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Luperci there's a debt or two i owe you
Hydra Triangle
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4th April 2018
In Lupus form, their body stands twenty inches tall, and while they are usually twenty pounds heavy, there are currently recovering from starvation and as such weigh less.

Kaleidoscope is a ragged looking thing, scrawny and clearly a hunter of smaller game. Their fur is surprisingly soft to the touch, yet often this dark pelt is marred with dirt, leaves, or other aspects of nature's gifts. One of their eyes is green (the right), and the other is a dark red. Kaleidoscope often appears to be squinting with their red eye. Their eyes, in general, are the most expressive part of them. They will blink slowly to show peace, almost like a feline, widen them to show shock, and so forth.

Their body language is often naturally submissive due to the long-term position as a lower ranking member in any band or pack they were in. They are not strong, but Kaleidoscope is a fantastic runner, thanks in part to hunting smaller animals for so long. They are accustomed to sprinting for rabbits and mice among other things. While they were never much help in a pack hunt, this canine's legs have carried them far as a lone hybrid.
Kind • Anxious • Loyal • Curious • Imaginative • Weak
While Kaleidoscope's personality can depend on the day, the changes between their fragments is not so drastic. One would think that after breaking into smaller bits the changes would only be more noticeable, but instead how small they are hides them. From a bird's eye view, Kaleidoscope is whole. It is only when you get close now that you can see all the cracks in their psyche.

While before Kaleidoscope on an average day would be energetic, curious and kind, things have changed for them. They are now guarded and cautious, burned from feeling betrayed and lied to during their time in Salsola. One thing is for sure, they are still eccentric to a degree, and often don't understand more complex social behaviors: things like sarcasm elude them. Kaleidoscope is content in being a black sheep, but does struggle with anxiety from time to time. They have a tendency to worry but often like to direct it at fretting over other's business and how any other's plan may go awry, rather than their own problems.

In the past, because of their experience with going into dissociative fugues, they did not like to travel without someone watching them. This has now changed: Kaleidoscope has a more devil-may-care attitude and has ceased fearing their fugues and amnesia. To them: if it happens again... it happens. Currently, in this stage of their life, they refuse to give much care about catering to it.

They are no longer gullible as they once were for a long time, and instead have grown to be a... little mistrusting of others, understandably so. In spite of this, they believe there are good people in the world, and are not overly paranoid of other's intentions. Their optimism is still recovering but is expected to make a comeback.
cNPC: Kule Pana
mNPCs: Berwald (Draft-bred Mule) - Obtained amicably during New Caledonia's disbandment by Liam del Morte. Kaleidoscope is now in charge of taking care of him.
Kaleidoscope (A.K.A Ida, F.K.A: Tetrad or Polymorph Prismshard; all self-given names) is a member of the loner band Camp Eclipse; they serve as the event host of the camp.

The coywolf has a lengthy history within the land of 'Souls, most of which relating to the Thistle Kingdom: Salsola. After being infected by Khalifa D'Angelo and turned into a Luperci Verto, Kaleidoscope became a servant and indebted to the pack. However, as Kaleidoscope suffers from frequent dissociative fugues, their service to the Kingdom was left patchy and disorienting. They would vanish often unintentionally, amnesia taking any memory of who they are or where they were. With an increasingly polyfragmented identity, Kaleidoscope struggled to make their way back to the kingdom (with the unwitting help of Hallo, a ghost fox who had been caught in a Salsolan trap) to fully pay off their debt. After a brief time as Marik D'Angelo's servant, they wound up in the possession of Egregore Prizmov. The two fell in love and Kaleidoscope was eventually freed by him.

They had plans to be wed, before amnesia struck Kaleidoscope yet again. Though they recovered their memories after weeks-long fugue, they were changed drastically by the experience: left malnourished and questioning their place in Salsola. Innokentiy Prizmov, Egregore's cousin, preyed on this. Kaleidoscope's worsening view of their life came to a head when Innokentiy took them outside the territory and gave them a 'test' in which they told Kaleidoscope the sordid history of the Prizmov household and Salsola has a whole: it was full to the brim of murderers, thieves, and liars. The objective was to mold Kaleidoscope into a 'true' Salsolan.

Kaleidoscope refused to cooperate, nor had any desire to conform into such a thing.

Making the choice to desert the thorny Thistle Kingdom, Ida ran for their life, using Innokentiy's disability to their advantage as the Prizmov was unable to give chase to them. Running for miles, they eventually collapsed near the borders of New Caledonia. Assisted by Liam del Morte, they were accepted into their new home by Kalypso Savoy. Unfortunately, this new home would not last long due to New Caledonia short and terrible disbandment. When things looked grim, Ida fled, and started a different sort of life with the friends that followed them.
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