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13th April 2017
Salem is feminine in presentation and somewhat waifish, with a pelt of plain, tawny colors, a lighter underbelly and a darker saddle. Her face is always heavily painted with a black paint to shroud out her facial features, and her hair is hidden entirely in a blue headscarf when in public. She is physically neither threatening nor homely, as instead she maintains an air that is difficult or challenging to read beyond a base level of friendliness. That said, Salem is riendly enough in carriage and dialogue, but cannot be physically described as especially warm or inviting. She maintains some level of visible stiffness and tension around strangers.

Salem generally remains two-legged and dresses well in light, loose, and feminine clothing with a light-colored leathers and a belt of satchels worn around her middle, and a feathered skirt. She highly decorates in gold jewelry and bangles. On the off-chance her hair is visible in public, her hair is of her lighter pelt colors and made of a mess of tight, voluminous, and barely shoulder-length curls. Salem has light blue eyes and is of average height. She wears a peacock earring on one ear and several rings on her fingers, and makes a point never to underdress or appear unsophisticated.
Airy, private, mysterious, friendly. A smooth-talker and quick-thinker. Highly observant and analytical. A social chameleon who is well-spoken and intelligent. Generally friendly and helpful unless her safety is put into question. Not emotive except in comfortable company. Unlikely to divulge personal information. Peaceful, clean, and well-kept. Keeping secrets, leading to a lot of pent-up anxieties beneath the surface. Painfully pragmatic and often the straight man amongst a pile of goons. Saves face well and keeps a clear head in public, but less so in private. Not as well-put-together as she comes off. Intense when divining or analyzing. Doesn't particularly like to be touched or cornered and will retaliate accordingly. Intentionally manipulative when necessary to ensure her own safety. Full of regrets. She likes socializing, meditation, dusk and dawn, self-preservation, prosperous living, quiet activities, dye-making, crafting by hand, music, water, wine, and children. She dislikes hostility and combat, raised voices, heavy labor, disrespect, high energy, fast-talkers, and gloryhounds. She fears loss of personal safety, her fake identity being found out, loss of her real identity (as it is always stifled and hidden), most combat situations, wildfires, and religious zealots and extremists. She is bisexual, non-religious, and distrusting of other diviners or witches.
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Galilee Haskel
Salem was born in Massachusetts and raised as a single-child litter by her jackal-mother Ayşe, a refugee of dire circumstances in Turkey. Reasonably cultured and no good among the foreign American wilds, Ayşe and her daughter traveled between Massachusetts and Maine looking for work, food, and shelter. As such, Salem grew up in and out of taverns, caravans, and markets and was thus widely socialized in her youth. Her father was said to be an ex-Infernian from one of the clan's more prominent families; their fling in Portland was so brief, however, that Ayşe utterly forgot his name, and claimed to have no particular reason to seek him out. Salem was neither unwanted nor unloved, and grew up happy if not somewhat detached from her busybody mother.

Salem admits to the fact that she does not go by her birth name, and that the city of Salem, Massachusetts has a strong significance to her. Her childhood is assumed otherwise unceremonious, with the events within Salem—which she refuses to detail—otherwise shaking her from what was a placid and content life into her current identity and trade. In early 2020, she traveled alone from a temporary residence in Portland to Nova Scotia in search of learning more about herself and her paternal side at Inferni. When she arrived at The Waste she discovered the fire-clan had long-since both moved and disbanded. Instead she there found members of The Troupe, and she rapidly became one of their own.
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