Coyote heavy hybrid
Date of Birth:
18th October 2019
Lyla's heritage is very apparent upon first glance, essentially she is a mutt but her features are heavily coyote in appearance. Her face comes to a fox-like point with two tall ears atop her head that point towards these genetics. She borrows her height and a little bit of extra bulk from her wolf lineage, as well as thicker fur along her neck, body and bottlebrush tail. Still she is fairly slender and petite if compared side-by-side with a wolf.

Her fur is mostly a mix of cinnamon, with darker chestnut points and fading down to sandy colored paws. Her eyes are a beautiful grey-blue that usually are quite expressive and betray her true feelings with a glance.

Highly humanized, she spends the majority of her time in her optime form and prefers to ride around on horseback. Her hair is usually cute to shoulder length, the pieces that frame her face gathered and tied with beads and elastics with bangs that fall heavily over her eyes. This makes her appear younger than she truly is which matches her mostly child-like personality.

Lyla tends to wear an assortment of handmade jewelry, and can be seen in anything from pretty dresses, to outfits that make riding easier for a woman and hide her developing body. Not evident upon first glance is an assortment of scars as she tends to enjoy getting her hands dirty.
Lyla is noted to be a fairly bright and intuitive creature since she was smaller. Full of potential, she has shown a great knack for anything she attempts to pick up, but she is easily bored and if there isn't a challenge in what she is doing she will drop it in a heart beat. This has lead her to being a little flakey and therefore has not had much passion for rising above her station. Enjoying the simplicities as well as not needing to work too hard to keep where she is at, she rides on the coat tails that her family name brings.

Lyla is selfless though, and will do anything for those she loves, although has a competitive streak with her brother. Probably one of the only people she teases on a regular basis. Lyla enjoys just being by herself or with her myriad of pets she has collected since she was a small child. It was like she was a magnet for maimed animals that she had attempted - albeit failed a few times - to rehabilitate and set free once again. Her heart was in the right place, but she may have been a little overbearing and smothering at times.

Always looking for another project, who knows where her ambition could lead her if only she could hone it in enough to make something of herself. Now that she is coming into adulthood, the Winthrop woman is starting to get a little more serious about what she wants out of life.
Mother: Dahlia Winthrop
Father: Boone Winthrop
Siblings: Rhodes Winthrop
Children: None.
Extended: Lykoi, Tears, Nothing, Kimaris, Winthrop, Addiction, de le Poer, Holocaust & Massacre.
Lyla Winthrop is the daughter of Boone Winthrop and Dahlia Winthrop, born in Del Cenere Gang alongside her brother Rhodes Winthrop. Raised generally underfoot of her parents, her father being second-in-command before taking his leave from the title to concentrate on his family.

Lyla was a wild child and would go out on adventures and get lost, much to the dismay of her parents. She had always enjoyed exploring, so when she was finally able to shift and jump on the back of a horse, she quickly traveled around Del Cenere, not daring to go outside the borders.

While being able to pick up on just about anything fairly quickly, her lack of ambition and growing bored easily has not allowed her to move high in the ranks by any means since moving out of the Chispa ranks. Adulthood seems to be settling in though, and with the constant pressure from her parents and those around her, she has taken more serious thought in how she wants to contribute to the pack as a whole.

Still, she enjoys her time alone and has a habit of finding and nursing strange creatures back to health no matter how small. Hopefully, one day she will put one of her skills to good use.
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