Evelyn de le Ulrich

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Coyote heavy hybrid
Date of Birth:
31st October 2018
Evelyn is evidently a hybrid; most notably her features point towards her coyote heritage, but her size is a bit larger and her fur thicker. Evelyn's fur still holds that soft, downy feel to it from when she was a pup. It is thick and silky to the touch, it is especially luscious around her cheeks, nape, chest, elbows, hocks and tail.

Her face is pointed and coyote-like, with large baby blues that give her a doe-eyed appearance. She appears more innocent looking than she is which works in her favour as those around her underestimate what she is capable of. Ears sit high up on her head and are pointed, giving her whole face a triangular shape to it.

Average in over-all size, she appears thicker than she is due to her fur. Her legs look almost a little too long for her body, which aids her in hunting and agility. In lupus Evelyn sports a typical coyote build, with the wolf heritage showing in her over-all size increase compared to her coyote heritage, along with the thicker fur. Optime hair is long, and generally tied back, still silk soft to the touch like a child's hair. She's average height and willowy in appearance. Her humanization is moderate.
Evelyn is still young and very much naive and innocent to the ways of the Thistle Kingdom. The girl is a very hard worker and is driven to help those around her as well as prove herself to her pack. Her biggest motivation is protecting her brother Eden and may act like more of a 'big' sister to him even if he doesn't need her protection. While she is very nice to those around her, be careful, because when Evelyn's buttons are pushed far enough she is not one afraid to react.

Evelyn is a daddies girl through and through and goes out of her way to please him and make him proud! Due to her close relationship with her father she has developed a love for horses since she was old enough to be outside with him watching him train his horses. No sooner when she shifts she finds herself in a saddle and has taken to it and spends most of her free time with the horses and livestock of Salsola. Her biggest motivation outside of protecting her brother Eden is to become a Ranger within the pack, her eyes on the rank of Equinest and tries her hardest to learn more about horses from anyone who will let her watch and learn.

The girl is not afraid of getting dirty, and has always been a tom-boy since she was born. While, this may be heavily influenced as being one of the only females within her immediate family since Dahlia left (who also was not a girly-girl in the least), Evelyn has taken after her aunt and is just 'one of the boys'.

At first glance she may appear quiet and perhaps stupid to some due to this she has a hyper awareness and prefers to watch and learn from a distance. She takes note on every little thing happening around her and may know something about someone before the person themselves is even aware of it. This makes Evelyn a quick learner.
Mother: Faith de le Poer
Father: Coaxoch
Siblings: Eden de le Ulrich
Half-Siblings: none.
Children: none.
Extended: See Ulrich, de le Poer, Massacre, Lykoi, Damaichu, Sadira, & Kimaris for more family.
Evelyn de le Ulrich is the daughter of Faith de le Poer and Coaxoch B. Ulrich-Lykoi. She was born on October 31st, 2018, alongside her brother, Eden de le Ulrich. Her birth killed her mother, Faith, so she was raised by her father and his collective, along with Faith's sister Dahlia.

Evelyn spent much of her childhood within the borders of the Thistle Kingdom never straying far from her fathers' (Coaxoch and Sebastien) yard until February, 2019. At Eden's behest the two sneak into Dahlia's bags when she disappears one night. They are caught and kept by a fire with the members of the Cartel for the night where they meet a bunch of strange coyotes. After talking to their auntie and realizing how sad she is in Salsola the two agree that Dahlia should be happy and join The Cartel. Dahlia leaves shortly after this and while Evelyn would never admit it, it broke her heart to have her auntie gone as well as their mother.

Evelyn continued to grow and in early May 2019, she learns to shift for the first time. Enjoying the newfound freedom in this form she dabbles in many different skills but has a keen hand and eye for hunting and trapping thanks to her grandfather Till and her cousin Spartacus.

In June 2019, both Eden and Evelyn join the adult ranks of Salsola where Evelyn decides to concentrate on helping around the barn as she takes a great interest in caring for the livestock - specifically the horses in particular. She also gains the rank of colletore as she still enjoys hunting and trapping.
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