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Dog- Labrodoodle
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26th June 2010
Luperci Ortus
Copper is a yellow coat labradoodle. His coat is wiry and he can be described as looking 'scruffy'. He has small lines of fur extending from above his eyes that act like eyebrows. The fur under his chin and below his nose is over-grown and has a darker, browner colour to them. His ears are flat, like any labradoodles, and his tail his thin and has a curl to its natural position. He has brown eyes, and a very strong British accent.
He is always seen wearing clothing, normally jeans, a random t-shirt and jacket. But what is always constant in his appearance is his blue scarf. Although Copper has a disliking in any address of favouritism, it remains his favourite object of clothing.
He is quite muscular, but does little activity in the form of fighting, running or other. He never turns into his secui or lupus form, as he has a strong belief in the passing of dominance from humans to luperci, and that returning to four legged forms would be to go against this new power.
Since Copper care the least possible about his appearance, it’s it rare to see any personal change to his fur, and so it remains ‘scruffy’.
[Image: copper.png]

Voice: Jonny Lee Miller
Ever since he was born, Copper has loved knowledge, history or science. He is very interested in the knowledge shown by humans, and strongly believes that their downfall of extinction will lead to the growth and success of the luperci.
Copper is a very peculiar individual. So here are some things to take note of when meeting him:
He talks to himself a lot, sometimes even having arguments with himself on whether a theory is true or not.
He doesn't know when to stop talking, and if he's not interrupted, he will go on and on about nothing of interest for hours if he's allowed.
He doesn't like being wrong, so if something happens that he didn't predict- he'll have a tantrum.
Now some advice:
Don't talk against any of his interest, like books or science.
Don't question him too much.
Never ask too many questions, unless you've got a lot of time to spare.
Don't miss-use his trust, which is given to all after he's treated them, and acts like a currency, instead of giving him something for his service, he asked for the sharing of trust.

Basically, Copper's missing a few screws in his brain, which have been replaced with pure, and somewhat useless knowledge... Have fun!

Although he is unaware, and has yet to be proven, Copper is infertile, and has little hope of having children of his own.
He also doesn't know it yet, but Copper is most probably bisexual. He finds equal interest in male and female. And all though he much more likely to make friends than partners, if he finds someone particularly interesting or kind, he might find love.
A NPC companion of Copper. She is a British Shorthair cat, with a blue/grey coat. She is a little jealous when Copper doesn't give her much attention. And she hates it when Copper drinks too much. She's learnt some high speech, and tries to help with sorting out herbs or books with Copper. She may even one day help with medical treatments. As a teenage cat, Velvet is adventurous, constantly running off and bringing back small meals.

Oliver Smith
A orphan pup Copper rescued at Rabbit Lake. He is a jet black wolf with a white, facing down, triangle on his chest. He is blind from birth, so has no idea what the world looks like. In the future, Copper will try to teaching him things, such as medic stuff, in which Oliver will find boring. (Shh..Don't tell Copper!)

Birthday: 1/8/13
Oliver now is discovering words, he enjoys talking to Copper, (whom he called Papa Copper), and also finds enjoyments out of sniffing out new things. Oliver's whole life is by nose and by sound, he is constantly smelling new things, often pulling Velvet or Copper along to explain what it is or looks like. He has an adventurous heart, and in his adult life, charisma and truthworthyness will bring him many friends.
Copperfield Smith was born into a long line of labradoodles that became a luperci pack after the human disaster. The pack inhabited the ruins of London, and adopted wolf-like lifestyles. Copper's father was the alpha, and his mother died in his birth.
Despite the loss, Copper's father remained strong, and eager to teach his son the means to lead a pack. But Copper was much more interested in history. Thanks to the large structures in London, some human artefacts remained safe. Copper came across such clean artefacts, books to be exact, and a lot of them. He pushed his father into teaching him how to read, and after that he became obsessed with the books and knowledge that now surrounded him.
He spent the rest of that year reading endlessly. He learnt more about the history of the ones before the luperci. He learnt about many topics that seemed to interest humans, maths, and history of the world, natural knowledge and science. The latter became a favourite of Coppers, especially chemistry, or alchemy, as Copper prefers this term because of the lack of development it has had in the luperci age.
A year and more of reading, and Copper became the age of two, and was referred to as a complete adult. But to his father’s dismay, Copper refused to take duties of the pack, and called the whole process of a pack pointless and without meaning.
He left London, and his father’s pack, and ventured elsewhere. He was glad to know that luperci's had at least gone as far as to explore the oceans of the world, and he happily took to helping on board a travelling ship.

The ship took him west, to the larger land of Canada. There he ventured towards Nova Scotia, and enjoyed the views and experiences it had to offer. He set himself up in the ruins of a wooden shack, and restored the shack to a better living space.

Next he planned what to do with himself. Wondering around his new environment, he noticed the lack of health knowledge in the luperci that inhabit the land. Using that knowledge he came to the conclusion to help others. He seemed to remember the occupation being called 'doctor' by the human predecessors. He traded objects for chemicals that traders knew little about the value of, and began his work. Searching for the helpless and injured, so that he may become well-known as someone there to help.

You may have notice that Copper was born with the name, 'Copperfield'. So it may interest you to know that Copper abandoned this name, believing that the 'field' part was an un-necessary burden, and so was removed.
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