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9th October 2015
Azade is a Boroi mix, with a red and white coat and dark brown eyes. She stands at 6'7'' in her optime form, with a long thin face and a deep chest. Her form is slender, weighing only 153 lbs despite her height. She has a thick scruff of wavy fur around her neck, and styles her long hair into either several long braids going down her back or in a bun, covered by a cap. She shifts to her lupus form rarely, usually only to hunt. She stands at 2.6 ft at the shoulder in her lupus form, weighing 67 lbs. In secui, she stands at 3.5 ft and weighs 153 lbs.

Her coat is a deep mahogany red, patterned in an odd piebald, smattering across her thick wavy coat. She has extra thick fur forming a frill around her head, and long feathering on her hind legs and tail. When she moves, it is with grace and agility. Her body is built for speed and power.

She wears her clothing in layers due to the extreme weather of her region. In the Eurasian Steppe, the weather in summer clears 105 F and dips past -40 F in the winter. To counter the weather, her clan wears fur-lined leather trousers. In the summer, they wear light clothing. All of their garments are adorned in charms and patterned around the openings, both to ward off spirits and bolster the strength of the wearer. She wears a delicately patterned cap over her hair in Optime form.
Azade is very independent, a high-functioning introvert. She does not mind spending time alone, and oftentimes she actually prefers it. However, if someone strikes up a conversation, she will often enjoy spending time chatting with them. She does love performing, though. She playes the Tanbur and the Duduk very well, and enjoys playing around with improv. She cares deeply for the people around her, though she may not show it until she gets close to someone. She’s very creative, a skill that has been bolstered with her music and embroidery. She’s decisive, once she makes up her mind, she’s doing it and nobody can stop her. She’s also very charismatic whenever she finally opens her mouth, she had to be in order to lead her clan.

She’s also very open to new experiences, one of the reasons that she was so willing to travel the world despite the hardships that came with it. She loves seeing different cultures, eating new foods, and hearing new music.

However, she can burn herself out and will often need to spend time to herself, away from contact with others. She’s also a perfectionist, which can make her work go slower if she gets stuck on something. She’s also not very conscientious, often overlooking small details. And, while she is usually very relaxed and chill, she can be prone to irritability and moodiness. Over time, though, she’s learned that it’s best to go and spend some time to herself whenever she finds herself snapping at a friend.
Azade’s clan was located in the Steppe of Kyrgyzstan. They were nomadic, raising horses and sheep, constantly on the move in order to provide pasture for their livestock. They were also a bloody, warfaring clan, in near constant battle with one of the other clans in the region, not to mention the wolves of the north that were moving in on their territory. Azade was raised, like all pups, riding horses and fighting. She learned many valuable skills, being in constant battle. Though her clan had a very conservative mindset, they were small enough that they needed everyone who could fight, including women. She was trained to fight on horseback, both with bow and saber. She was profusely skilled in this, and rose in rank quickly after maturity. With her shrewd advising, they managed to defeat their rivals and claim more territory for their herds.

After being born into war, then two more years of battle, Azade finally lived in peace. Unfortunately the peace lasted barely six months. Grey wolves of the northern territories moved into their land. Vastly outnumbered and still recovering from their previous war, Azade’s clan was swiftly defeated. After having their livelihood, their livestock, ripped from their grip, and many of their members murdered, the clan disbanded. Azade, her parents and sister dead, left for Istanbul, where her horse, Agrin, passed away. From there she traveled south to Cape Verde.

At Cape Verde, she was stuck, not knowing where to go or what to do with her life. One day, she met a trader who invited her to join her crew and travel to South America. For a price, of course. Due to her extreme lifestyle as a nomad, she had learned many skills. Fighting, of course, but also sewing and embroidery. She was very skilled at playing the Tanbur and Duduk, knew how to hunt very well, and could barter. She joined the group and made clothing, clothing with beautiful embroidery that could catch a hefty price wherever they sailed.

Unfortunately, she was prone to seasickness and almost left the group as soon as they landed in South America. The captain convinced her to stay until they made it to Belize, where she would have more options than if she left in the middle of nowhere. Upon landing in the city, she sold the garments she had made at sea and paid the group for the voyage.

She did not like Belize, it was hot and humid. She had no more clothing to sell, so she traded her armor (embroidered leather with metal plates sown in) for material. With that material, she began making horse blankets, bags, belts, and shirts, and managed to scrape together enough to buy a horse. Azwer was a young buckskin Mustang stallion, standing at 15 hands. Barely broken in, Azade had to break him and train him from scratch. Fortunately, she already knew how to do so, since her family raised horses and she had trained Agrin herself when she was a pup.

Even so, she was unused to horses this large, since all of the horses in her region were small, hardy, mountain horses that had evolved to survive an extreme climate. She struggled with Azwer for weeks until she was finally able to get his obedience. After that, they got along wonderfully, both being hard-headed, free-spirited, and intelligent. They had a strong sense of respect, and that was what their relationship was built on.

Together, they traveled through Central America and made it to Texas. Along the way Azade had collected or made plenty of valuables to trade. When she was able to invest in another horse, her pace doubled. A small pinto mare, much more in line with the size she was used to, standing at 14 hands. Rojin had a far more levelheaded temperment, and watches everything carefully.

At this point, her goal was to find a good place to call home. She stopped and visited plenty of packs on her way north, but there was no point in her journey where she felt any urge to stay. She would stay with packs for a couple of days, tell her story and play music, then thank them for the company and be on her way.

Fortunately, she had everything she needed to survive. Skilled with both bow and sword, she could defend herself. She knew how to take care of herself in the desert, having grown up in one of the harshest deserts in the world. Unhurried, she travelled to the east coast, and made her way north until she came to ‘Souls. Altogether, the journey from Kyrgyzstan to ‘Souls took almost two years.
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