Maned Wolf
Date of Birth:
31st October 2016
Claresse is an albino so her fur is white and she had bright red eyes. Her nose is pink, and she has a scar near her left eye.

cnpc: Melody

A young female coyote dog mix pup that travels with Claresse, doesn't look like it could be her child, but Claresse certainly treats it as such. The pup is 3 months old
Melody- 'Daughter'
Claresse was born to normal Maned Wolves. They wanted to get rid of her but weren't able to due to their packs leader. So they raised her until she could survive on her own. After that, she traveled on her own for a time until she met some luperci. Instantly she wanted to be like them but soon learned that wasn't possible. After being pretty much treated like a slave by the luperci pack she escaped and never went back.

Eventually, she arrived at souls and found a young pup that had been abandoned. For some reason, she decided this pup was her child and now has it traveling with her.
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