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Luperci Ortus
Russet-coated and of average height and build, Ramsey falls in between his parent's standards, appearing somewhere between wolfdog and coyote. Perhaps closest to a Red Wolf as far as pureblooded creatures go, Ramsey doesn't particularly stand out from the crowd in terms of looks, but he still possesses a sort of rugged handsomeness. His eyes are a deep green colour and they stand out against the ruddy colouring of his coyotesque face. He lacks the typical "satellite ears" that most coyotes possess, but even still they're slightly larger than those of a wolf.

In optime form, his hair is roughly cropped and is a reddish-brown shade, heavily streaked with black. Not one to preen, Ramsey doesn't take a terrible amount of care in his appearance outside of being clean and (more or less) presentable, and he's not one to wear clothing unless it has a purpose. Any purposeful clothing he has is either well worn or well patched by Ramsey's own hand, one of his lesser-known talents. His hands are calloused from daily physical work, but he is adept at taking care of himself.

In secui form, his wolfish heritage is far more evident, as his frame broadens and his height increases a little more.
Shrewd and quickthinking, Ramsey has all the makings of a great tactician, but curiously he's more than happy to isolate himself in the woods with his carpentry and traps. From a young age he understood that his mother had to divide her time between all her children, and with her duty as Ursarchon for some time, so he was able to entertain himself. He inherited a certain charm and swagger from his father, though they'd never met, and his intelligence and self-sufficiency from his mother, and when mixed together it makes for an odd, yet intriguing personality.

While he's more or less happy to keep to himself, he also a familiar face at pack gatherings and is only a call away if anything needs building or trapping. In fact, he's probably just as likely to make himself the center of attention and then disappear for what feels like days on end afterwards.

Overall he is a fairly relaxed individual with a deep respect for the world around him. On more than one occasion his spontaneity and self-assured nature have gotten him into sticky spots, pranks gone awry, dares that turned out to be a little too risky. But surely he'll learn from his mistakes eventually.
Father- Boone Winthrop
Mother- Saga D'Angelo
Half-Siblings- Caspar, Daniel, Esyllt, Evariste, Meril, Losse, Rhodes, Lyla.
Born due to a whim, Ramsey grew up as one of a handful of children that lacked a male role model. The closest he had was his two older brothers and so he ended up as a wilder version of one and a tamer version of the other. Another gaggle of half-siblings followed later on, and Ramsey further developed the ability to be self-sufficient.

Most of his early life was spent in Mistfell Vaale, where his mother was Ursarchon, though upon her decision to disband, the family made an immediate move to New Caledonia. Ramsey has since remained a remember, but left New Caledonia proper for it's southern outpost alongside his younger brother and in the footsteps of his eldest brother Caspar.

Upon hearing rumblings of trouble erupting in New Caledonia, Ramsey was unable to resist the lure of danger and the chance to protect those closest to him. Although he is no fighter, he is shrewd and quick to adapt, able to problem solve and create a solution in a short space of time, and he hopes that his presence will help turn the tide against the forces that seek to unbalance New Caledonia. Lets see how successful he is...
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