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Casa di Cavalieri
Second Officer (NPC)
Luperci Mate to Aelin Counselor Tier I Sticks in your teeth!
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Hybrid (63.875% wolf, 24.375% coyote, 11.875% dog)
Date of Birth:
21st December 2018
Luperci Ortus
Species: Abilene is a mixture of wolf, coyote, and dog but primarily takes after her wolf ancestry with a few appearance details that mark her mixed blood. She has the body stature of a wolf with a thin, tapered snout thanks to her coyote blood but the shorter, broader ears of her dog ancestry.

Fur: Abilene’s fur is dense and thick thanks to her wolven heritage with a wiry undercoat that thins out during the warmer months. She tends to keep her fur rather clean, combing it on a regular basis which results in thinner fur in places overall.

Optime Hair: Abilene’s optime hair is a mixture between two colors and is usually kept long, spanning the distance of her shoulders before ending in a sharper ‘v’ toward her spine. It’s styled in a while that could be called ‘scene’ but is really only cut in a way that is meant to be comfortable to her.

Facial Features: Abilene’s facial structure is mostly that of a coywolf. She has a shorter tapered snout with doe like eyes.

Build and Size: Her build is smaller than that of a wolf but slightly larger than a coyote. As lupus, she’s built for both speed and strength, somewhere in the middle. In optime, she’s got a runner’s physique.

Humanization: Moderate. Abilene will like the way clothes fit upon her and trying on new things but will most likely go without due to the resourcefulness of not having to wear them. Plus, with her thick fur, she’s warmer during all seasons.

Clothing - Abilene’s clothing will consist of dresses of varying colors with the occasional pants and tie-up shirt or blouse, all made with luperci cloth.

Accessories - Abilene’s not the sort to carry much jewelry on her because she doesn’t see the point in wearing anything that doesn’t have a use. However, if she ever obtains higher ranks in a society where wearing jewelry displays your rank or is needed to display your rank, it’s very likely she’ll adapt.

Coloration and Palette
Fur: Primarily NOBEL
Saddle/Hood: BURNT MAROON lined with BULL SHOT and COPPER
Muzzle tip: NOBEL
Ears: BULL SHOT back with COPPER inside
Optime Hair: MAROON OAK with streaks of NUTMEG
Nose and Paw Pads: COD GRAY
Abilene has always been the more mischievous daughter of her litter, known for being bubbly and outgoing but also sometimes, taking a prank or joke too far. She is not evil by nature, more of a friendly spirit, but if pushed too far, can be more of a darker individual. She mostly pranks, and jokes, in good humor though how far it goes depends on who is being pranked. She is a social butterfly, tends to ask too many questions, and on occasion, finds herself looking for the good in everyone, compared to the negative. She likes to form her own opinions about people, even in the light of others considering someone bad news and isn't afraid to ask those questions that might seem awkward to others. She is observant to a degree, often making note of tiny details others might overlook but maintains something of an airy nature despite.

She is diligent, as she was taught to be, and very devoted to others both by nature and by choice. She has never been romantically involved with anyone, though would likely find herself on in trouble over her naivety considering she asks way too many questions and looks for the good in everyone.
Abilene is the second-born daughter of Isobel Secanti and Rohan Damaichu, and sister to Atrea. She was born December 21, 2018 at Casa di Cavalieri's Portland Outpost but later returned back to Casa proper with her parents. For several months after, she lived in Callum's home alongside Quinn and Kira who she slept with until her first shift. Gradually, upon becoming an adult, she found her independence and branched off from her initial family unit, remaining close but also apart so she could 'grow up'.

At seven months of age, she received her eye-mark, traditional Damaichu style and was tutored by Tessa in both beginning stages of combat and proper CdC etiquette. She likely took after Quinn in using a spear, though prefers closer combat with two daggers. Since then, she has mostly practiced combat and building her other skills, maintaining relationships with her family and friends throughout Casa and growing up. Nothing of note has taken place in the months following her coming of age.

Typically, on cooler nights, she's often found wandering the border, though on hotter nights, she always prefers to stick near home since it offers the best chance at getting away from the blistering heat.
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