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30th July 2018
Luperci Ortus
Athalie is overall of an average size by wolf standards, though her build is on the leaner side. She is deep-chested with a slender waist, long legs and small paws. Her snout is noticeably longer and slimmer than a full-blooded wolf's would be, a tribute to the small percentage of Doberman heritage. Her fur, however, is double coated and plush; she is quite fluffy along her chest, ruff, and tail. Her coloration consists of warm shades of brown accented by smoke gray, though her paws and undersides fade to an ashen off-white. Her eyes are perhaps her most notable feature, being a bright shade of jade green. They are very large and almond-shaped, giving her a doelike and demure expression at any given time.

Athalie is moderately humanized. Though she rarely shifts into halfling form, she opts for her Optime and Lupus forms equally. Her Optime hair is long, wavy and shiny, often styled in various braids to keep it out of her face. She does not usually wear clothing, but will sometimes don simple dresses when the mood strikes her. On two legs she is quite tall for a female, though she is still shorter than most males. She retains her lean, small-waisted figure, with delicate hands and foot-paws.
Athalie's nature is to be kind, quiet, and well-mannered. Her shyness may lead some to believe that she is standoffish, and this may actually be the case depending upon the situation and her mood. She greatly values her loved ones and is loyal to them, but she follows always her conscience and will neither condone nor participate in behavior which challenges her moral standing.

Since a young age, Athalie has yearned for greatness, perhaps because of the admiration she feels toward her mother who was once a Queen. She aspires to climb the ranks and hold some degree of importance and responsibility to those around her, and while Athalie has accomplished her desired co-rank of healer, it might be noted that she has not accomplished much else in her life thus far. This is, in essence, due to intermittent bouts of depression and insomnia, wherein she finds it difficult function, let alone follow her aspirations. She still has not be able to find peace with her struggles, nor is she willing to discuss them with anyone, fearing misconceptions of laziness and ineptitude.

When she is well, however, Athalie is hard-working, considerate, and sweet. She is intelligent and has a strong drive to be helpful to others, making her a good candidate for her chosen profession in medicine.
Athalie is the result of a one-night stand between Chaska the Burned and the then-Queen of Cour des Miracles, Kalypso Savoy. She and her littermates, Eulalie and Isadore, never knew who their father was as this was kept from them and remains so to this day.

Athalie's childhood was uneventful - until it wasn't. Not long after she gained her ability to shift, her sisters and she were kidnapped by Andalusia de Cubana as the result of a feud with their mother Kalypso. Their mother came to their rescue, but not before Athalie witnessed Andalusia torture her sister Eulalie. This event remains with Athalie in the form of night terrors, depression, and infrequent flashbacks.

Not long afterward, Cour des Miracles disbanded. Athalie was part of the Petite Court for a short time, but eventually, Kalypso left, taking her three daughters with her to New Caledonia. It took Athalie some time to settle in, still rattled by the earthshaking events of previous months, but she soon grew fairly comfortable in this new environment. She developed a fondness for plants that lead her down the path of a healer after seeking training from Ierian Songthorn.

Athalie once considered seeking her own residence, having always lived in the home of her mother. But after the births of her younger siblings, she decided to stay in the family home so that she could help Kalyso and Tora with the pups, and she has yet to leave.
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