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Ierian is a massive luperci clad in a black pelt with the sheen of silvery white here and there like graying hairs. He is more heavily scarred than his younger siblings, with burnt skin set like clay on his limbs, shoulders, back, chest and marking his muzzle. His injuries complicate transformation from Optime and force him to rarely stand at his full height, instead leaning on a staff that well may be the whole trunk of a small tree. For all his bulk, he is careful, almost gentle in his manner, and his golden eyes are invitingly warm like a burning hearth. He walks slowly, mindful of his large form and his injuries alike. He rarely makes sudden moves, even when so much as reaching out a hand. His fingers are frequently held together, having lost some of their natural dexterity. His scent is very similar to his brother's, making it easy to confuse them at first from scent alone - the same faint smell of bitter and sweet medicinal herbs accompanying his natural scent. Much like his brother, he rarely wears much garb, as was traditional among those of his tribe. But as he knows his injuries can make someone pause at the sight, he has taken to draping himself in a cloak of New Caledonian make.
At a glance, Ierian is every bit the wiser and calmer of the two brothers. Even in the face of his tribe's demise and his own grievous injuries, his faith did not waver. On the flip side, however, he appears to treat his life with a strange sort of fatalism. Thankful for his survival and his brother's part in ensuring it, he nonetheless seems strangely accepting of his part, and even of the fact any day his injuries might overpower his vitality and cost him his life. The truth of the matter is that much like his brother was toughened and made colder by his experience, so too was Ierian scorched into a different form. He views himself of the past as haughty and full of hubris, and treats his present state as a form of punishment. Yet even in his past he was always caring, having seen himself as the future leader of their tribe, and thus responsible for their well-being. In secret, he harbors a pain over Bellad's sacrifices in his name, yet he cannot speak up and openly reject him, afraid of what it would do to his younger sibling. Surrounded now by a brand new pack, Ierian eases into a new life and hopes to pass on his teachings before it might draw to an end.
Ierian's last surviving relative is his younger brother, Bellad Songthorn, whom he wishes to teach in the ways of herbs while there's time
Ierian was the first of the Songthorn siblings born to the West, in a small tribe of wolves known for their keen interest in the stars and their knowledge of the surrounding herbs. His name was taken from weathered records of the names of herbs, and many considered him worthy of becoming the leader of this small tribe situated by Slave Lake, quiet and prosperous. He passed on songs to the younger of the pack, including his brother, he studied surrounding flora, traditions and trade of his elders, and he was a prolific hunter, mighty and whispered to be best fit to guide the tribe in the future. It was this certainty that infected his mind and caused him to challenge the flame.

When the wildfire started, he threw caution to the wind. He strode into the flame, defiant of the heat and attempting to salvage those he could from it. His failure was crushing and left him scarred for life. Barely crawling out of the catastrophic fire, broken and humbled, he fully expected to die surrounded by ash. But then his brother came calling. The last survivor of the fire come to find him. He did not think himself deserving of it, though he was thankful he would get to speak to his brother before passing away. Speak they did, yet Bellad refused to leave him behind, claiming to have enough power to keep him alive. Ierian would not dissuade him, even knowing that chances were slim.

They traveled, surviving against the odds and, though Ierian could not fully comprehend the reasons, hiding along the way at Bellad's behest. He had not discussed the younger sibling's paranoia with him. During one such rest at a place where Bellad had thought they could make their new home, they were discovered by scouts of New Caledonia. Despite his brother's suspicions and his own state, they were both eventually ushered to join the pack. Now, after months of selfless care by his brother, he prepares to walk again. Uneven as his steps might be.
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