Casimir Soul

The Henchman (NPC)
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Where is my San? Wheeere is my San? In the water, see it swimmin'
Hybrid (Dog/Wolf/Coyote)
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12th January 2018
Casimir is agile and well-built. He possesses a short coat that is sleek and soft to the touch, and an athletic runner's build with lean, strong muscle. He faces some difficulty in the winters, and has to add additional layers for warmth. His wardrobe typically consists of winter gear for this reason; in the summers he tends to forgo tops and sticks to trousers and belts, if anything. Sleeveless tunics and other articles that tend to keep out of the way are highly sought, especially if they are in the colors of his family house.

His somber mien tends to detract from his considerable height and abilities; he definitely does not strike fear into the hearts of men or women. Resembling both mother and father equally, he's been told that he's handsome, but he thinks people are just being nice to him.

His pale silvery hair is cut short and kept well-groomed; the sides are typically shaved and the length kept on top. Straight and fine-haired, if left to grown out, he might more closely resemble his mother or uncle.

While he was raised to feel most comfortable in his humanized form, Casimir will on occasion shift down to his secui or lupus forms to hunt or nap.

Size Reference
Optime: 6 ft 5 in (195 cm) ↔ 230 lbs (104kg)
Secui: 40 in (102cm) ↔ 140 lbs (64kg)
Lupus: 30 in (76cm) ↔ 90 lbs (40kg)
Quiet • Resigned • Submissive
Speech: Soft and deep. He is fluent in Common (English) and Spanish.

Casimir is a sensitive and sad person with an unfortunate talent for combat. Both early instruction and a natural affinity for the sword gave way to his development as a soldier, and his abilities quickly blossomed. Unfortunately, this is not something he finds enjoyable — far from it, in fact. Though he would rather spend his time caring for livestock and other animals, he holds to the belief that duty to family comes before himself, and cannot forsake his father's legacy.

Left to his own devices, Casimir is a gentle creature who would not otherwise harm a fly. Kind, understanding, and humble, he has a natural knack for putting others at ease, and despite his gloomy disposition, he tends to look for the good in others. His complete submissiveness makes him seem far more incompetent than he is; he is often misjudged as stupid, when he is in truth anxious and troubled deeply by verbal conflict. Casimir can and does act insightfully when given the space and room to do so.

Not the most articulate out of his own shyness, Casimir would rather keep his mouth shut than speak and mess up. He tends to gravitate towards more extroverted types because of this, the result of which is both good and bad. Sometimes he allows others to speak for him and misrepresent him, and doesn't attempt to clarify out of some cowardly hope that people will grant him the same charity he allows most others.
Mother: Violeta Rose Soul
Father: Rafael Salcedo
Siblings: Rhaegar, Nymeria
Cousins: Clementine Salcedo, Lyra Salcedo, Baltasar Salcedo
Animal NPC: Magni (Horse)
Casimir was born to Rafael Salcedo and Violeta Rose Soul in Fort Preble early 2018. He has two siblings, a sister and brother: Nymeria Soul and Rhaegar Salcedo.

He was trained to fight by his father and his older cousin Lilia Salcedo until 2019, when his parents left for Onuba. When Lilia had her first brood of children, his younger cousins Clementine Salcedo, Lyra Salcedo, Baltasar Salcedo and Magnus Salcedo, Casimir was more than happy to assist in babysitting and looking after them. Magnus' tragic death saw a family split apart: Clem was sent to Salsola proper, and Lyra and Balt followed some months after.

Casimir came to Salsola proper himself in 2020 in a self-imposed punishment, after accidentally helping a thief take off with some of his family's things. Too ashamed to tell anyone except Lyra, he was taken in under her guardianship.

Casimir acted as type of bodyguard to Lyra Salcedo until he was dismissed by her following a vicious attack by an Outsider in early 2021. This event that saw the brutal loss of their horse Maximo and severe injuries to Lyra and himself. Unsure of what else to do with his time, Casimir redirected his efforts to the Salsolan horses, hoping to show his gratitude to Grievous for rescuing them.

Lyra returned to Portland to help her ailing mother in late 2021, leaving Casimir as housekeeper of their shared estate in the Ruins.
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