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98% wolf, 2% dog
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23rd October 2012
Lochlan's heritage is made up of many different subspecies of wolves, resulting in his blended colors. He and his sister share an insignificant percentage of dog genes (presumably husky) as well, inherited from their ancestor Shaeniire Vanim.

Lochlan is a tall, lanky adult. He has long legs and lean long body to match. His face has started to take on adult features and become more angular, though there is still a softness that speaks of his youth. When he is in his Optime form, he has a mane of hair that looks like a long mohawk that is longer at the top and shorter toward the back.

The main color of his coat is a mine shaft gray like his father. It is broken up by the metallic bronze (brown) and Cape Palliser (tan) hues of his markings. The most distinctive marking is his dorsal stripe which begins at the tip of his nose, flares into a mask surrounding his eyes then narrows as it runs down his spine to the very tip of his tail. Loch also has sock markings of the same coloration. These socks only go to the ankles on his hind legs, but rise up to his elbows on his forepaws. In contrast to these darker markings, he has a bright white stripe along his stomach that runs from throat to groin. At least, it is bright white when he hasn’t recently gotten it dirty from playing.

The color of his eyes is a deep cerulean like his father’s. They are usually bright and friendly.
When he was younger, Lochlan was a bit of a mama's boy; always seeking his mother's approval and attention. Looking to her for approval and affection. When she left, he was heartbroken and lost at first. Over the months, the pain of her disappearance has faded. Sometimes he still thinks about her, but the memories are fuzzy and the connection has dulled over time. He has retained the trait of being more trusting of females, though, and has a tendency to enjoy the company of girls more than boys. Loch's best friend is his sister, Teagan, of whom he is extremely protective.

He has an affinity for the physical world - and particularly water - and tends to prefer action over speaking. Lochlan is quick to learn, though, and an eager pupil for anyone willing to teach him something new. He is optimistic and outgoing, with a warm smile for everyone and a kind heart. Being a very empathetic wolf, he has a tendency to feel the emotions of others and tries his hardest to make everyone happy. Fiercely protective of family and pack, he is loyal to a fault when it comes to those he loves.

As time passes, he will likely develop additional personality traits based upon his interaction with the world. At the core, though, Lochlan is a kindhearted and empathetic wolf that wants nothing more than for the whole world to be happy.
Lochlan was born to Niernan Stormbringer and Grace D'Angelo on October 23, 2012. He is a few minutes older than his littermate and close confidant, Teagan Stormbringer.

Life was pretty normal until around the two month mark. At that point, Grace and Niernan both abruptly disappeared in the middle of the night. Ciaran, their father's cat, was left to tend to the two cubs in their absence. Soon thereafter, Niernan did return but something was different. The fun loving father he had known in his earlier months was replaced by someone with sadder eyes. His mother didn't return and soon began to fade from the young wolf's memory.

He resumed his life as a cub rather easily because he wasn't really aware of how things were supposed to be, so he assumed his experience was normal. The experience did bond him closer to his sister and his father than he might have been otherwise; particularly Teagan. Some part of him feared for a while that she would also disappear, but that fear has faded with time. In general, he has had a rather normal childhood despite the disappearance of his mother. He is well-adjusted and engaged in the world, as a wolf of his age should be.

He is an avid fisher and swimmer. He has also learned skills related to fishing: drying meat, smoking meat, creating lures, creating fishing lines and rods, and baiting. When hunting on land, his preference is to use traps rather than attempting to hunt them with raw physicality. Over the past few months, he has also trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat and become a novice in this trade. Loch also dabbles in weather watching.
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