Date of Birth:
18th September 2017
The ashy Braithwaite princess in stark contrast to her champagne gold sister. Her fur is painted in grey and tawny tones with occasional flashes of auburn on her face and arms. She, like most of her female kin, is long and slender in frame, though motherhood has rounded out her curves substantially.

Highly humanized, Belinda possesses a keen eye for flattering clothes though as of late, hers haven't fit her of late after her pregnancy. Clothes that used to tightly hug her torso now pinch in places that aren't as flattering as she would like so she has started shying to more loose fitting and flowy clothing.

Regardless of her bodily changes, there is one thing about Belinda that hasn't changed: this Braithwaite woman knows how to command attention. The way she walks, talks, and moves her hands demands all eyes on her. She piles her hair atop her head in curls that frame her lavender eyes. Muted colors and soft fabrics flaunt Belinda's natural beauty. She wears a tassel earring in her left ear that matches her fur.

Lately, Belinda has been a little less put together and a little more tired than usual. Despite her efforts, Belinda is not immune to the burdens of parenthood.
Belinda Braithwaite is a woman defined by her inability to be defined or contained. She spent so much of her youth rebelling against the constraints set against her by her parents and grandmother that now as a grown adult, she struggles with authority figures. Belinda is selfish and fickle and wild. She lives her life with only regards for her own wants and desires.

This does not inherently make her a bad person. She isn't malicious by any means (usually). Belinda simply finds it difficult to go out of her way to help people who would never go out of their way to help her. That's how she sees it anyway. Its more fun to watch the ship go down from the sidelines than to get wrapped up in it yourself.

She has no ambitions or drive other than fleeting passions. She is a jack of many trades due to this and has passing skills in very little other than things she's done since childhood. She's fluent in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Gossip. Her sexuality changes with the wind and she has little trouble filling that void in her life. Her one true flaw - if you can call it that - is that she always wants what she can't have.
Belinda's life has been filled with luxury and little in way of worries. She made it clear from an early age that she was unable to be saddled with the responsibilities that her sister was so easily shackled with. She evaded work and betrothals with ease, preferring to spend her time hanging out with other "hoodlums" as her grandmother called it and exploring herself. Merari Tears was an excellent source of companionship at this time in her life.

Soon, her joyous youth was cut short when her elder sister, Peony, was betrothed to a Del Mar boy and shipped of to a coyote clan in Nova Scotia. Belinda tried to endure her absence, but without Peony around, Belinda was suddenly the center of her family's attention and Bel fled to join her sister in the Del Cenere Gang.

Peony was joyed to see her sister join her in the clan but the joy was quickly soured by the realization that while Peony had stepped into the role of a responsible member of the clan, Belinda had no such notions. Belinda's lack of ambition and drive soured the relationship (though sleeping with Peony's husband might have had something to do with it as well) and the siblings parted ways as best they could within the same clan.

Belinda moved on with her life, coasting the way she always had, until she hit a slight bump in the road in November of 2021. She birthed three children in the comforts of her own home and the Rey Salvaje claimed them all as his own despite one being particularly larger, darker, and more wolflike than the other two. She now juggles the responsibilities of three children as well as the pressures of being tied with the two pack leaders (one being the father of her children and the other being her overbearing sister).
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