coyote hybrid
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30th January 2019
Luperci Ortus
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Aani is a compulsive liar, manipulative, and dangerously stealthy. Everything she does is for her own personal gain, and their is no “wrong” in her book. The woman— since coming to Salsola— has developed a knack for power, and will not stop, no matter her cost.

A good guys goes bad, type of creature. There is no silver lining, and there is no good-nature to her actual self. Her lies are so interwoven and deceitful, that sometimes it’s strange to pinpoint what is truth and fiction.

Aani’s motherly natures are nonexistent, she believes in the power of survival of the fittest, relying on her anger and fear-mongering to conquer the attentions of her children. Often times leading her to have her children “fight” for her attention. Aani is cruel, dark, and passionate about the nitty gritty details of everyone else’s lives but her own.

When she cannot be in control, she gets anxious, and will use her beauty as an advantage, or sexuality. She is a very demanding and sexual being.

Facetious at best, fear-mongering at worst. Aani is a dangerous soul to be in contact with (so she believes) and is always about what’s in it for her.
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