Egregore Prizmov

Shield Apprentice

Shield Apprentice
Luperci Assassino & Segno Mate to Innokentiy Seeing is Believing Out of the dark day & into the brighter night
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He/him & they/them
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26th January 2018
Egregore is a bearded wolfdog with a white pelt that fades into gray around his arms and legs. He sports many scars, both from battle and from intentional scarification. He heterochromia, one eye being blue and the other red.

Egregore is seventy-five inches (6 ft 3") in his Optime form, which is the preferred form of Soul. Over his time in Nova Scotia, he has regained his muscular form that he had in Moscow, Russia to match his broad shouldered frame. His pelt is supple and wavy, the density of which is more notable. He has longer feathering around the backs of his paws and tail as well as his underbelly.

His fur is white in color with a silvery tone when hit correctly by most types of lighting. This fades into a darker gray shade at his extremities, excluding the tail, and gives him the appearance of having waded through soot. This same color clings to the undersides of his eyes, accentuating the dark bags there and implying many a sleepless night. The same color is also present on the top of his head, making his Optime hair that color. He has grown it out somewhat recently, reaching about his shoulders in length.

His right eye is bright azure blue, and his left is a neon crimson red. If Soul is in control of the body of Egregore, he wears an eye patch over his red eye, leaving only the blue one visible. If Blood is in control, he will do the opposite with the eye patch to cover the blue eye and leave the red one visible instead.

The eye patch itself is made of leather with a strap that encircles his head. On the front is a white pentagram stitched in contrast against the dark material.

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Each shoulder of his features scarification. On his left are the alchemical symbols for the elements arranged to be pointing to different cardinal directions. His right side has the outline of a crescent moon. However, despite these modifications, he only has one ear with piercings on the left. He may switch the jewelry out occasionally, but generally is seen wearing a triangular hoop on the lowermost hole with two studs lined up vertically above it.

He has a facial scar scored across his muzzle and under his eye on the side of his red one. Additionally, he is missing his pinkie on his right hand and has a long, vertical scar on his upper right arm.

Due to a slight overshot, his sharp, upper canines push out past his lips. The visible teeth are sharp but can appear odd or goofy to others instead of intimidating.

He often wears an old, white lab coat that he received from his teacher in London. It drops to his knees and ends in slight tatters. This is an item preferred by Soul, so Blood may remove it if he begins to control the body and finds he is wearing it. Egregore is not always wearing pants or shirts, but when he does, he most usually wears a black button up and leather pants with laces to secure the front.

In terms of other accessories, Soul may choose to add more silver jewelry to match his usual earrings, though Blood normally foregoes these. Commonly worn are a combination of rings that are mostly simple bands with one or two among them with a gem inlaid in each. Egregore has no way to tell if these are real or not, but he likely does not care much.

Egregore has grown a bit of a beard. It has a similar curly texture to his hair, though it is lighter in color. This is from his dog heritage and he has given up on keeping it short for now. Soul believes it makes him look wiser and Blood thinks very little of it.
Egregore is a being of three: Mind, Blood and Soul.

BLOOD: Blood is derived from the identity Egregore had in Moscow, Russia as Svyatoslav Chernbelov. He is fiercely protective of those he is loyal to. This can cause him to resort to violence whenever he perceives a threat to his beloved ones. This can be totally subjective, as he tends to be really paranoid. Blood is always looking over his shoulder when he is in control of the body of Egregore.

He rarely leaves any shelter without a weapon and is slow to trust others. This can lead to delusions of persecution where he believes he is being followed or someone is out to get him. This makes him act withdrawn and stoic. He is of much fewer words than Soul as a result. He is also much more passionate. He is more genuine with his emotions and does not think to manipulate people emotionally with logic, he just reacts. He is short-tempered from this fire that burns within him. It is obvious when he is angry - he will bark angrily in the best case scenario and grow murderous in the worst case. He is chaotic in this state but can calm down rather quickly as long as the situation is proven to be safe.

He's not as interested in things that require mental work. He vastly prefers using the skills that he and Soul have as Egregore that are more physically exciting like hunting, trapping and scarification. It is what relaxes him.

SOUL: Soul is derived from the identity Egregore had in London, England as Zane "Zero" Blackbourne. Most definitely the more logical of the two, he does not believe in any deity but is still very spiritual. He has eccentric superstitions and habits, ones that he dislikes to be questioned. "Why leave a perfectly fine pie lodged in the branches of a tree?" someone may ask. "As an offering to the forest's spirits of course, why else?", he would reply.

His public disposition is more charming as a cover for his true feelings towards most: Cold. He has no problem following customs and laws to appear cooperative, civil and polite. He has excellent manners from his time in London and can build rapport easily with a friendly tone. He is much more talkative than his counterpart, Blood, and infinitely more patient with others. At least outwardly so.

His temper has a much longer fuse, but when he grows truly angry, his vengeance is served on a cold platter following a calculated plan. He learned how to manipulate others easily to carry out his desires, knowing just what to say in order not to rouse suspicion and get himself in trouble like he had in the past.

Away from prying eyes, he reveals himself to be of the sadistic sort. He had dissected Luperci corpses in London under the tutelage of his now dead teacher, but yearns to dissect one alive. He has an unquenchable curiosity; he just wants to find out what makes each individual tick.

