Viridian Soul

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Coyote-heavy hybrid
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1st November 2018
[Image: cCuIGUI.png]Viridian is very clearly a hybrid, though her coyote heritage shines through the clearest. She is built to last, fairly muscular and tall, and she is mostly found in her Optime form. Her fur is of an average thickness, perhaps a tad thin, and it is somewhat smooth and glossy, though often found in a deplorable state.

Her coat is mottled with dusty grays, tawny browns, and mute creams, and her dirty blonde mane is thick and curly, but oftentimes it is pinned back in a messy bun. She has sharp yellow eyes.

Really, she isn't bad-looking, but Viri doesn't put much thought into her appearance. She often has brambles and twigs stuck in her fur, and her hair can appear a frightful, knotted mess.
Bold and brash, Viridian has the capacity to be about as lovely as old nickname. She is horribly self-centered unless she kind of likes you, in which case, she's a fast friend. Nevertheless, she's cripplingly self-assured and eager to prove herself to anything that moves that she's the best huntress in the world, amongst other things.

She is likely to fall in and out of love on a whim, as well as partake in substances and the party lifestyle; she is unlikely to grow out of this with age. A dysfunctional upbringing means she has a reliance on these things to keep her going, and secretly, she wants the approval of her peers so she doesn't feel like as much of a screw-up.

With an addictive personality and an unbeknownst knack for self-destruction, Viri regularly walks a tightrope between reality and her made-up fantasy world in which everything is fine and she definitely doesn't have a drinking problem. And a smoking problem. And a sex problem. Amongst other things.
See the Austral and Soul lines for extended family.
Asshole, an aptly-named, annoying cardinal
Briefly known as Wither Rose Soul, Viri is a once-member of New Caledonia and currently with Casa di Cavalieri.

Born on her family's farm at the cusp of a harsh winter, she grew up in the shadow of her three brothers, all of which quickly designated her as the resident punching bag. This led her to learn to fend for herself and rival them in typically 'masculine' roles, quickly establishing herself as the breadwinner of their family unit — vehemently against her mother's wishes, who wanted her only daughter to be of a certain, feminine disposition. Eventually, the turbulent household became too much to bear, and whilst visiting her uncle Jandro in 'Souls, she decided to stay there, abandoning her birth name and fashioning a newer, edgier one for herself: Wither Rose. Her mother and brothers were none the wiser, and she hopes they don't look for her, because she certainly doesn't miss them.

After weaving through 'Soulsland aimlessly, a tumble down a hillside left her with a twisted ankle; after hearing talk of a nearby "kingdom," she approached them for aid. What was meant to be a brief stay ended up in her joining the pack. Now a Caledonian proper, Wither reckoned she might as well pull her own weight, and she has worked predominantly as a huntress on their behalf.

More recently, she has come to find her niche in more questionable territory, and her growing dependence on alcohol and various substances to get through the day is beginning to show itself in worrisome ways. Since entering a toxic relationship with Rand Coara, her alcoholism took a turn for the worst, aided by the Priest's flagrant disregard of her feelings or aspirations. After months of sleeping with and being egged on by him, fueled by booze and weed, Wither lashed out at Rand and very nearly took his life, where she was then sent to the Underthing while the Valar could decide her fate.

She was given the opportunity to leave under the condition she would could never return. So, she did. Leaving the problematic "Wither Rose" moniker behind in New Caledonia, Viridian now seeks to drudge her life out of the dark hole she has dug for herself — or at the very least drink her problems away, if she scrounges together enough alcohol.
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