Leon Bloodmane

Son of Cerberus
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Wolf-Coyote hybrid
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22nd May 2010
Note: This description describes Leon in his Lupus form

Though Leon's lineage is made of many types of coyotes and wolves that came and went within his birth pack, the most notable of his subspecies is the Mackenzie valley wolf, having pure black fur from the top of his muzzle, moving across his back and side and covering his tail. The sides of his muzzle and bottom of his mouth start a dark to light gray blending that works its way down to his chest and his underbelly. Leon has bright yellow eyes unlike his parents and siblings, indicating an unknown trait along his line. Leon is usually seen slightly squinting despite lighting conditions

Leon does inherit some traits of both wolf and coyote when it comes to size, his full grown size being between the average height of a coyote and wolf. Coming from a pack that did generations of sneaking around and through other packs territories, Leon may seem to have a bulky upper body due to his large lengthened mane, and a bit thinner legs and paws then most wolves to help have a light step when crossing through foliage to reduce noise, larger ears taking after his coyote mother, and slightly thinner and sharper teeth and claws meant for quick and precise strikes against threats and prey alike, usually to severe critical artery’s, though the difference is usually unnoticeable. The most noticeable and memorable features of Leon though, is his blood red eyeliner, blood tears, and his wolf fang earing.

Permanently marked on his body, his eyeliner and two blood tear tattoos are what separate’s Leon from other Black Canines, and something he takes personal pride in. Birth pack related, Leon got his eyeliner tattoo when he was fully grown to show that he was part Bloodmane, it was a mixture of permanent dye as well as some herb remedies to keep out eye infection. The same mixture was also used for his Blood tears, a Bloodmane tradition. Blood tears were meant to show other canines in the pack how many rival pack members they killed, also meant as a symbol of rank within the Bloodmane pack. Leon also has a chest harness which holds his Dagger sheathe to his chest and a small pouch to store items, and is usually adjustable if Leon changes forms. Wolf fang earing (see history/ Biography)

Leon currently has three blood tears on his left eye, a scar that runs the length of his right arm, and a scar that runs from the left side of his torso all the way to the side of his right thigh
Trained from birth to be a warrior in the unforgiving land to the west, Leon’s exterior shell of a personality is that of a steel blade. An Un-emotional and cold weapon that could be used by all who gain his respect and friendship. Due to this, Leon has trouble thinking of what he wants, or choosing between right and wrong, not having any real life goal other than being the relentless weapon his father trained him to be. He’s a weapon to be used, and that’s all he may think himself to be. This could lead to him becoming bored of every day routines that have nothing to do with his skills, and can sometimes be outright dull or random in conversation despite his calm and almost wise like demeanor which he can manage to sustain, even if he’s being bombarded by verbal insults or otherwise dangerous situations. Though the endangerment of the ones he cares about almost always breaks this stance, turning him into a bloodthirsty feral until either he, or his foe are dead.

Though under it all, Leon is a very emotional and kind hearted individual, who cares deeply for the people he grows attached to. He only knows these emotions to be a flaw he was never able to fully bury, leading him at times to emotional outbursts he only ever comes to regret later. This also goes the same for his Paranoia, which he has an unhealthy amount of, even when he’s alone. But even then, his true self can peek out from time to time, if the right person or circumstances presented themselves.

Leon also has a bleak outlook on the world, which comes with the territory of being calm almost all the time. He cares little for racial bias, seeing those who do with an incompetent and ignorant mind that he strives not to be influenced by. And only sees Religion or religious practices to be an unnecessary way of thinking. Though that does not stop him from being respectful of other’s beliefs, no matter how un-sensical it may look to him.

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Cairne Bloodmane
Relation: Father
Location/Health: Unknown

Seronna Bloodmane
Relation: Mother
Location/Health: Unknown

Luna Bloodmane
Relation: Sister
Location/Health: Deceased

Leon also has five older brothers.
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