MIND: As a new member to the system, Mind has been baffled by how life works - especially within Salsola. He has wound up working as the Assassino Job the most, for he finds the enjoys it the most. Still, due to his newness to consciousness, he seems to misunderstand others and have a lack of interest and empathy in them same for those that benefit him directly. He dislikes being told what to do and will rebel whenever he can, but avoids being uncivil to other Salsolans due to Soul's 'nagging'.

He enjoys lying, travelling and assassinations, so he often finds himself leaving the pack when he 'takes control' of Egregore. He does not remember Russia and thusly acts and sounds markedly different from the other two.

Mind, Blood and Soul are dedicated to their pursuits. Upon becoming aware of one another, they united under the name Egregore with the agreement that they would cooperate to get what they each want. Of course, they squabble along the way, but know by now when arguments are pointless and when collaboration is most effective to get what each wants.
Mother: Lyuba Chernbelov
Father: Gavriil Chernbelov
Siblings: Lev & Niko Prizmov
Cousins: Innokentiy & Jekaterina Prizmov

Mate: Innokentiy Prizmov
Children: Dar, Vol, Kastor & Eris Prizmov
cNPC: Indigo Eternity

yNPCs: Dar, Kastor & Vol Prizmov

mNPCs: Innokentiy (owl), Yakov (horse)
Egregore's parents, Gavriil and Lyuba Chernbelov were from Saint Petersburg, Russia. They considered themselves children of the Kunstkamera as members of the Detya Kunstkamerani cult that took over the western portion of the Vasileostrovskiy Rayon. They worshiped any oddity, as they believed whatever was different from the norm was truly holy and beautiful. They had two litters within Saint Petersburg together, but things changed when Lyuba became pregnant for the third time. She got in an argument with Gavriil, which blew up to deadly proportions. He struck her and took her eye out. In retaliation, she killed him and ate his brain. The rest of the Detya cult was shocked and horrified, as they were not the violent sort and did not approve. They exiled Lyuba for this horrific crime.

Lyuba took her siblings with her, as they were all fiercely loyal to one another. Together they left Saint Petersburg for Moscow. The locals of Moscow took them in with warm welcomes and gave them shelter and food to survive the winter. During that cold season, they started a new cult, the Prosveshchennyy (Enlightened/Luminous), for that sort of lifestyle is difficult to forget. They had been betrayed by the Detya, so their new cult did not worship any deity. They believed that their gods had succumbed to true absurdism, the root of their belief in the sacredness of oddity, and cannibalized each other's brains as Lyuba had cannibalized her husband. What resulted was what they believed to be the supreme culmination of heart and mind; enlightenment. They believed that if one ate enough brains of those that were different to them, they could achieve enlightenment.

When Lyuba gave birth, Egregore was born as Svyatoslav Chernbelov in a litter of three. He and his littermates had to protect and watch out for each other from the very beginning, as Lyuba was cruel and cold to them. She saw them as Gavriil's children and children of Kunstkamera. Despite this, Svyatoslav was Lyuba's favorite. This was because he had been born with heterochromia and a slight overshot, causing his fangs to stick out over his lower lip. She saw him as a sacred and holy oddity to be revered. This meant that he received a lot of attention from his mother, his aunts and his uncles, for better or for worse. Mostly for worse. The attention he received was not better than the abusive treatment his siblings received, it was only increased abuse with an added dose of manipulation and religious indoctrination.

They built him up his whole life until Lyuba decided he was ready for enlightenment at a year old. He did not need to cannibalize others to become supremely enlightened, as he was a special oddity. She lied to him and told him they were going to baptize him. In reality, they planned to drown him until he was dead so he could ascend. When the day came and they began their attempt to murder him, he soon realized something was wrong. He couldn't breathe. His siblings came to his aid and saved his life. When he emerged from the water, he slaughtered his mother in a rage. The cult chased him and his siblings out.

With little idea of where to go, they remembered what their parents had told them of Saint Petersburg. They visited there for the first time and sought out the Detya, the cult Lyuba was from. They accepted his siblings, but when they found out he had killed his mother, they rejected him. They could not tolerate another murderer, as they saw it. Frustrated, he decided he would go somewhere better: London, England. He took a boat there, ready for a clean slate.

In London, he took on a new name to match his new start: Zane "Zero" Blackbourne. He met a dog named Dalton Thornton, a doctor skilled in herbalism and medicine. He saw promise in this so-called Zero's already existing skills with herbalism and took him under his wing as his student. The two did not grow too close, but Dalton did teach him the skills of a healer and apothecary over the course of Zero's stay in London. Zane was able to practice alongside Dalton as his medical assistant, performing amputations with saws and creating medicinal tonics with herbs. Dalton began to trust him to do more and more, until...

He found out that he was a Russian cultist that had killed his mother. He had read his journal which he kept due to his memory issues over the years. He confronted Zero and told him that he was going to report him in the morning, after which he would face trial. Afraid that they may hang him, Zero killed his teacher in the night and slipped away on the soonest boat he could at random. By chance, the voyage was to Nova Scotia.

He landed in Nova Scotia in April of 2020. There, he reunited with a friend that he knew from Russia. She was not happy to see him. He had said some insultingly personal things on accident, so the encounter became a physical altercation. He came away with a nasty facial injury and a bad concussion. The concussion was serious enough to cement a growing divide within himself to the point of developing two different minds. He had a difficult time associating the different aliases and people he had been in the past. The most namely two of these identities were Svyatoslav, who he was in Moscow, and Zero, who he was in London. They could not be reconciled with each other, as they were too different of personas. They split from each other now as Blood (Svyatoslav) and Soul (Zero) behind a new face and name: Egregore.
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