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1st March 2020
Luperci Ortus
Though he bears a striking resemblance to his "uncle" Julius, Atlas is notably less gaunt. Lean muscles adorn an angular, deep-chested build that strongly favourites his coyote and domestic heritage. His wolf heritage is displayed primarily through his decent height, easily matching that of his mother's. His face is long and lean, giving him the looks of his maternal grandfather, Ankh. His eyes are a murky green shade, narrow and perceptive. As handsome as he is, his appearance doesn't necessarily inspire an aura of comfort, though one can't be helped but be intrigued by the golden man.

Coloured in rich, sunny colours, his pelt is indicative of Atlas' earnest belief that he is an improvement on his "darker" parents. Medium toned brown accents his face and ears, white his throat, chest, paws, and tail tip are a creamy, off-white shade.

As per Salsolan custom, Atlas is rarely found in a state of undress. Highly humanised, he has inherited his penchant for finery from Julius, but will often don simpler attire when... needs must, but he is not as transfixed or overly reliant on his appearance. Atlas is fairly fond of the murky, greenish-grey that colours the House Greygrief banner, and can commonly be seen wearing attire in this shade.
Atlas has seemingly escape the outwardly evident personality defects of his parents, but a sinister streak still lurks below the surface. He is all too aware of the disrepute his presumed parents have brought to the name of House Greygrief and he is intent on righting those wrongs. Restoring what fledgling glory the Greygrief's had is his primary order of business in Salsola, though, ever the dedicated brother, seeing his sister's shirk the stigma of bastardy is a close second. His relationship with his sisters just about borders on creepy, but nothing unsavory has happened as of yet, thus far his intentions have seemingly only revolved around polishing the reputation of those close to his who, he can control closely.

Overall, in contrast to his parents, Atlas is far more easy-going, though he still very much sports the attitudes and outlooks of most Salsolans. Often frustrated in situations that fall out of his control, the sour, spiteful streaks inherited from his parents can easily be seen and, as he is still a young man, Atlas had yet to learn how to fully control his emotions. However, given how he has seen his parents act, he is determined to maintain his personality far better than either of them have.
"Father"- Andrew Greygrief
Mother- Narcissa Greygrief
"Uncle"- Julius Valentine
Littermates- Tesla Greygrief*, Renly Greygrief*, {-Impreza Greygrief-}
Younger Siblings- Maudlin Greygrief**, Discord Greygrief**

* half, presumed full
** full, presumed half

Discord Greygrief
Born in Salsola, Atlas was raised as the son of Andrew and Narcissa Greygrief. In actuality, he was the result of an ongoing and less than consensual affair between his mother and Julius Valentine. With his "father" presumed murdered in the summer of 2020, Narcissa's mental health began to take a slide, and when Julius departed for the Fort Preble, she followed, bringing her children in tow. He was instructed in basic combat skills, as well as basic herbal knowledge.

His parentage was never a secret to him, but he was urged to treat the information with caution, especially when his younger sisters arrived. Julius refused, despite Narcissa's pleading, to acknowledge his daughters, or Atlas. However, when he made to return to Salsola, he did agree to take the restless young trio under his wing, masquerading as their devoted "uncle."

Now he has returned to the place of his birth, Atlas is putting his feelers out to determine how he wants to make his mark upon Salsola, both in terms of occupation and in terms of scouting out the eligible bachelor/ettes of Salsola... Either way, he will be likely sticking closely to his uncle, learning from him, and readjusting to life in the Thistle Kingdom.
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