Argive Hemlock

The Arbiter

The Arbiter
Luperci Veleno, Curandero
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Hybrid (70% Wolf, 20% Coyote, 10% Dog)
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15th December 2015
Luperci Ortus
Argive is an even mix of coyote and wolf, and has a very distinct "hybrid" look as a result. His ears are larger than a wolf's, but are too small and rounded to be quite coyote either. He stands on the shorter side of average for most wolves, and his muzzle is narrower than a typical wolf male's as well. He has a very slight muscle tone, and is lean stature. His eyes are sharp and perceptive, and his eyes markings only further accentuate this. His expression is typically neutral, if arrogantly so; and he has a notable "fox-like" smile. He carries himself with a cool, calm confidence and grace, and it is rare to find or see him out of sorts. His appearance is clean and well-kept, and just as sharp as his eyes. Argive's hair is long, silken, and straight. He has been described as handsome, albeit in a dark and chilling way.

Due to his interests in the medicinal field, Argive is highly humanized, and is primarily found in his Optime form. He typically only takes to his Lupus form when in search of herbs or other medicinal items, and only rarely lingers in Secui.

In regards to clothing, Argive is partial to high-quality articles that are crisp and tastefully designed without being overly eye-catching. He usually wears long robes and only the finest tunics and pants. He prefers clothing with long, open sleeves that allow him to conceal hidden daggers. Argive normally wears a pair of bracers on each forearm, and has a beltbag and knife attached to his waist.

He has a few scars, none of which, he feels any obligation to share their origin on. A cut nicks his snout by his left eye, and he has two marks left on his left pectoral near his collar bone. On his left palm, he has a notable slash mark that crosses even across the palm pads.

  • Lupus: 34 in (86 cm) ↔ 85 lbs (39 kg)
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 11 in (71 in / 180 cm) ↔ 200 lbs (86 kg) (Preferred)
Proud, sarcastic, and cunning would, perhaps, be the best words to use to describe Argive. Everything that he does is done with calm confidence, and he rarely finds himself as the fool. He likes to be in control of things going on around him, as he has a penchant for tidiness, order, and perfection. Disorderly workstations, living environments, and ill-mannered or disgusting individuals are sure to be on the receiving end of sharp-eyed look of disdain and an upturned nose. He does not tolerate stupidity.

He is not the type to rush in or make rash decisions on the fly. Rather, he is a type to observe, calculate, analyze, and pursue the best course of action, which works well with his scholarly-like interests and nature. Argive likes to experiment and test theories, and quite enjoys a good challenge or game. He maintains a poised and dignified air about him that often makes him come off as arrogant. This isn't helped by the fact that he can be sarcastic, and his tongue has been known to carry a sting to it at times not unlike the poisons he crafts.

His morals are distinctly grey, something that can be accredited to his childhood and younger years of life. He was taught from a young age to be conniving and deceitful to both appease and avoid his father's wrath, and it is something that has stuck with him ever since. He has no issue with — nor is he generally phased by — killing, torturing, or hurting another. Argive can be compassionate and thoughtful (in his own way), and his loyalty can be earned with time, however, he is not a man known to be loving or overly warm. He has somewhat of a soft spot for women. Due to what happened to his mother, Argive utterly despises rapists and domestic abuse, particularly if the perpetrator is a male and the victim is a female.

Summarized: poised, calm, arrogant, sarcastic, observant, calculating, glib, scholarly/studious, confident
  • Mother: Eumelia Stavros
  • Father: Agilmar Kader
  • Siblings: Unknown
Argive was born Achilles Stavros, and is the son of Eumelia Stavros and Agilmar Kader. He was born in a pack known as Moss Reach located within the White Mountains mountain range of New Hampshire. His mother was a sweet and compassionate woman that was a renowned healer throughout the valley. As for his father, to many, Agilmar was a well-liked, friendly, merchant and tradesman. In secret, however, Agilmar was a talented bandit and master manipulator that had the pack and many others willfully and blindly believing that he was everything that he was not.

Argive's early months of life were blissfully normal, or, so his naïve self was led to believe. It wasn't until he grew older that Argive began to notice more and more of his father’s abusive tendencies towards his mother and even himself. Complications in circumstances led to Argive being emotionally, verbally, and physically abused by his father well into his adulthood. While his teenage and early adult years were filled with conflict due to his father's abuse and over all shady activities, Argive's life was not always miserable. Being close to his mother and having an interest in the medicinal field, he began learning about medicine and related skills from an early age, and apprenticed under Eumelia until his third year. Argive was eventually forced to leave his home pack, however, after he murdered his father in revenge for Agilmar and his bandits raping and murdering Eumelia.

He bounced around from place to place afterwards, furthering his studies in his field of interest while darkness festered and grew in his heart. Eventually, he wound up in Portland, where he met "Jaeger," a man with a name and appearance that held unlikely ties to Argive's family. Wanting to know more about Jaeger, Argive did some digging, and eventually found ties to a metalsmith, who led him into pursuing a merchant woman by the name of "Sekhmet." When Argive eventually joined Salsola in early fall of 2019, he was sponsored by Sanguine Valentine, and claimed his purpose for joining the pack to be for furthering his research in medicine and poisons unhindered and unjudged.

In the beginning, Argive had had every intention to kill Heine, however, the darkness in Argive's heart eventually lifted the longer he stayed within Salsola and became apart of its society and made unexpected allies with its people. He realized that his hatred was misplaced, and that no one was to blame for his mother's death other than his father, Agilmar. Having accepted such truths, Argive firmly settled into his new life, leaving that of "Achilles" behind him.

Currently, Argive is a member of Salsola, and holds the jobs of a Curandero (healer) and a Veleno (poisoner). He is a close ally and business partner to Kamari Kaiser.

Outside of the pack, Argive assumes one of two names, “Thanasis” or “Thanatos”, depending on his intentions. His disguised scent is typically of smoked wood and mint.

(For further details, see his Wiki page)

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