Jayne became furious. It was his sister, her long coyote ears were blackened and and her fur fried in some places. He grabbed the knife from one of his buddies and threw it hitting the wolf in the throat despite his aim for the chest. Inara was dropped and him and his buddies rushed in to make sure to finish the wolf off, and with Inara in Jayne's arms they ran leaving behind the small temporary village.

They were only able to save a few, but his sister was one of them. Jayne composed a plan while his sister healed and rested. He knew Inara was capable so when she was healed he sent her out on her own. Him and his friends would cause the packs to turn on one another and cause the demise of those that dared to destroy his way of life and family.

He just couldn't do it on his own.
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