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As a large coyote, Calhoun stands at roughly 24 inches tall and 27 inches in length. Short and neat fur the color of sand, along with large tan ears and a long snout of the same shade. Pale green eyes provide a stark contrast to the rest of his features and are reminiscent of his father's.

Growing considerably in his secui form, his well-kept fur becomes shaggy and overgrown as his already dense frame raises to a towering 35 inches tall. His soft accents of grey and cotton are more pronounced which give him a more aged look. However, he is rarely seen shifted into this form, preferring instead to either remain in optime for practical work or lupus if he has time to himself out in the plains.

While he has a strong and muscular build from hard work and laboring in his community, Calhoun still retains relatively boyish features. Typically prefers to wear basic clothes for warmth and riding comfort. While his pious nature keeps him from wearing anything flashy or excessive, he does appreciate seeing unique and interesting styles in others. He prefers to dress in muted colors such as tan and brown, although he might be persuaded into something more colorful on occasion.
Calhoun is very polite, speaking with a gentle tone and precise wording to avoid misunderstandings. As an aspiring preacher, he tries to avoid speaking in generalities or vague terms. Instead, wishing to be more direct and inspiring to spread the faith wherever he can. Eager to help those around him, even those not in his pack, Calhoun finds solace in hard work. Whether that's through fixing a broken saddle or plowing a field for a neighbor with a bad back, he never bats an eye at volunteering to assist.

He is relatively soft-spoken, preferring to listen to those around him and only offer advice sparingly. Believing that everyone has something to contribute and a talent within themselves waiting to be discovered. Colhoun is a people pleaser and is fascinated with the stories that people tell. He loves nothing better than listening to tales of faraway places or sights yet-unseen by him.

His well-intentioned nature may also lead him being taken advantage of. However, Calhoun would rather assume the best in those around him than become jaded and cynical. Believing that there is good in all, despite most transgressions. Wary and cautious, he is unlikely to be involved in confrontation unless his loved ones are involved. If that happens, protective instincts overpower any doubts in his mind and are the only thing that make him willing to raise his voice or resort to fighting.
Calhoun's early life was mostly peaceful, spending time with his littermates and parents. While his father was more likely to offer words of encouragement and praise, he always looks up to his mother's fierce example and strength of character. Trying his best to earn her approval and live up to her high expectations.

He had a fascination with religious studies from an early age, learning from Resurrection de le Poer. Often visiting the parish and finding comfort in the belief of a higher purpose through faith. His first reckoning with tragedy came shortly after his coming of age ceremony. Wherein, his sister went missing after the feast. Wishing nothing more than her safe return, he was heartbroken to be reunited with her again only to be there as she passed from her injuries.

Desperately trying to find acceptance in her absence, Calhoun as thrown himself into his spiritual studies. Spending most of his free time at the parish and hoping that clarity will come to him in one form or another. While he wouldn't admit it to anyone, the same sense of comfort he once felt from the gospel's teachings no longer feels as salient as it used to.
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