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Luperci Ironpaw I
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"Dog with Cloak." 4500-4000BC. Painted by neolithic cryptid referred to as "San"
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14th February 2018
Luperci Ortus
Valan is a tall, muscled, and sturdy man, built like the mountains from which he hails. He has the patient gait befitting of someone of his height, and tends to be the last one to arrive anywhere because of it. There is nothing hurried about him, in fact; his general confidence and comfort in his own skin brings a certain settled air to his appearance, making him the kind of person strangers might naturally find soothing to be around, even if he doesn't necessarily want that.

He doesn't pay too much mind to his appearance and doesn't seem to care that he might be handsome. While Valan presents as mostly dog, his thick build and height seem owed to a distant crossover of perhaps wolf and deerhound bloodlines. His fur is double-coated but not warm enough to withstand a winter in the mountains without additional furs and leathers. Trimmed along the sides but otherwise left to its own devices, his hair is equal parts poofy and coarse. It most naturally takes on the shape of a faux-hawk mullet, which makes the most horrible combination of words I have ever written.

Valan is relatively humanized, given that he prefers his two-legged form and will wear the furs and garment of his clan. He will shift to his four-legged form for hunting and sleeping. He has a deep scar on his back, and bite marks on his calves.

Size Reference
Optime: 6 ft 6 in (198 cm) ↔ 250 lbs (113 kg)
Secui: 45 in (114 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68 kg)
Lupus: 32 in (81 cm) ↔ 85 lbs (38 kg)
Unflappable • Nonjudgmental • Dry wit
Speech: Deep with a thoughtful cadence. Has an accent that sounds vaguely Scottish.

Valan of Aegas is a well built man with a reserved disposition. His abandonment at an early age cast a lifelong shadow over his temperament, giving him more reason than most to think before speaking. Despite a difficult start, he learned to value things like duty, honor, and loyalty under the guidance of a strong father, and less refined things from his more gregarious adopted brother. Before the war, he had always envisioned being a stonemason and living a simple and honest life.

At ease, Valan boasts a relaxed and dry type of wit, and his steady patience makes room for different types of personalities without judgment. Despite his hardships, he is not an insecure person and does not seek malign intent in others where there is none; for Valan, actions speak louder than words, and he doesn't concern himself with condemnation or seeking moral authority and control over others. He is a perfectionist only where work is involved, and easy going in all other areas of life.

His more negative personality traits are that he is prone to ruminating over his problems and becoming uncommunicative about it. While they may cast a sullen shade over his demeanor, Valan is equally prone to social decorum and will adjust his conduct according to what's polite; it is incredibly difficult to get him to open up about himself, his life, and especially his problems. Almost like talking to a stone wall.
Adopted Father: Ivren Ondoher
Adopted Brother: Alastor Ondoher
cNPC: Serafina Amaranthe
Valan was born late winter, somewhere in old Caledonia. He was abandoned as a child in Aegas territory and found by Ivren Ondoher, who took him in and raised him along with his son, Alastor Ondoher. Despite having a good relationship with his adopted father, Valan was not permitted to take on the Ondoher surname until he completed his apprenticeship in masonry—this plan was unfortunately interrupted by war, which came shortly before his first birthday. Valan's training was shifted to metal smithing in order to forge weapons and armor for the battlefield, and eventually Valan was forced to take up arms too.

As many know, the tide of war did not turn in Caledonia's favor, and most inhabitants were forced to flee. Among Valan's losses were his family, his closest friend, and his brother's betrothed. Valan did not retreat right away, choosing to stay behind to bury his family and help others escape. Eventually he was forced to leave as well, and made his way to Nova Scotia alone. He had almost given up finding the other refugees by the time he arrived to Portland, where he then met the enchanting Clementine Salcedo under a false name. This encounter with her helped renew his hope, and Valan continued on to Nova Scotia.

Valan arrived in New Caledonia some time mid-2020, and has been part of the Kingdom since. He was a part of the New Caledonian party to return to Portland in order to establish the Citadel.

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