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Luperci Ortus
Lynx is, at first glance, notably similar in appearance to her namesake. Her fur is a dusty dull brown with shades of tan, grey, and the occasional black mixed throughout. Her overall build is stocky, if on the lean side, owing to her mixed dog breed heritage. Her eyes are a natural golden brown, although more often than not she likens them more to mud than honey. She has a few old nicks and scars primarily hidden by her fur from the occasional tough prey animal.

Her Lupus form is the one she uses most often and feels comfortable in, standing at about two and a half feet tall at the shoulders. Her coat isn’t as thick as a pureblooded wolf’s, but it does offer decent protection from cold and rain.

Her Secui form is new to her, being larger, with longer limbs and anatomy just different enough to make her lose her footing on more than one occasion. She grows over a foot in height, with added fur gathering along her spine, elbows, ankles, and wrists.

If ever seen in Optime form, Lynx would reach up to about 6’2” and her hair would grow naturally into a mane extending back from the crown of her head down to the nape of her neck. Her figure would be rectangular and not overtly feminine, with little defined curves. Her posture would be rather feral still, stooping low to the ground to simulate her four-legged forms.
Rather feral for a Luperci, Lynx hasn’t quite caught on to the whole “humanization” thing yet. She is rarely found in her two-legged form, and thinks of more humanized Luperci as flamboyant and haughty, dressing up in often garish-looking clothes and looking down upon their more feral brethren. The only time one could potentially interest her in more humanized practices would be to introduce her to armor and/or weapons useable in her four-legged forms.

She has a rather gruff edge to her upon first meeting, especially if a Luperci comes upon her in their two-legged form. Her bias has little support beyond prejudice through osmosis, though, so it’s possible Lynx could learn to think differently in the future.

Her mentality is largely self-centered, having grown up with little contact with others until recent months. In social situations she is blunt and straightforward, having little use for subtlety or manipulation. Thus, she is largely oblivious to such underhanded techniques and could easily be swayed one way or another through honeyed words from the right person. Deep down, Lynx does have a great underlying sense of duty and loyalty, as long as others can pull their weight as well.
Lynx was born in a small riverside den in the wilderness to a Luperci father and a formerly non-Luperci mother. The only strange thing about her birth was that she was born with a natural bobtail, likely owing to one dog breed or another mixed into her blood. The small family lived and traveled together as Lynx grew up, being taught the ways of the forest primarily by her mother, Thrush, as her father did his best to ease the two’s assimilation into Luperci culture, beginning with her mother’s first shift.

At the ripe young age of six months, Lynx first shifted into her two-legged form. Her father Thornclaw praised her first shift and sought for her to delve deeper into using the form, but the young pup found it confusing, alienating, unnecessary at best. The pressure he began putting on the wolfdog was only alleviated by the presence of her mother, herself sharing her daughter’s opinions of more “civilized” Luperci. It didn’t help the matter that the human cities Lynx used to venture into when she was younger stank of rot, decay, and too many strange scents she couldn’t even name. Not to mention the odd sideways glance or pitying expression the two-legged traders gave her when she opted to remain on four legs even amongst other Luperci.

This cultural divide would ultimately prove to be the family’s downfall, as Lynx’s father grew ever more impatient and demanding towards the two feral wolves, insisting that they take on more humanized aspects of their lives, ultimately culminating in a fight that earned Thrush a couple of gashes along her face and the resolve to take her daughter and get as far away from the man as possible.

Living on their own was harder without the support Thornclaw and his weapons and easy communication gave them, but they were hardy. They would survive just as their ancestors did. Lynx was taught to hunt and track and fight, and gradually accepted the use of her in-between form for such tasks.

But, as every parent fears, they say finally came when Lynx determined she was ready to part with her mother and set off on her own path. With a couple of close hugs and sorrowful goodbyes, the two went their separate ways, and Lynx has lived life as a wanderer ever since.
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