Charlene De Santos

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Discord Handle: hannawolf#1009
Coywolf (93.75% coyote, 6.25% wolf)
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16th March 2017
Luperci Ortus
Standing on the short side of average for a coyote, Charlene possesses a coat of rich, warm greys and piercing red-brown eyes (#C04737). She bears several visible scars, including a split on the left side of her muzzle, a notch in her left ear, and a split over her right eye that doesn't affect her vision.

Her underside, including the majority of her back legs and her throat and chest, are a creamy grey (#DDD6D5), a few shades shy of silver. Her forelegs and the majority of her top line are a much darker grey (#817377), with an elegant sweep across her ribs defining the two. The upper portion of her head including her ears, her nape to the tops of her shoulder blades, and the tip of her tail are darker still (#2A2A2A), and the lower portion of her legs fade to this same dark color (#695F62, #4A4244, #2A2A2A). The end of her muzzle is tipped in a medium grey (#B7B1B1).

In Optime, Charlie's hair is just a little darker than the darkest color on her nape (#33292F), typically styled no longer than shoulder length with bangs, tied at the back of her skull to keep it out of the way with a piece of twine, gut, or hide, whatever's to hand. She frequently wears a battered Stetson hat.

No matter her form, Charlie carries herself confidently, even in the presence of larger canines.

Tough, sarcastic, tomboyish, pushy, stubborn, aggressive, intelligent, good-hearted
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